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Meet the best on the market Vax emulator! Emulator, you can believe in! Full version, with all features included! Most precision and effective Vax hardware emulator in the universe! Forget about crippled by evil programmer's demos! At last, a real thing at your disposal!

Pre-install notes

1. This is a "Charon-VAX v3.4 Build 109" distribution with no differences to original distributive, except ripped out .NET Framework binaries. This is a reason why this distribution becomes thinner than original for about 230Mb. And this is reason why you should check your system for presence of ".NET Framework Version 3.5" before Charon-VAX installation. Emulator's binaries do not really depend on it, but some of its utilities do. Search for dotnetfx35sp1.zip on the Net if you need it.

2. All installation actions require administrative privileges.

3. Installation was tested on Windows XP Pro SP3 32bit. Zero attempts were made to test it on the other platforms.

4. Charon-VAX is protected by using Hardlock dongle. It's a device looking like a USB flash drive and should be constantly plugged in USB port to allow Charon-VAX to be installed and used. Every dongle have unique properties specific to protected software product which are defined by dongle model and by software developer. To defeat this protection a dongle emulator technology is used. Dongle emulator consists of two parts:
a) Dongle emulator software - generic USB dongle hardware emulator.
b) Dongle dump - description of dongle properties needed by dongle emulator to emulate specific dongle. It is nothing more than .reg file which you need to double click on to install.

5. Charon-VAX is a collection of software products. Every product is used to emulate different set of Vax hardware models. And every product is protected by specific dongle. So for every Charon-VAX product exists one dongle dump:

cv6610.reg Charon 6610 Plus
cv6620.reg Charon 6620 Plus
cv6630.reg Charon 6630 Plus
cv6660.reg Charon 6640 Plus
cvxkp.reg Charon XK Plus
cvxlp.reg Charon XL Plus
cvxmp.reg Charon XM Plus

In generic case dongle emulator can emulate any dongle count at the same time, but only if these dongles have different hardware address. In case of Charon-VAX all dongles have the same address, so only one specific dongle can be emulated in single moment of time. After installing dongle dump you need to reboot your system to activate changes.

6. Most Charon-VAX emulator binaries have a bug which effectively disables emulator on single-core systems. If emulator process executed on a single-core system has CPU load near to zero and have no activity on OPA0 console try to use "single_core_support\mk3v6p.exe". If a problem is gone - you was hit by this bug. With today popularity of multi-core systems I am unsure that anyone will notice this bug. So I did made fix only for mk3v6.exe binary. If you really need this fix for other binaries you can attempt to do it by yourself (by analogy) or to drop me a line and I will do it for you.

7. If you lucky enough to have full version of Charon-11 PDP-11 emulator, please, contact me.


1. Install dongle drivers:
a) Unpack "Charon-VAX v 3.4 Build 109\hardlock_driver\hardlock_driver_cmdline_3.60.zip" to some directory;
b) Run "hldinst.exe -install";
c) Reboot.

2. Install dongle emulator:
a) Run install.bat from dongle_emulator directory.

3. Install one of the dongle dumps:
a) Apply required .reg file from dongle_dumps directory to registry.

4. Reboot.

5. Verify driver and dongle emulator installation:
a) Run hl_view (Charon-VAX v 3.4 Build 109\hl_view\hl_view_1.5.zip). You should see something like that:

License key number: 2068
Product Name: CHARON-VAX/XM Plus for Windows
Version: 3.4
Expiry date: not set
Support Level: Platinum
Support Delivery: Direct
Support Expiry date: Tue Jan 01 00:00:00 2019
Options: CHAPI, QBUS Adapter, UNIBUS Adapter, IEQ11, Parallel I/O
Host OS: Windows

6. Follow the installation manual to install Charon Vax.

Post-install notes

1. If dongle driver installation failed with an error "Failed to query processes accessing the driver" - remove registry key "Disable Performance Counters" under "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Perflib" branch, reboot and retry.


Special thanks to our friends Laur for delivering this software marvel and to Gamebit0 for his perfect dongle emulator.


In VMS we trust!
Butcher - bofhmail@yahoo.com
Dedicated to pink panther

"THE BEER-WARE LICENSE" (Revision 42):
<bofhmail@gmail.com> wrote this file. As long as you retain this notice you
can do whatever you want with this stuff. If we meet some day, and you think
this stuff is worth it, you can buy me a beer in return. Butcher.
Does anyone have full version Charon-11 or Charon-AXP?
SRI Charon-11 fulll and cracked

CHARON-11 is a software application running on Windows 2000 Professional or Windows XP Professional emulating a complete PDP-11 hardware configuration. The emulation allows the unmodified binary PDP-11 code (both the PDP-11 operating system and the applications) will run as before. The emulator contains models for PDP-11 CPUs, disks, tapes, and many types of serial line adapters. Ethernet controller emulation is supported on Windows 2000 Professional only.
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