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> Qbus and Unibus Modules
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                         F I E L D   G U I D E


                        Qbus and Unibus Modules
                        Revised: July 27, 2002

                       Maintained by Megan Gentry
        <mbg@world.std.com> <gentry@zk3.dec.com>

                 with recent comments/corrections from:
                 Chris Doran <chrisj.doran@physics.org>
             Tim Shoppa <shoppa@trailing-edge.com>

           Originally Compiled and Maintained by Ronald Copley


    This  list is  an attempt to coalesce all net knowledge on PDP-11
    UNIBUS and  Qbus modules.  It is  designed to  supercede all  the
    various homespun lists floating around -- giving one solid source
    of information.

    An expansion  is in  progress.  In addition  to PDP-11 UNIBUS and
    Qbus,  the list  will now cover other forms of the PDP-11 such as
    the Professional  Series (CTI-Bus).  Further,  it will  cover not
    only PDP-11s,  but VAXen and MIPS  systems as  well (VAXen  being
    available in  both UNIBUS  and Qbus  forms,  and MIPS machines in
    Qbus).  The list  will also  begin to  include chassis,  mounting
    boxes, power supplies and backplanes.

    For some  non-Digital (third-party) disk and tape controllers,  a
    list of reputedly compatible  drives may  be shown.  This list is
    not exhaustive,  and other  similar disk  and tape interfaces may
    also work.

    This list may be found on the following sites:

     1) http://world.std.com/~mbg/pdp11-field-guide.txt

    As of 02-Feb-2000, when I accepted the offer from the former
    maintainer to take over the file, this copy has become the
    official, most up-to-date copy.  One thing people may note is
    that I have renamed it.  This is because there is a similar
    file in the works elsewhere to cover pdp8 modules and options.

    Comments and suggestions about the format and content of the
    file will be welcome at all times.

    Please note that it may take some time for the *new* official
    file to make it to the mirrors mentioned below.

     2) On metalab.unc.edu, in the following location:

    Tim maintains quite a large archive of other information, it
    is most definitely worth checking out -- Thanks, Tim!

     3) On ftp.village.org, in /pub/pdp-11/field-guide.txt

        Dworkin keeps a compressed version here, too.

     4) On ftp.update.uu.se in /pub/pdp11/doc/field-guide.txt

        Johnny's site has quite a plethora of PDP-11 stuff, along with
        files/software pertaining to Pros and DECmates.

    This file will be posted on an irregular basis to the PDP-11 related
    newsgroups (vmsnet.pdp-11, alt.sys.pdp11).

    In order to ensure that this file is as comprehensive and accurate
    as possible, please don't hesitate to:

    1) Send any additions or corrections you may have to the
       file maintainer (currently mbg@world.std.com).

    2) Feel free to edit a private copy of the file to include
       your additions or corrections and send it (or a differences
       file) to the file maintainer.

    Please be prepared to cite the source of any such information.  This
    is to ensure that the file contains only validated information.

    Just make sure you send anything you have to me. If you have
    relevant hardcopy and you don't feel like typing it in, get in
    contact with me and we'll work something out.

                - - - - -

    We owe a great amount of thanks to Tim Shoppa, Johnny Billquist,
    Dworkin Muller and all others who maintain PDP-11 ftp sites.  Also,
    a great deal of respect is to be accorded to *anyone* attempting to
    hook a PDP-11 to the net, or running one currently connected, for
    that matter.  The same for anyone, anywhere who *doesn't* put a
    PDP-11 into the dumpster.  Or the smelter. Etc.  If you don't know
    what to do with it, please contact me via email and we'll get the
    information out to people who would be interested in saving it.

    We owe final credit and gratitude to Ronald Copley, who developed
    and maintained this list for numerous years.  Thanks *alot*!

Credits List (alphabetical order):

     Joe Allen (author of the amazing JOE!)
     Randy Betke (Qbus clarifications)
     Johnny Billquist (11/70 goodies, maintains ftp.update.uu.se ftp site)
     Ronald Copley (Originally compiled and maintained this document)
     Eric Dittman (Emulex modules, uVAXen modules)
     Chris Doran (Corrections, additions)
     Tony Duell (corrections)
     Jonathan Elson (Dilog modules list)
     Megan Gentry (New information, new format, new maintainer)
     Henk Gooijen (additions)
     Tom Guptill (maintains lenin.cc.rochester.edu "orphan" computer site)
     Hans Hamakers (corrections, additions)
     Lee Havemann (thanks, Lee!!)
     Bob Hoffman (cleared up Dilog issue)
     Doug Jones (help in general)
     Ken Kirkby (video modules, staggering amount of other info)
     Brian Knittel (additions)
     Nick Laflamme (loaned a couple of DEC catalogues)
     Dworkin Muller (maintains ftp.village.org ftp site)
     Garry Page (LPS11 modules, others)
     Tim Shoppa (general help, maintains sunsite.unc.edu ftp site)
     Eric Smith (additions)
     Alan Sieving (big list, advice, et alia)
     Emanual Stiebler (corrections, additions)
     Karl Sipfle (corrections)
     Pete Turnbull (Qbus modules, mucho PDP wisdom)
     Mike Umbricht (11/44 goodies, additions)
     Ken Wellsch (11/20 specifications)
     Dave Woodman (additions)
     Mike Yankus (11/84 additions & more)
     Rudy Zijlstra (UNIBUS module clarifications/additions)


    o 'Refs:' indicates documention in which information for the
      option may be found.

    o In the BUS column, Q is Qbus, U is UNIBUS, CTI is CTI bus
      (Professional 300 series).  With Vax and MIPS boards being
      added, there may be some new bus designations such as BI
      and XMI added here.

    o EK-xxxxx-yy numbers are documents, with yy = UG for
      user guide, TM for technical manual, IN for installation
      manual, RC for reference card, OP for operator's manual,
      PS for pocket service guide, CG for configuration Guide.
      (These are only a few examples, not a definitive list).
      The 'xxxxx' is often, but not always, the option name.

    o MP-xxxxx numbers are maintenance printsets

    o ZFxxx-RZ and ZJxxx-RZ numbers are Diagnostic Documentation

    o The Micronotes (uNotes) are single-topic articles, written
      by various people within Digital to clarify information for
      other Digital employees.  There are two sets of them, with
      similar numbers.  If a uNOTE is cited here, it should be
      listed as either uNOTE O# to signify the original set of
      115, or uNOTE N# to signify the newer set of 44.  Some of
      the older uNotes were recycled and given new numbers.  Check
      out metalab.unc.edu for copies of the new Micronotes, which
      can be found under:


    o For Qbus boards, unless specified as having an S-Box handle
      or being a MINC module or for a BA200 series enclosure, boards
      should be able to be used in any Qbus backplane.  (In fact,
      most boards without S-Box handles should still be usable in
      a BA200 series enclosure)

    o Please note that some Qbus modules may only be inserted into
      Q/Q backplanes, some may only be inserted into Q/CD backplanes,
      and some are jumper selectable for Q/Q or Q/CD.  Also, some
      modules support 16-bit only, some support 18-bit and some
      support full 22-bit.

    o The latest version of the file has been modified such that
      for a given module, all lines containing text pertaining
      to that module have the module number at the beginning of
      the line.  This is to make it easy to grep (UNIX) for a
      module number and have all information returned instead
      of just the first line.


    M O D U L E   L I S T

------      --------   ---  --------------------------------------------------
000034      MCS11-CK   CTI  Bus option RAM (256Kbytes)
000034        PN: 50-15487
000034        Refs: EK-PC100-V1

000041      DTC11-A    CTI  Telephone Management System (TMS)
000041        Refs: EK-PC100-V2, MP-01654, Intel (8031, 8051, 8251A)
000041        Refs: Intel (8255A)

000042      DECNA      CTI  Ethernet Controller
000042        PN: 50-15986 (50-15987 for DECNA-K, per O/M list)
000042        Refs: EK-PC100-V2, MP-01895, Intel (82586)

000043      PC3XS-AA   CTI  Z80/CPM option
000043        PN: 50-15640
000043        Refs: EK-PC100-V2

000046      PC3XX-AA   CTI  Realtime Interface
000046        PN: 50-15538
000046        Refs: EB-25824-18

000051      DRC11-AA   CTI  Parallel Interface

000052      DLC11-AA   CTI  Serial Interface

000053      ARC11-AA   CTI  Analogue Interface

000064      --------   CTI  Quad serial line option

000401      --------   CTI  5.25" Winchester disk controller
000401        PN: 54-15134
000401        Refs: EK-PC100-V2

001002      --------   CTI  Professional 350 Bus video bit map controller
001002        PN: 50-15137
001002        Refs: EK-PC100-V1

001403      VC241-A    CTI  Professional 350 extended bitmap (color option)
001403        PN: 50-15145
001403        Refs: EK-PC100-V1

002004      --------   CTI  RX50 5.25" floppy diskette controller
002004        PN: 50-15057
002004        Refs: EK-PC100-V2

54-11086    --------    -   Power regulator. +15V @ 4A, used in BA11-K

A009        AD11-K      U   Analogue-to-Digital Converter for 11/34

A012        ADV11-A     Q   16-channel, 12-bit Analogue-to-Digital Converter
A012                        Caution: uses BC1 for purposes other than BDAL18
A012        Refs: EK-ADV11-OP, MP-00193, EB-20174-20, uNOTE O#108

A013        MNCAD    ?   LSI11 BUS IN MINC, 16 Ch 12-bit A/D, QUINT

A017        NCV11-A     Q   Dual 4-input MUX, S&H, 8 bit A/D, Quad

A020        --------    Q   A/D, 16-Channel, Relay-switched

A026        AXV11-C     Q   16-channel, 12-bit Analogue-to-Digital plus
A026                        2-channel, 12-bit Digital-to-Analogue Converter
A026                        (Also AXV11-D)
A026        Refs: EK-AXV11-UG, MP-01291, EK-AXVAB-UG, EK-UDIPD-RC
A026        Refs: uNOTE N#044

A026-PA     AXV11-S     Q   16-channel, 12-bit Analogue-to-Digital plus
A026-PA                     2-channel, 12-bit Digital-to-Analogue Converter
A026-PA        Refs: EK-AXV11-UG, MP-01291, EK-AXVAB-UG, EK-UDIPD-RC

A029        IAV11-C     ?   16 Channel flying cap. ex MUX add-on
A029                        for IAV11-A

A030        ADQ32-A     Q   200Khz 32 Channel Analogue-to-Digital
A030                        Converter with DMA
A030        Refs: EK-153AA-UG, EK-UDIPA-RC

A030-PA     ADQ32-S     Q   200Khz 32 Channel Analogue-to-Digital
A030-PA                     Converter with DMA
A030-PA                     (for BA200 series)
A030-PA        Refs: EK-153AA-UG, EK-UDIPA-RC

A1007       AMF01-A     Q   48 Channel Addon for ADF01-B (A814-YA)

A1008       ADV11-D     Q   Analogue-to-Digital Converter, with DMA
A1008        Refs: EK-AV11D-UG, EK-UDIPD-RC

A1008-PA    ADV11-S     Q   Analogue-to-Digital Converter, with DMA
A1008-PA    Refs: EK-AV11D-UG, EK-UDIPD-RC

A1009       AAV11-D     Q   Digital-to-Analogue Converter, with DMA
A1009        Refs: EK-AV11D-UG, EK-UDIPD-RC

A1009-SA    AAV11-S     Q   Digital-to-Analogue Converter, with DMA
A1009-SA                    (for BA200 series)
A1009-SA    Refs: EK-AV11D-UG, EK-UDIPD-RC

A154        MNCAM       ?   8 Differential or 16 Single Ended Channel
A154                        MUX, Quint

A241        LPSAG-VG    U   LPS11 4-channel variable gain preamplifier

A242        LPSAG       U   LPS11 4-channel fixed gain preamplifier

A246        MNCAG       ?   4 Channel Switched Gain Differential Input
A246                        Preamp, Quint

A406        LPSSH       U   LPS11 Analogue sample-and-hold option

A406        LPSAD-12    U   LPS11 Analogue sample-and-hold (3 of 4)

A407        LPSAD-12    U   LPS11 8-channel A/D multiplexor (4 of 4)

A410        IAV11-A     Q   4/12 Channel Analogue-to-Digital Converter

A410-PA     IAV1S-AA    Q   16 Channel Analogue-to-Digital Converter
A410-PA                     S-Box handle

A410-PO     IAV1S-A     Q   4/12 Channel Analogue-to-Digital Converter
A410-PO                     S-Box handle

A410-YA     IAV11-AA    Q   16 Channel Analogue-to-Digital Converter

A411        ASM01-A     Q   16 Channel Sample and Hold.

A4002       KWV11-C     Q   Programmable real-time clock
A4002        Refs: uNOTE O#108

A6001       AAV11-A     Q   4-channel, 12-bit Digital-to-Analogue Converter
A6001                       Caution: uses BC1 for purposes other than BDAL18
A6001        Refs: EK-ADV11-OP, MP-00186, EB-20175-20, uNOTE O#108

A6002       MNCAA       ?   MINC LSI-11 Bus, 4 Channel, 12-Bit
A6002                       Digital-to-Analogue Converter, Quint

A6006       AAV11-C     Q   4-channel, 12-bit Digital-to-Analogue Converter
A6006        Refs: EK-AXV11-UG, MP-01294, ZJ248-RZ, uNOTE O#108

A6007       IAV11-B     Q   4 Channel Isolated 20ma Analogue output

A6007-PO    IAV1S-B     Q   4 Channel Isolated Digital-to-Analogue Converter
A6007-PO                    S-Box handle

A6009       AAF01-A    ?   Highspeed Analogue-to-Digital Converter.

A625        LPSVC       U   LPS11 Two 12-bit DACs (2 of 2)

A8000       ADV11-C     Q   16-channel 12-bit Analogue-to-Digital Converter
A8000                       with software-controllable gain
A8000        Refs: EK-AXV11-UG, MP-01292, ZJ250-RZ, uNOTE O#108

A804        LPSAD-12    U   LPS11 12-bit A/D Converter (2 of 4)

A814-YA     ADF01-B     ?   Highspeed Analogue-to-Digital Converter.

G066                    -   TU16 9 Channel read amp

G102        --------    U   Sense inhibit card for 11/15

G109C       ????????    ?   ?????

G114        ????????    U   ????? (with G235 and H217C, part of memory option)

G231        ????????    ?   16K XY Selection, Current source, Address
G231                        Latch, 8K Decode.

G235        ????????    U   16K XY Drive, Current source, Decode
G235                        (with G114 and H217C, part of memory option)

G651        ????????    U   4-8K 16-18 bit mother board, mates with
G651                        H221 (with H221-A, part of memory option)

G401        MS11-BR     U   4-Kword 16-bit MOS RAM (11/45)

G401-YA     MS11-BR     U   4-Kword 18-bit MOS RAM (11/45)

G5108                   U   Writeable programmable logic array tester for F11
G5108                       chipset

G5115                   U   H777-TA power supply tester

G5148       TU58-AA/BA  Q   Interface to parallel TU58

G5152       KXT11-A     Q   Test module, 4-Kbyte RAM, 24-Kbyte PROM, CSR

G5167                   Q   PULSAR (LSI-11 multiprocessor board)

G5168                   Q   PULSAR event transmitter

G5169                   Q   PULSAR event receiver

G5173                   U   11/60 2355 control

G5174                   U   11/60 2355 4-line tester

G5215       KDF11-TC    Q   LSI CPU bus isolator extender

G5216                   Q   PULSAR performance monitor

G5281                   Q   11/23 bus exercisor

G5337                   Q   11/03 multi LSI option tester

G5353                   U   11/24 quick verify station controller

G5616                   Q   Qbus extender card

G645                    U   8-Kword 19-bit stack board (11/05, 11/25, 11/45,
G645                        PDP-10)

G647                    U   16-Kword 20-bit stack board (PDP11, PDP10)

G651                    U   4 to 8-Kword 16 to 18-bit mother board
G651                        (Mates with H221)

G652                    U   16-Kword 16 to 18-bit mother board with logic
G652                        (Mates with H222-A)

G652-YA                 U   G652 that mates with H222-YA

G653        MMV11-A     Q   4-Kword 16-bit mother board with logic
G653                        (mates with H223).  Q16/CD-only option.
G653        Refs: EB-18451-20, MP-00094

G657                    U   32-Kword SPC core memory electronics with no
G657                        parity (18-bit)

G727                    U   Grant continuity card with DMA link (NPR),
G727                        single

G727-A                  U   Grant continuity card

G7270                   U   Longer form of G727

G7271                   U   Short double-jumper card (MF11-L)

G7272                   Q   Grant continuity card

G7273                   U   Bus Grant & Non-processor grant

G736                    U   jumper module

G7360                   U   priority selector, G736 with two sockets

H114                    U   (with G114 and G235, part of memory option)

H207                    U   4096x16 core stack for 11/15 (on G616 & G617)

H211        MM8-EH      U   4-Kword 12-bit stack on G648 (for 11/20)

H213                    U   4-Kword 16-bit stack on G645

H214                    U   8-Kword 16-bit H213 (used in MM11-L)
H214                        (replaced by H215)

H214-YA                 U   8-Kword 16-bit H213 (used in MM11-L)
H214-YA                     (replaced by H215) (same as H214, but 850NS)

H215                    U   8-Kword 18-bit (parity) H213 (used in MM11-LP, ME15)

H216                    ?   8K x 19 bit H213, used in MF10

H217                    U   16-Kword 16-bit memory stack (with G114 and G235)
H217                        (replaced by MA20-M)

H221-A                  U   8-Kword 18-bit stack (plugs into G651)

H221-B                  U   8-Kword 16-bit stack (plugs into G651)

H222        MM11-DP     U   16-Kword 18-bit stack

H223        MMV11-A     Q   4-Kword 16-bit stack & drive assembly
H223                        (plugs into G653)
H223        Refs: EB-18451-20, MP-00094

H224                    U   32-Kword 18-bit core stack

H228-B      MM11-YP     U   32-Kword 18-bit 14-mil core stack
H228-B                      (plugs into G657)

H3006                       8-Line RS232 Distribution panel

H3020                       DMF32 Multi-function distribution

H315                        Test Connector
H315                        (DH11, DL11E, DL11W, DLV11, DQ11, DU11, DUV11)

H317-B                      Distribution Panel (DH11)

H317-E                      Distribution Panel, EIA (DZ11)

H317-F                      Distribution Panel, 20mA (DZ11)

H3173-A                     Distribution Panel

H3190                       DZ11 Test connector

H325                        Line loopback test connector
H325                         (DMV11, DMP11, DMR11, DPV11,
H325                          DUP11, DV11, DZ11, DZV11)

H3250                       Test Connector (DMC11, DMP11, DMR11, DMV11)

H3251                       Test Connector (DMP11, DMR11, DMV11)

H3254                       Test Connector (DMP11, DMR11, DMV11)

H3255                       Test Connector (DMP11, DMR11, DMV11)

H3257                       Terminator Test Connector (DMP11, DMR11, DMV11)

H3258                       Terminator Test Connector (DMP11, DMR11, DMV11)

H3259                       Cable Turnaround test connector (DPV11, DZ32)

H3260                       Cable Turnaround test connector (DPV11)

H327                        DZ11 Turnaround connector

H3271                       Staggered Turnaround Test Connector (DZ11[-x])

H3272                       Test Connector (DZ32)

H3273                       Test Connector (DZ11-X)

H3274                       Test Connector (DZ11)

H3277                       Staggered loopback test connector

H329                        DZV11 Comm Loopback test connector

H349                        Distribution panel

H7004-B                     20mA Static Filter

H7004-C                     EIA Static Filter

H7104-C                     Power regulator, +2.5V 85A, used in VAX-11/750
H7104-C        Refs: MP-01020

H7104-D                     Power regulator, +5V 120A, used in VAX-11/750
H7104-D        Refs: MP-01021

H7105                       Power regulator, +15V, used in VAX-11/750

H744                        Power regulator. +5V @ 25A, used in BA11-K

H745                        Power regulator. -15V @ 10A, used in BA11-K

H754                        Power regulator. +20V @ 8A, and -5V @ 1.1A,
H754                        used in BA11-K.

H780                        Power supply (used in BA11-M)
H780                        (120vac: -A, -C, -E, -H, -K, -M, -P,
H780                         240vac: -B, -D, -F, -J, -L, -N, -R)
H780        Refs: EK-H780C-OP, EB-07948-53, MP-H780

H781                        Power supply (used in BA11-M)

H7835                       Power supply (used in VT103 terminal)

H786                        Power supply (used in BA11-N)

H7861                       Power supply (used in BA11-N)

H7862                       Power supply (used in Professional 300 series)
H7862        Refs: EK-PC100-V1

H7864                       Power supply (used in BA23)

H8611                       Test Connector (DH11)

H8612                       Test Connector (DV11)

H861C                       Test Connector (DH11, DV11)

H9270       DDV11-A     Q   4 x 4 Qbus backplane, Q18 (used in BA11-M)

H9270-Q                 Q   4 x 4 Qbus Backplane, Q22 (used in BA11-M)

H9273-A                 Q   4 x 9 Qbus backplane, Q18/CD

H9275(-A)               Q   4 x 9 Qbus backplane, Q22 (used in BA11-N)
H9275(-A)    Refs: EK-H927A-CG, uNOTE N#035

H9276(-A)               Q   4 x 9 Qbus backplane, Q22/CD (used in BA11-N)

H9278(-A)               Q   4 x 8 Qbus backplane (used in BA23)
H9278(-A)                   3 slots (1-3) Q22/CD, 5 slots (4-8) Q22

H9281-BA                Q   2 x 4 Qbus backplane, Q18 (used in BA11-VA)

H9281-BB                Q   2 x 8 Qbus backplane

H9281-C                 Q   2 x 12 Qbus Backplane

H9281-QA                Q   2 x 4 Qbus backplane, Q22, dual height

H9281-QB                Q   2 x 8 Qbus backplane, Q22, dual height

H9281-QC                Q   2 x 12 Qbus backplane, Q22, dual height

L2001       KA60        M   80NS CMOS SMP Dual CPU w/64kb snoopy cache

L2002       VS600       M   M-Bus to Q-Bus adapter module

L2003       VS600       M   I/O Controller module for DSSI/SCSI, Ethernet,
L2003                       printer, modem, keyboard, mouse/tablet

L2004       VS600       M   LEGSS Graphics Base module w/accelerator

L2005-AA    VS600       M   LEGSS 8-plane output module

L2006-AA    VS600       M   LEGSS 16-plane memory upgrade

L2007-A     MS60        M   8Mb memory array with 1Mb chips

L2007-B     MS60        M   16Mb memory array with 1Mb chips

L2007-C     MS60        M   32Mb memory array with 1Mb chips

L2008       VS600       M   TQK70 Tape adapter module

L2010-AA    KA60        M   60NS CMOS SMP Dual CPU w/64kb snoopy cache,
L2010-AA                    1Mbit video ram, FBIC interface chip to M-Bus,
L2010-AA                    VDAC CLR Graphics chip

L4002-AA    KA675       -   vax 4000/600 CPU card

L4002-BA    KA675       -   vax 4000/500 CPU card

L4002-CA    KA675       -   vax 4000/400 CPU card

L4004-BA    MS690-BA    -   32 MByte DRAM for VAX 4000 /400 /500 /600

L4004-CA    MS690-CA    -   64 MByte DRAM for VAX 4000 /400 /500 /600

L4004-DA    MS690-DA    -   128 MByte DRAM for VAX 4000 /400 /500 /600

M105                    U   Device selector for PDP-11
M105                        (Also called Address selector module)

M109                    U   PDP-11 device selector with jumpers, bits 13-17

M1091                   U   Memory device selector, with jumpers, bits 11-17

M1500                   U   Bidirectional bus interfacing gates [pdp8/pdp11]

M1501                   U   Bus input interface (16 drivers)

M1502                   U   16-bit bus output interface

M1621                   U   Digital voltmeter data input interface for
M1621                       Fluke 8200A/8400A, H-P 3450A/3480A, Data
M1621                       Precision 2000, Systron-Donner 7110, Dana 4800
M1621                       M105 or eqvt is required. May use M7820

M1623                   U   Instrument remote control interface.
M1623                       Supports DVMs as M1621 + programmable PSUs:
M1623                       Fluke 4210A/4216A/4250A/4265A,
M1623                       H-P 6129B/6130B/6131B
M1623                       M105 or eqvt is required. May use M7820

M167                    U   Compares two 8-bit words ( <, =, > )

M1801                   U   16-bit reed relay output interface

M2009       CE11        U   Set point register

M2010       CE11        U   2 Channel impulse counter

M224        KA11        U   11/20 8-bits with data paths module, 2 latches,
M224                        adder.

M225        KA11        U   11/20 registers module (processor memory)
M225                        16 bits x 16 bits

M234        KE11-A      U   3 8-bit registers, adder & L/R shift

M239                    U   3 4-bit counters (8291s) or 74197, parallel load

M244                    U   6 Ckts, Each 3 input Mux with latch, non-inverting

M2500                   U   2 64-word 4-bit MOS FIFO memories (needs -12V)

M2500-YA                U   M2500 with filter cap on line U1

M2501       DMA01-A     U   Dual 8*4 bit RAM (4 74170's)

M2501-YA                U   M2501 with 1.2K resistive pullups on RAM outputs

M2503       ADC01       U   Dual 256 bit Schottky RAM (3106's)

M2504                   U   Dual 256*4 RAM, common address, separate data I/O

M259        KT11        U   Associative memory, 2x8, shift register
M259                        capability

M3100       DECSA       U   EIA sync line unit for DECSA

M3101       DECSA       U   V.35 sync line unit for DECSA

M3102       DECSA       U   2-line async line unit for DECSA
M3102                       (DEC/DLC/DRCSA)

M3103       DECSA       U   LP line unit for DECSA

M3104       DHV11-A     Q   8-line Asynchronous Multiplexor, with DMA
M3104        Refs: EK-DHV11-TM, EK-DHV11-MC, MP-01783, ZJ362-RZ
M3104        Refs: uNOTE N#041

M3105       DHU11-A     U   16-line async DMA MUX
M3105        Refs: EK-DHU11-UG

M3106       DZQ11-M     Q   4-line double-buffered async MUX, EIA 50-10KB,
M3106                       with modem control; replaces M7957 (dual height)
M3106        Refs: EK-DZQ11-UG, EK-DZQ11-MC, EK-DZQ11-TM, MP-01795
M3106        Refs: ZJ251-RZ

M3106-PA    DZQ11-SA    Q   4-line double-buffered async MUX with S-box handle
M3106-PA    Refs: EK-DZQ11-UG, EK-DZQ11-MC, EK-DZQ11-TM, MP-01795
M3106-PA    Refs: ZJ251-RZ

M3107       DHQ11-M     Q   8-line async MUX module, DMA, Q22
M3107        Refs: EK-DHQ11-TM, EK-DHQ11-UG

M3108       DSV11-A     Q   2-line sync SLU for BA23/123 (-AA is first unit,
M3108                       -AB is second add-on unit).
M3108        Refs: EK-DSV11-TD, EK-DSV1M-IN, EK-DSV1M-UG, EK-DSV11-IN
M3108        Refs: EK-DSV11-UG

M3108-PA    DSV11-S     Q   2-line sync SLU for BA223 (-SF is first unit,
M3108-PA                    -SG is second add-on unit).
M3108-PA    Refs: EK-DSV11-TD, EK-DSV1M-IN, EK-DSV1M-UG, EK-DSV11-IN
M3108-PA    Refs: EK-DSV11-UG

M3110       DRCSA       U   Protocol assist #1 w/special character check
M3110                       and CRC (DEC/DLC/DRCSA)

M3111       DRCSA       U   Protocol assist #2 w/special character check
M3111                       and CRC (DEC/DLC/DRCSA)

M3112       DRCSA       U   Console boot terminator (DEC/DLC/DRCSA)

M3117       DHZ11       Q   16-line Asynchronous Multiplexor

M3118-YA    CXA16-A     Q   16-line Asynchronous Multiplexor w/DEC423 output
M3118-YA                    (for BA200 series only)
M3118-YA    Refs: EK-CAB16-TM, EK-CAB16-UG

M3118-YB    CXB16-A     Q   16-line Asynchronous Multiplexor w/DEC423 output
M3118-YB                    (for BA200 series only)
M3118-YB    Refs: EK-CAB16-TM, EK-CAB16-UG

M3119-YA    CXY08-A     Q   8-Line Asynchronous Multiplexor w/DEC423 output
M3119-YA                    (for BA200 series only)
M3119-YA    Refs: EK-CXY08-TM

M3121-PA    DFA01-AA    Q   Dual integral modem with S-box handle,
M3121-PA                    DF224 compatible, US/CAN
M3121-PA    Refs: EK-CAB16-TM, EK-DFA01-IN

M3123       DHF11       Q   32-line Async MUX, Fiber optic I/O for BA223

M3123-YA    DHF11       Q   32-line Async MUX, Fiber optic I/O

M3124       CXA08-M     Q   8 line async MUX w/nmc, ITEG handle,
M3124                       w/DEC423 Out

M3125                   Q   BITBUS to Qbus interface

M3125-PA                Q   Qbus interface to Intel BITBUS, Q22, RS485,
M3125-PA                    with S-box handle

M3125-YA                Q   Qbus interface to Intel BITBUS, Q22, no handle

M3126       DFA01-BA    Q   Dual integral modem with S-box handle, UK version

M3127-PA    DESQA-SA/SF Q   Ethernet/thinwire adapter (DELQA+DESTA)
M3127-PA                    with S-box handle

M3127-PB    DESQA-SA/SF Q   M3127-PA with handle access thinwire pushbutton
M3127-PB                    switch.

M3128       QBIC        Q   Qbus interface to VMI CCIC

M3129       KMV11       Q   NRZI/RS422 data Converter for KMV11
M3129                       (renamed KMV1A)

M3130-GA    IGQ11       Q   2 Port GE-Genius bus to Q-bus for GE-FANUC

M3130-GB    IGQ11       Q   1 Port GE-Genius bus to Q-bus for GE-FANUC

M3130-PA    IGQ11       Q   Q22-bus interface to GE-Genius bus
M3130-PA                    with S-box handle

M3130-SA    IGQ11       Q   2-Port GE-Genius bus to Q-bus

M3130-SB    IGQ11       Q   1-Port GE-Genius bus to Q-bus

M3130-YA    IGQ11       Q   GE-Genius bus to Q-bus interface, standard handle

M3133       DRQ3B       Q   RS-422 Signal conditioning module for DRQ3B

M3134-PA    DS500       Q   IBM Terminal server, 4 port (DECServer 500)

M3135-01                Q   Multi-line DECVoice, Q-bus for multiple channels,
M3135-01                    50 MHz clock

M3135-02                Q   Multi-line DECVoice, Q-bus for multiple channels,
M3135-02                    60 MHz clock

M3136                   Q   Q-bus module connects M3135 to T1 telephone service

M3137-AA    DEVIS       Q   +12V power module for DEVIS (VAXCAMERA)

M3138-AA    KRQ01-AA    Q   Data cipher module for Qbus

M4000       CE11, CEV11 ?   16-bit programmable clock

M4001       DMS11-F     ?   Clock

M4002       KWV11-C     Q   Programmable Real-Time Clock
M4002        Refs: EK-AXV11-UG, MP-01293, EK-AXVAB-UG, EK-UDIPD-RC
M4002        Refs: EK-KWV1C-CG, ZJ247-RZ, uNOTE N#044

M4002-PA    KWV11-S     Q   Programmable Real-Time Clock
M4002-PA    Refs: EK-AXV11-UG, MP-01293, EK-AXVAB-UG, EK-UDIPD-RC
M4002-PA    Refs: ZJ247-RZ, uNOTE N#044

M4003-AA                Q   Realtime clock for Qbus 32-bit counter, 10MHz

M4003-PA                Q   Realtime clock for Qbus 32-bit counter, 10MHz
M4003-PA                    with S-box handle

M454        DC11-A      U   Crystal clock with simultaneous outputs of 28.8,
M454                        19.2, 9.6, 4.8, 2.4, 1.760 KHz
M454                        (for DC11-A, DP11-A)

M4540       DC11, DH11  U   M454 with more frequencies available

M5001       CIS11-B     ?   8 channel optically isolated inputs

M5001-YA                ?   M5001 with 24V voltage sense inputs

M5001-YB                ?   M5001 with 24V contact sense inputs

M5001-YC                ?   M5001 with customized inputs

M5010                   D   32-bit non-isolated dc input module (IP11)
M5010                       I/O Daisy chain bus, 32-bit 55V (6V threshold)
M5010                       Non-isolated DC sense

M5011                   D   16-bit non-isolated dc input module (IP11)
M5011                       I/O Daisy chain bus, 16-bit, 55V (6V threshold)
M5011                       Non-isolated change of state interrupt

M5012                   D   16-bit isolated dc input module (IP11)
M5012                       I/O daisy chain bus, 16-bit, 55V (6V threshold)
M5012                       Isolated DC sense

M5012-YA                D   M5012 with TTL compatible inputs (IP11)

M5013                   D   8-bit isolated ac input module (IP11)
M5013                       I/O daisy chain bus, 8-bit, 120VAC
M5013                       (46-75V threshold) isolated AC sense, one
M5013                       bit interrupts

M5014                   D   Dual input counter, 16-bit (IP11)
M5014                       I/O daisy chain bus, dual 16-bit input counter

M5015-YM    CSC11       D   M5015-YF with flags inhibited

M5016                   D   Quad input counter/prescalar, 8-bit (IP11)
M5016                       I/O daisy chain bus, quad 8-bit counter/prescaler

M5017       CE11,CEV11  ?   Signal receiver (5V contact sense)

M5017-YC    CE11,CEV11  ?   Signal receiver (12V opto input)

M5019       CE11,CEV11  ?   Input function module (SSMU)

M5020-YA    CSC11       ?   32 bit OCI with 600V isolation and filter
M5020-YA                    3ms, 5V input

M5020-YB    CSC11       ?   32 bit OCI with 600V isolation and filter
M5020-YB                    3ms, 12V input

M5020-YC    CSC11       ?   32 bit OCI with 600V isolation and filter
M5020-YC                    3ms, 48V input

M5020-YD    CSC11       ?   32 bit OCI with 600V isolation and filter
M5020-YD                    3ms, 129V input

M5020-YF    CSC11       ?   36 bit OCI with 600V isolation and filter
M5020-YF                    3ms, 5V input

M5020-YG    CSC11       ?   36 bit OCI with 600V isolation and filter
M5020-YG                    3ms, 12V input

M5020-YH    CSC11       ?   36 bit OCI with 600V isolation and filter
M5020-YH                    3ms, 48V input

M5020-YJ    CSC11       ?   36 bit OCI with 600V isolation and filter
M5020-YJ                    3ms, 129V input

M5020-YN    CSC11       ?   32 bit OCI input 15VDC, 2ms delay, common V

M5020-YP    CSR11       ?   32 bit OCI input, 5VDC, 4.5ms delay

M5020-YR    CSC11       ?   M5020-YE with slow flag response

M5026       IDV1S-A     Q   16-bit opto-isolated input module

M5026-PO    IDV1S-A     Q   16-bit opto-isolated input module
M5026-PO                    with S-box handle

M5027       KMS11       ?   8 channel RS232 to RS422 converter

M5028       DRU11-C     U   Optocoupler conditioning module for DRU11-C

M5031                   D   16-channel isolated dc interrupt module, 16-bit
M5031                       (IP11)

M586        DF11-BA     U   Integral modem, 103 standard

M587        DF11-BB     U   Async internal modem, answer-only, Bell CBS or CDT

M5900       DJ11        U   16-channel TTL receiver

M5901       DJ11        U   16-channel EIA transmitter

M5902       DJ11        U   16-channel full duplex TTY transceiver

M5903       RH11        U   MASSBUS terminal transceiver

M5904       RH11        U   MASSBUS control transceiver

M5906       DJ11-AD/AE  U   16-channel EIA-TTL, TTL-EIA, priority sockets,
M5906       DH11-AD/AE      2 H854.

M5906-YA    DJ11-AD/AE  U   M5906 modified to accept X1 baud clock rate

M591                    U   5 Channel EIA to DEC, 4 Channel DEC to EIA

M5912-YA    DFS11-MA    U   Private wire integral modem, 1 Megabaud, DF11 pins

M5912-YB    DFS11-MB    U   500 Kbaud M5912-YA

M5912-YC    DFS11-MC    U   240 Kbaud M5912-YA

M5912-YD    DFS11-MD    U   56 Kbaud M5912-YA

M5912-YE    DFS11-ME    U   100 Kbaud M5912-YA

M5915       MNCDI       U   Digital input to MINC, 16 lines, Quint height

M5916                   U   24 Differential transmitters and 24 Differential
M5916                       Receivers, Quad

M5916-YA    DR11-L,-M   U   Differential adapter

M5916-YB    DMA01-A     U   Differential adapter

M5917       CRS11-LL    U   Differential drive for card readers, 17 in, 1 out

M5922                   U   RM03 transceiver port A

M5923                   U   RM03 transceiver port B

M5924       DF11-L      U   Fiber optic link

M5925       LPC01-V     U   6 differential receivers, 10 differential drivers

M5926       DSZ11-B     U   Add-on for TTL 20mA loop conversion

M5927       DAV11       U   TTL to differential transceiver (Like
M5927                       M7230 except all signals from 3 H854)

M5927-YA    DR11-C      U   DR11-C Compatible Differential line driver

M5928       DMS11-F     U   DMS11-F, Modem level Converter, TTL/RS423

M5929       MTS02-BD    U   Multidrop interface

M5931       DM11-XM     U   EIA to/from MIL188C/100/114

M5932       DM11-XF     U   EIA to/from fiber optic cable

M5935       DF11-WA     U   10 5V 70mA outputs, 2 inputs

M594        DF11-A      U   8 channel EIA-CCITT to DEC, 7 DEC to EIA-CCITT
M594                        3V hysteresis

M594-YB     DF11-A      U   M594 with 3V hysteresis

M5941       DFS11-H     U   8 channel MIL188C to DEC interface for DFS11-H

M5941-YA    DFS11-HA    U   8 channel MIL188C to DEC Interface for
M5941-YA                    data lines only

M5941-YB    DFS11-HB    U   75 Baud 8 Ch MIL188C to DEC Interface

M5941-YC    DFS11-HC    U   110 Baud 8 Ch MIL188C to DEC Interface

M5941-YD    DFS11-HD    U   150 Baud 8 Ch MIL188C to DEC Interface

M5941-YE    DFS11-HE    U   300 Baud 8 Ch MIL188C to DEC Interface

M5941-YF    DFS11-HF    U   600 Baud 8 Ch MIL188C to DEC Interface

M5941-YH    DFS11-HH    U   1200 Baud 8 Ch MIL188C to DEC Interface

M5941-YJ    DFS11-HJ    U   2400 Baud 8 Ch MIL188C to DEC Interface

M5941-YK    DFS11-HK    U   3600 Baud 8 Ch MIL188C to DEC Interface

M5941-YL    DFS11-HL    U   4800 Baud 8 Ch MIL188C to DEC Interface

M5941-YM    DFS11-HM    U   9600 Baud 8 Ch MIL188C to DEC Interface

M5941-YN    DFS11-HN    U   50K Baud 8 Ch MIL188C to DEC Interface

M5942       DF11-L      U   8 channel EIA-CCITT to DEC, 7 DEC to EIA-CCITT,
M5942                       300,600,1200,1800 baud crystal clock

M5943       DM11-DR     U   5 channel EIA-CCITT to TTL
M5943                       4 channel TTL to Tri-state

M5943-YA    DM11-DS     U   M5943 modified to permit other drivers and
M5943-YA                    receivers on same lines

M5946       DFS11-A     U   8 channel differential drive and receiver,
M5946                       40mA, 0 to +5V, receiver +15 to -15V.

M5947       DR11-BD     U   M919 with differential drive and receive
M5947                       with 3 H855

M5948       CSC11       U   Interface and serial Y-bus connector

M5949       DMC11-DA    U   EIA to MIL188-114 Converter
M5949                       7 receivers, 4 drivers

M595        DF11        U   Current mode Converter for 301 and 303 modem

M5951                   Q   100 Mbit transceiver, single line, used in Hydra

M5952       DFS11-BA    U   5 channel TTL to RS422, 8 channel RS422 to TTL

M5952-YA    DFS11-BB    U   5 channel TTL to MIL 188-114,
M5952-YA                    8 channel MIL 188-144 to TTL

M5952-YB    DFS11-??    U   5 channel EIA RS232C to RS422,
M5952-YB                    8 channel RS422 to RS232C

M5952-YC    DFS11-??    U   5 channel EIA RS232C to MIL 188-114,
M5952-YC                    8 channel MIL188-114 to RS232C

M5953       DV11/DZ11   U   16 EIA to TTL, 24 TTL to EIA, conn for DV11, DZ11

M596        DF11        U   20mA to DEC, DEC to 20mA, 4 channel each,
M596                        replaced by M5960

M5960       DF11        U   Replaces M596

M597        DX11        U   6 channel IBM receiver + bus

M5970       PC500       U   PC500 TCY Control Module

M5971       DZQ11/DHQ11 Q   4 channel EIA to 20mA Converter

M5973       LLD11       U   TTL to differential transceiver

M5974       LN01K-AA    U   TTL to differential transceiver
M5974                       (9 transmit, 2 receive)

M5975                   Q   DECServer 500 support for IBM3270 class terminals

M5976-AA    KZQSA       Q   Qbus to SCSI adapter

M5976-SA    KZQSA-SA    Q   Qbus to SCSI adapter (for BA200/400 enclosures)
M5976-SA                    with S-box handle

M5977-AA    RQZX1       Q   Qbus to SCSI disk (MSCP) and tape (TMSCP) adapter

M598        DF11-K      U   1 Channel optical coupled 20ma to DEC send/recv

M5980                   U   10-channel TTL differential transeiver

M5982       DWQVA       Q   2 channel fiber optic interface (IFQ), Qbus to
M5982                       Stealth bus

M599                    U   4 channel Xmit and Rec Western Union High Level
M599                        (+/- 6V 10mA) Telex

M6003       MNCDO       Q   16 Channel Digital output, MINC, Quint

M6010                   D   32-bit non-isolated dc output module (IP11)

M6010-YA                D   32-bit non-isolated dc output module (TTL, IP11)

M6011                   D   Non-isolated dc one-shot output module (IP11)

M6012                   D   8-bit optical isolated dc output module (IP11)

M6013                   D   8-bit isolated ac output module (IP11)

M6014                   D   Dual 16-bit output Converter (IP11)

M6015                   D   16-bit retentive dc output module (IP11)

M6029       IDV11-B     ?   16-bit Opto Isol. outputs

M688                    U   UNIBUS power fail driver module

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M7013       ????????    ?   Vector Generator and Character Generator
M7013                       Control, VT40

M7014       ????????    U   Unibus Controller and Bootstrap for VT40

M7014-YA    ????????    U   M7014 w/No Bus Terminators

M7015       LPS11-S     U   LPS11 UNIBUS control

M7016       LPSKW       U   LPS11 Programmable realtime clock & 2 Schmitt
M7016                       triggers.

M7017       LPSDR       U   LPS11 16-bit buffered digital I/O

M7018       LPSAD-12    U   LPS11 A/D control (1 of 4)

M7019       LPSVC       U   LPS11 Scope control (1 of 2)

M7020       LPS11-NP    U   LPS11 DMA option

M7025       KW11-K      U   Dual programmable clock

M7028       DMS11-F     U   DMS11-F, KMC11-A Line Unit Interface

M7028-YA    DMS11-F     U   DMS11-F, KMC11-A Line Unit Interface + Terminator

M7029       DMS11-F     U   Line unit interface W HDLC protocol

M7030       CTS11-J     U   Control for CTS11-J

M7031       CTS11-J     U   Drivers, receivers, code Converter for CTS11-JA

M7032       CTS11-J     U   Drivers, receivers, code Converter for CTS11-JB

M7033                   U   Scanner module for use with Hickok card equipment

M7034                   U   80 Column driver for use with Hickok card equipment

M7035                   U   22 Column driver for use with Hickok card equipment

M7036                   U   Diode Module assembly for use with Hickok card
M7036                       equipment

M7037                   U   Reader-Control module for true data card/bade reader

M7039-BC    MS220-A     Q   KN220 64 MB mem, Fujitsu DRAMS

M7039-CC    MS220-A     Q   KN220 128 MB mem, Fujitsu DRAMs

M7051                   U   VT48 data registers & multiplexors

M7052                   U   VT48 dual 12x12 multiplier with successive
M7052                       approximation.

M7053                   U   VT48 scissoring & tangent control

M7054                   U   VT48 stack & silo control

M7055                   U   VT48 display status MUX

M7056                   U   VT48 stack & silo

M7057                   U   VT48 display status register

M7058                   U   VT48 display control

M7059                   U   VT48 bus control

M7060                   U   VT48 push button control (SPC)

M7061       VSV11-F     Q   Raster graphics sync generator & cursor control
M7061                       (also VSV11-H, -J, -K)
M7061        Refs: EK-VSVFQ-UG, MP-01012, EK-VT101-TM, YM-C193C-00

M7062       VSV11-MA    Q   Raster graphics image memory
M7062        Refs: EK-VSVFQ-UG, MP-01012, EK-VT101-TM, YM-C193C-00

M7064       VSV11       Q   Raster graphics image processor
M7064                       (18-bit DMA only)
M7064        Refs: EK-VSVFQ-UG, MP-01012, EK-VT101-TM, YM-C193C-00

M7065                   U   Synch line receiver, 6, 7 or 8 bits

M7066       VTV01       U   Video Display Sys: UNIBUS to Qbus Converter

M7067       VMV21       U   Video Display Sys: sync generator & character
M7067                       generator (64-char, 25 lines).

M7068       VMV31       U   Video Display Sys: bit map, 128 x 128 x 4

M7069       VMV22       U   Video Display Sys: microprocessor & memory

M7070       VMV22       U   Video Display Sys: character & sync generator

M7071                   U   Video Display Sys: image memory, RAMs & buffer
M7071                       logic.

M7075                   U   Sync line transmitter; 6-, 7- or 8-bits

M7078                   U   4 pulse synchronizers (74120)

M7079                   U   16 Channel badge reader

M7081       LA120       -   LA120 control, hex with no fingers, 7-wire
M7081                       printhead version

M7081-YB    LAS12       -   M7081 with ROMs for LAS12, LA124

M7081-YD    LA120-RB    -   M7081 with increased head drive current for thick
M7081-YD                    forms

M7082       DMA01       U   Single DMA Mux channel

M7083       DMA01       U   8-level priority arbiter

M7084       DB11-H      U   DB11-H Control

M7086       PTV11-E         Controller for FACIT 4070

M7088       CE11        U   CE11, CEV11 interrupt register

M7089                   U   Quad transceiver

M7090       KD11-Z      U   11/44 console interface module
M7090        Refs: EK-KD11Z-TM

M7091       KE44-A      U   11/44 CIS control store module
M7091        Refs: EK-KE44A-YM

M7092       KE44-A      U   11/44 CIS data path/logic module

M7093       FP11-F      U   11/44 floating point module

M7094       KD11-Z      U   11/44 data path module

M7095       KD11-Z      U   11/44 control module

M7096       KD11-Z      U   11/44 multifunction module

M7097       KK11-B      U   11/44 4-Kword cache module

M7098       KD11-Z      U   11/44 UNIBUS interface

M7114       VT30-H      U   RBG graphics UNIBUS interface board
M7114                       (TV sync generator, memory, control & output)

M7130       DTQNA       Q   Token-bus (IEEE 802.4) to Qbus Network Adapter
M7130                       Controller module

M7131       DTQNA       Q   Token-bus to Qbus Network Adapter
                            Modem module, used with M7130

M7132       DTC04       Q   DECVoice main processor board (dual height)

M7133       KDF11-UA    U   11/24 CPU board, line clock & 2 SLUs
M7133                       (Revision D or earlier)

M7133-YA    KDF11-UA    U   11/24 CPU board, line clock & 2 SLUs
M7133-YA                    (Revision E or later)

M7134       KT-24       U   11/24 UNIBUS map (extended address to 22 bits)

M7135       KD32-AA     Q   MicroVAX I datapath with G floating point
M7135        Refs: EK-KD32-OM, EK-KD32A-OM-CN1, uNOTE N#021

M7135-YA    KD32-AB     Q   MicroVAX I datapath with D floating point
M7135-YA    Refs: EK-KD32-OM, EK-KD32A-OM-CN1, uNOTE N#021

M7136       KD32-AA/AB  Q   MicroVAX I memory control
M7136        Refs: EK-KD32-OM, EK-KD32A-OM-CN1, uNOTE N#021

M7138       LNV21       Q   Q-bus to laser printer DMA interface module

M7139-AA    VS200       Q   Microvax II CPU, Q-bus interface, console,
M7139-AA                    Network controller, @MB memory, option connector,
M7139-AA                    private memory bus controller

M7139-AC    VS200       Q   M7139 with Fuji 256K parts

M7139-AF    VS200       Q   M7139 with Hitachi 256K parts

M7139-AH    VS200       Q   M7139 with NEC 256K parts

M7142       VK170-CA    Q   Serial video module, CRT control logic,
M7142                       ASCII in/video out
M7142        Refs: EK-M7142-UG, MP-00775

M7145       R80         -   R80 servo control and position detector, hex board

M7147       DV11        U   M7808 (M7247+M7246) with synchronized scanner

M7148       CE11-D      U   CE11-D Unibus interface

M7149       CE11-D      U   CE11-D Port control

M7150       CE11-D      U   MIOS Bus usage arbitration

M7151       CE11-D      U   MIOS bus monitor

M7152       CE11-D      U   Maintenance and processor fail alarm

M7153       CE11-D      U   Mulitplexed input function module

M7154       CE11-D      U   Multiplexed input channel selector

M7157       DRJ11-A     U   Line interface, EIA receiver, sync logic, buffer
M7157                       logic

M7158       DRJ11-A     U   Unibus interface, NPR, bus MUX and transceiver

M7160       HSC50       U   HSC50 SERDES emulator

M7161       UDA50       U   UNIBUS SDI disk adapter PR board, no ROMs (1 of 2)
M7161        Refs: EK-UDA50-UG

M7161-YA    UDA50       U   M7161 with blasted ROMs
M7161-YA    Refs: EK-UDA50-UG

M7162       UDA50       U   UNIBUS SDI disk adapter SI board (2 of 2)
M7162        Refs: EK-UDA50-UG

M7164       KDA50-Q     Q   Qbus SDI disk adapter, Q22 (1 of 2) (QDA SDI)
M7164        Refs: EK-KDA5Q-UG, uNOTE N#041

M7165       KDA50-Q     Q   Qbus SDI disk adapter, Q22 (2 of 2) (QDA SDI)
M7165        Refs: EK-KDA5Q-UG, uNOTE N#041

M7166                   ?   Expands BI bus to UNIBUS (KA820)

M7168       VCB02, QDSS Q   4-plane colour bitmap module

M7169       VCB02, QDSS Q   4-plane video controller module

M7177       DN01-AA     Q   Aut call unit, cable sockets to DLV11, phone line

M7179       MPM11       U   Mem port control for MPM11

M718                    U   Bus interface for PDP-11

M7181       CMV11-AA    Q   CMR Host controller for Qbus to Qbus interface

M7182       CMV11-AA    Q   CMR Host controller for Q-bus micro control and
M7182                       4 serial ports

M7183       CMR01-AA    U   Micro control for expanded CMR01-AA

M7184       CMR01-AA    U   R-bus control for expanded CMR01-AA

M7185       CMR01-AA    U   24kbyte EPROM for expanded CMR01-AA

M7186       CMR01-AA    U   8Kbyte static RAM for expanded CMR01-AA

M7190       DZS11-EA    U   8-line statistical comm mux

M7193       DRQ11-CA    Q   DMA interface, 16-bit

M7194       DR11        U   Differential signal conditioning module

M7195-FA    MXV11-BF    Q   128-Kbyte RAM, 2 async EIA SLU, I/O, clock,
M7195-FA                    2 28-pin ROM sockets
M7195-FA    Refs: EK-MXV1B-UG, EK-MXVB2-UG, uNOTEs N#003, N#015
M7195-FA    Refs: N#019 (O#106), N#020, N#033

M7196       TSV05       Q   TSV05 controller for Q/Q22 bus
M7196        Refs: EK-TSV05-TM, MP-01167, EB-18451-20, EB-17723-20
M7196        Refs: uNOTE N#041

M7197       IDV11-D     Q   5-channel 16-bit counter module

M7198       IDV11-D     Q   5 channel counter module with S-box handle

M7206       TSV05       Q   TSV05 Q-bus controller

M7206-PA    TSV05       Q   TSV05 Q-bus controller, for BA2xx boxes

M7207                   Q   Co-processor for image compression & expansion
M7207                       implemented by using CCITT standard T.3, T.4

M7208       CMCTS       Q   CMCTS (Cluster memory controller, SDI controller)

M7209       CMCTL       Q   CMCTL (For S-box) Cluster memory controller, SDI
M7209                       controller)

M721        KA11        U   Bus interface 1, 8-bits gated in and out

M7210       KE11-A      U   Data control

M7212       DB11        U   Address line bus repeater control for DB11

M7213       DB11        U   Bus repeater control, for DB11

M7213-YA    DB11        U   M7213 with special modifications, 2 jumpers, 2 cuts

M7216-YA    KH11-A      U   M7216 for KH11-A

M7217       KP11-A      U   Power fail and restart

M7218       KP11-A      U   Bus requests

M7219       RC11        U   Bus interface

M7220       RC11        U   Clock control

M7221       RC11        U   Disk interface

M7222       RC11        U   Status control

M7224       RC11        U   Unit and track selector

M7225       RC11        U   Status control extender

M7226       DN11        U   DN11 Control

M7227-YA    XY11-A      U   XY11-A plotter control, 300-400 steps/sec

M7227-YB    XY11-B      U   XY11-B plotter control, 500-600 steps/sec

M7227-YC    XY11-C,E    U   XY11-C,E plotter control, 800-1300 steps/sec

M7227-YD    XY11-D      U   XY11-D plotter control, 1600-1800 steps/sec

M7228       KW11-P      U   Real time programmable clock

M7229       DA11-B      U   DR11-B interface for DA11-B

M7230       DA11-BJ     U   Differential cable driver and receiver

M7231       KD11-A      U   11/40 data paths module

M7232       KD11-A      U   11/40 micro word module

M7233       KD11-A      U   11/40 IR decode module

M7234       KD11-A      U   11/40 timing module

M7235       KD11-A      U   11/40 processor status module

M7236       KT11-D      U   11/40 memory management module

M7237                   U   11/40 stack limit register

M7238       KE11-E      U   11/40 EIS board

M7239       KE11-F      U   11/40 FIS control

M724        KA11        U   11/20 bus and console control module

M7240       DM11        U   DM11-A control

M7241       DM11        U   DM11-B control, quad

M7242       DM11        U   DM11-C control

M7243       DM11        U   DM11 transmitter D

M7244       DM11        U   DM11 transmitter E

M7245       DM11        U   DM11 receiver, quad

M7246       DM11-BB     U   Modem control scan, 16 lines, DM11-BB

M7247       DM11-BB     U   8 Line Mux with modem control

M7248                   U   Unibus repeater BBSY

M7249       CD11        U   Hollerith Check (Multiple ones error detector)

M725        KA11        U   11/20 bus interface and IR module

M7251       KG11-A      U   Network interface XOR and CRC block check option

M7253                   U   11 to Lear Siegler 7700 terminal

M7254       RK11-D      U   RK05 status control module

M7255       RK11-D      U   RK05 disk control module

M7255-YA                U   Modified M7255 for Diablo series 30 disk drives

M7256       RK11-D      U   RK05 registers module (data path)

M7257       RK11-D      U   RK05 bus control module

M7258       LP11        U   Printer controller (Dataproducts interface)

M7259       MF11-LP     U   Parity for MF11-LP

M726        KA11        U   11/20 IR decode module

M726-YA     KH11-A      U   M726 for KH11-A

M7260       KD11-B      U   11/05 data paths module

M7261       KD11-B      U   11/05 control logic module

M7263       KD11-D      U   11/04 processor module

M7264       KD11-F      Q   11/03 processor with 4-Kword MOS RAM
M7264                       Caution: uses DC1, DB1, DE1, DF1 for purposes
M7264                       other than BDAL18-21
M7264        Refs: EB-18451-20, MP-00049, MP-00050, MP-00264, MP-00357
M7264        Refs: MP-00589, EK-LSI11-MC

M7264-AA    KD11-F      Q   11/03 processor with 4-Kword MOS RAM
M7264-AA    Refs: EB-18451-20, MP-00049, MP-00050, MP-00264, MP-00357
M7264-AA    Refs: MP-00589, EK-LSI11-MC

M7264-AB    KD11-F      Q   11/03 processor with 4-Kword MOS RAM
M7264-AB    Refs: EB-18451-20, MP-00049, MP-00050, MP-00264, MP-00357
M7264-AB    Refs: MP-00589, EK-LSI11-MC

M7264-BB    KD11-F      Q   11/03 processor with 4-Kword MOS RAM
M7264-BB                    with DIBOL microm
M7264-BB    Refs: EB-18451-20, MP-00049, MP-00050, MP-00264, MP-00357
M7264-BB    Refs: MP-00589, EK-LSI11-MC

M7264-CB    KD11-F      Q   11/03 processor with 4-Kword MOS RAM
M7264-CB    Refs: EB-18451-20, MP-00049, MP-00050, MP-00264, MP-00357
M7264-CB    Refs: MP-00589, EK-LSI11-MC

M7264-DB    KD11-F      Q   11/03 processor with 4-Kword MOS RAM
M7264-DB    Refs: EB-18451-20, MP-00049, MP-00050, MP-00264, MP-00357
M7264-DB    Refs: MP-00589, EK-LSI11-MC

M7264-EB    KD11-F      Q   11/03 processor with 4-Kword MOS RAM
M7264-EB    Refs: EB-18451-20, MP-00049, MP-00050, MP-00264, MP-00357
M7264-EB    Refs: MP-00589, EK-LSI11-MC

M7264-FB    KD11-F      Q   11/03 processor with 4-Kword MOS RAM
M7264-FB    Refs: EB-18451-20, MP-00049, MP-00050, MP-00264, MP-00357
M7264-FB    Refs: MP-00589, EK-LSI11-MC

M7264-HB    KD11-F      Q   11/03 processor with 4-Kword MOS RAM
M7264-HB    Refs: EB-18451-20, MP-00049, MP-00050, MP-00264, MP-00357
M7264-HB    Refs: MP-00589, EK-LSI11-MC

M7264-JB    KD11-F      Q   11/03 processor with 4-Kword MOS RAM
M7264-JB    Refs: EB-18451-20, MP-00049, MP-00050, MP-00264, MP-00357
M7264-JB    Refs: MP-00589, EK-LSI11-MC

M7264-YA    KD11-H      Q   11/03 processor with 0-Kword RAM
M7264-YA                    (To be replaced by M7264-YC)
M7264-YA                    Caution: uses DC1, DB1, DE1, DF1 for purposes
M7264-YA                    other than BDAL18-21
M7264-YA    Refs: EB-18451-20, MP-00049, MP-00050, MP-00264, MP-00357
M7264-YA    Refs: MP-00589, EK-LSI11-MC

M7264-YB    KD11-Q      Q   11/03 processor with 0-Kword RAM & DIBOL microm
M7264-YB    Refs: EB-18451-20, MP-00049, MP-00050, MP-00264, MP-00357
M7264-YB    Refs: MP-00589, EK-LSI11-MC

M7264-YC    KD11-H      Q   11/03 processor with 0-Kword RAM
M7264-YC                    (Revision F or later)
M7264-YC    Refs: EB-18451-20, MP-00049, MP-00050, MP-00264, MP-00357
M7264-YC    Refs: MP-00589, EK-LSI11-MC

M7265       KD11-E      U   11/34 data paths module (replaced by M8265)

M7266       KD11-E      U   11/34 control module (replaced by M8266)

M7268       RKV11       Q   RK11-D to Qbus adapter
M7268        Refs: EK-RKV11-OP, EK-RKV11-TM, MP-00223, EB-20175-20

M7269       RKV11-D     Q   RK05 controller (16-bit DMA only)
M7269        Refs: EK-RKV11-OP, EK-RKV11-TM, MP-00223, EB-20175-20

M727        KA11        U   11/20 State control module

M727-YA     KH11-A      U   M727 for KH11-A

M7270       KD11-HA     Q   LSI-11/2 CPU, 16-bit
M7270                       Caution: uses BC1, BD1, BE1, BF1 for purposes
M7270                       other than BDAL18-21
M7270        Refs: MP-00563

M7275                   U   BRPE 11 punch interface

M7276                   U   Trend reader interface

M7277       DH11        U   DH11 Transmit scanner and NPR

M7278       DH11        U   DH11 Registers and byte count

M7279       DH11        U   DH11 FIFO buffer

M728        KA11        U   11/20 Timing and states module

M728-YA     KH11-A      U   M728 for KH11-A

M7280                   U   8 UARTS on quad-height board

M7281       CB11-DA     U   Unibus to 32 point relay distributor module

M7282       CB11-SB     U   Unibus to 64 point input scan

M7283       DA11-F      U   Window data path board

M7284       DA11-F      U   Window control

M7285       DJ11        U   MUX control board

M7285-YA    DJ11        U   M7285 W baud rate of 50

M7285-YB    DJ11        U   M7285 W baud rate of 100

M7286       FK11        U   FK11 Interface, VT20

M7288       DH11        U   Line parameters control

M7289       DH11        U   Receiver scanner

M7291       CB11-HA     U   16 point input interrupt

M7292                   U   TU60 interface

M7293       MM11-U/UP   U   Timing and control

M7294       RH11        U   MASSBUS data buffer and control

M7294-YA    RH11-C      U   Modified M7294 for RH11-C

M7295       RH11-A      U   MASSBUS bus control

M7295-YA    RH11-B      U   Modified M7295 with independent NED timeout for
M7295-YA                    RH11-B

M7296       RH11        U   MASSBUS control and status registers

M7297       RH11        U   MASSBUS parity control

M7298                   U   11/40 watchdog timer with restart and crystal clock

M7349       ML11        U   ML11 indicator board, status LEDs + on/off switch

M7350       RT02        -   RT02-C, -D, -E badge reader

M7351       TM04-AA     U   Massbus control

M7352       TM04-AA     U   Tape control for STC 1935 formatter and 1921 drive

M7355                   U   4 Megabit bubble array, Intel 7110

M7357-AB    ML11-A      U   256 Kb array, mostly good Mostek 16K chips

M7357-AC    ML11-A      U   256 Kb array, mostly good National 16K chips

M7357-AE    ML11-A      U   256 Kb array, mostly good TI 16K chips

M7358-AE    ML11-B      U   1 Mb array, mostly good TI 64K chips

M7358-AF    ML11-B      U   1 Mb array, mostly good Hitachi 64K chips

M7358-AH    ML11-B      U   1 Mb array, mostly good NEC 64K chips

M7359       DRV11-S     Q   EIA/RS408 8 bit parallel I/O interface

M7360       ADC11,ADA11 U   Controller, hex, two slots thick

M7361       ML11        U   Asynchronous control

M7362       ML11        U   Synchronous control

M7363       ML11        U   ML11 array data

M7386       VTV30-K     Q   VT30 Interface (Character serial input/output)

M7452                   U   UNIBUS to Fiber Optic C

M7454       TU80K-CP    U   TU80 interface (Dilog/Digital)

M7455       TSU05       U   TSU05 controller

M7458-AA    MSV11-RA    Q   1-Mbyte PMI/Q22 parity memory with CSR
M7458-AA                    (Also M7458-AC, -AH, -AJ)

M7460       KA785           SBL, LOW BITS INTER.

M7461       KA785           SBH, HIGH BITS INTER.

M7462       KA785           CAM, CACHE ADD MATRIX

M7463       KA785           CDM, CACHE DATA MATRIX

M7464       KA785           TBM, CPU TRANSLATION BUF

M7465       KA785           IDP, CPU INSTR DATA PATH

M7466       KA785           IRC, CPU INSTRUCT DECODE

M7467       KA785           DBP, CPU DATA PATH "B"

M7468       KA785           DEP, CPU DATA PATH "E"

M7468-YA    KA785           DEP, DATAPATH MODULE,16-31 BIT

M7469       KA785           DDP, CPU DATA PATH "D"

M7469-YA    KA785           DDP, DATAPATH MODULE,08-15 BIT

M7470       KA785           DCP, CPU DATA PATH

M7470-YA    KA785           DCP, DATAPATH MODULE,00-07 BIT

M7471       KA785           DAP, CPU DATA PATH "A"


M7472       KA785           CEH, COND CODES HIGH BIT

M7473       KA785           ICL, INTR.CONT.LOW BITS

M7474       KA785           CLK, CPU CLOCK

M7475       KA785           JCS, JOINT CONT.STORE

M7476       KA785           USC, MICRO SEQUENCER

M7477       KA785           CIB CPU CONSOLE INTR

M7478       KA620       Q   RTVAX, 1 Mbyte, FP, TPU clock, boot/diag ROM

M7478-AA    KA785       Q   32 BIT SBC W/1MB, FLT. POINT

M7484                   U   FEPCM Unibus bridge module

M7485       UDA50-A     U   UNIBUS to radial disk interface PR board
M7485                       with no ROMs (SDI disk controller)

M7485-YA    UDA50-A     U   UNIBUS to radial disk interface PR board
M7485-YA                    with blasted ROMs

M7486       UDA52       U   Controller for SDI disk drives (UDA SI)

M7488                   U   UNIBUS graphics workstation
M7488                       (Graphics display processor)

M7490       RRD50       U   UNIBUS control for RRD50

M7490-YA    RRD50       U   UNIBUS control for RRD50 with encryption support

M7493-PA    R440F       Q   R449F (S-box) to SCSI Converter

M7500       KMV1A-M     Q   Programmable Communications Controller
M7500        Refs: EK-KMV1A-TM, EK-KMV1A-UG, MP-01173, AA-HN43B-TN
M7500        Refs: ZJ360-PY

M7500-Px    KMV1A-Sx    Q   Programmable Communications Controller
M7500-Px                    (for BA200 series enclosures)
M7500-Px                        -PA, -SF        RS232
M7500-Px                        -PB, -SG        RS422
M7500-Px                        -PC, -SH        RS423
M7500-Px    Refs: EK-KMV1A-TM, EK-KMV1A-UG, MP-01173, AA-HN43B-TN
M7500-Px    Refs: ZJ360-PY

M7501       KMV2A-S     Q   Programmable comms controller, dual line.

M7502                   Q   Single-line high speed intelligent communication
M7502                       interface

M7504       DEQNA-M     Q   Qbus to ethernet adapter, Q22, obsolete
M7504                       for VMS 5.x and above (use DELQA).
M7504        Refs: MP-01369, EK-H4000-TM, AA-K759A-TK, EK-DEQNA-UG
M7504        Refs: EB-22714-18

M7504-PA    DEQNA-S     Q   Qbus to ethernet adapter, Q22, obsolete
M7504-PA                    for VMS 5.x and above (use DELQA).
M7504-PA                    (for BA200 series)
M7504-PA    Refs: MP-01369, EK-H4000-TM, AA-K759A-TK, EK-DEQNA-UG
M7504-PA    Refs: EB-22714-18

M7505       BTR01       Q   Conditioning module for BTR interface

M7506-AA    MSV11-MA    Q   512-Kbyte 18-bit RAM
M7506-AA                    (Also M7506-AC, -AE, -AF, -AH, -AP)
M7506-AA    Refs: EK-MSV1M-UG, MP-02053, uNOTE N#028

M7506-AT    MSV11-MA    Q   512-kbyte 22-bit parity/CSR MOS RAM
M7506-AT                    (Also M7506-AU, -AV)
M7506-AT    Refs: EK-MSV1M-UG, MP-02053, uNOTE N#028

M7506-BA    MSV11-MB    Q   1-Mbyte RAM
M7506-BA    Refs: EK-MSV1M-UG, MP-02053, uNOTE N#028

M7506-BC    MSV11-MB    Q   1-Mbyte RAM
M7506-BC    Refs: EK-MSV1M-UG, MP-02053, uNOTE N#028

M7506-BE    MSV11-MB    Q   1-Mbyte 22-bit parity/CSR MOS RAM
M7506-BE    Refs: EK-MSV1M-UG, MP-02053, uNOTE N#028

M7506-BF    MSV11-MB    Q   1-Mbyte RAM
M7506-BF    Refs: EK-MSV1M-UG, MP-02053, uNOTE N#028

M7506-BH    MSV11-MB    Q   1-Mbyte RAM
M7506-BH    Refs: EK-MSV1M-UG, MP-02053, uNOTE N#028

M7506-BP    MSV11-MB    Q   1-Mbyte RAM
M7506-BP    Refs: EK-MSV1M-UG, MP-02053, uNOTE N#028

M7506-BT    MSV11-MB    Q   1-Mbyte 22-bit parity/CSR MOS RAM
M7506-BT    Refs: EK-MSV1M-UG, MP-02053, uNOTE N#028

M7506-BU    MSV11-MB    Q   1-Mbyte 22-bit parity/CSR MOS RAM
M7506-BU    Refs: EK-MSV1M-UG, MP-02053, uNOTE N#028

M7506-BV    MSV11-MB    Q   1-Mbyte 22-bit parity/CSR MOS RAM
M7506-BV    Refs: EK-MSV1M-UG, MP-02053, uNOTE N#028

M7507       LNV11       Q   Simplex 2.5MB full page bitmap memory

M7507-YA    LNV11       Q   Duplex 2.5MB full page bitmap memory

M7508       LNV11-A     Q   29116 image generator processor (IGP)

M7509       LNV11-A     Q   Q-bus/print engine interface (QPIO)

M7510       LNV11-A     Q   Horiz line proc, 256kB font RAM (HLP)

M7511       LNV11-A     Q   Horiz line proc, 512kB font RAM (HLP)

M7512       RQDX1E      Q   RQDX extender for RQDX1; must be the last item in
M7512                       the backplane, below the RQDX1.

M7513       RQDXE       Q   RQDX extender for RQDX2/3
M7513                       (-AA for BA23, -FA for BA123).
M7513        Refs: EK-RQDXE-UG

M7514       BTRXX-A     Q   DC/DC Converter module

M7515                   Q   3-plane bitmap video generator for Q-bus

M7516       DELQA-M     Q   Ethernet interface (replaces DEQNA)
M7516        Refs: EK-DELQA-UG, EK-DELQA-IN

M7516-PA    DELQA-S     Q   Qbus high-performance ethernet adapter, Q22
M7516-PA                    (for BA200 series) (DEQTA)

M7516-YM    DELQA-M     Q   Qbus to Ethernet Turbo Module, Q22

M7517       VSV90       Q   VSV90 Q-bus graphics module

M7518       KEQDI-SA    Q   S-box control for internal RD's, 1 external RX

M7519-AA    LNV11       Q   Horiz line proc, 1 MB font RAN

M7521-AA    DELUA-AA    U   UNIBUS to ethernet adapter
M7521-AA                    (Also M7521-AJ, -AP)

M7522       RUX50       U   MSCP controller for RX50

M7523       LNV11       Q   Duplex (QPIO) module

M7524       CMR53       Q   Q-bus digital input, 32 points

M7525       CMR53       Q   Q-bus digital output, 32 points

M7526       SS-LX56A-FA Q   Digital/video controller

M7527       VSV22       Q   Q-bus 1024*864 graphics control module

M7528       CMR53       Q   High speed communications controller

M7529       CMR53       Q   Medium speed communications controller to DRV11

M7531       DIV32-SA,F  Q   Q-bus ISDN BRA module for BA23/BA123

M7531-KK    DIV32-SA,F  Q   Q-bus ISDN BRA module for BA200 series, Australia

M7531-PA    DIV32-SA,F  Q   Q-bus ISDN BRA module for BA200 series

M7545                   U   Intelligent I/O controller

M7534       DEFQA       Q   QBus to FDDI Interface

M7540       FP785           FLOAT PT FRACT NORMALIZ

M7541       FP785           FMH, FLOAT PT FRACT MULT

M7542       FP785           FML, FLOAT PT FRACT MULT

M7543       FP785           FAD, FLOAT PT FRAC ADDER

M7544       FP785           FCT, FLOAT PT ACC CONTRL

M7546       TQK50-AA    Q   TMSCP controller for TK50 tape unit
M7546        Refs: uNOTE N#041

M7547       TUK50-AA    U   TMSCP controller for TK50 tape unit

M7549                   Q   Alternate buffer DMA interface for Q22 bus

M7551-AA    MSV11-QA    Q   1-Mbyte 22-bit parity/CSR MOS RAM
M7551-AA                    (Also M7551-AC, -AE, -AF, -AH, -AJ, -AP)
M7551-AA    Refs: EK-MSV1Q-UG, MP-01931, ZJ246-RZ, uNOTE N#031

M7551-BA    MSV11-QB    Q   2-Mbyte 22-bit parity/CSR MOS RAM
M7551-BA                    (Also M7551-BC, -BE, -BF, -BH, -BJ, -BP, -BT, -BV)
M7551-BA    Refs: EK-MSV1Q-UG, MP-01931, ZJ246-RZ, uNOTE N#031

M7551-CA    MSV11-QC    Q   4-Mbyte 22-bit parity/CSR MOS RAM
M7551-CA                    (Also M7551-CC, -CE, -CF, -CH, -CP, -CT, -CV)
M7551-CA    Refs: EK-MSV1Q-UG, MP-01931, ZJ246-RZ, uNOTE N#031

M7552       KRP50       Q   RRD40-HB/-HD/RRD50 Optical Disk Controller Module
M7552                       (also KRQ50-AA, KRQ50-SA, KRQ50-SF)
M7552        Refs: EK-RRD50-UG, EK-RRD50-PS

M7553                   Q   QBus Console Module (link to mainframe VAX)

M7554       KDJ11-DA    Q   J11 CPU 15MHz, 512-Kbyte RAM, 2 SLUs, LTC
M7554        Refs: EK-KDJ1D-UG

M7554-01    KDJ11-DA    Q   J11 CPU 15MHz, 512-Kbyte RAM, 2 SLUs, LTC (VE)
M7554-01    Refs: EK-KDJ1D-UG

M7554-02    KDJ11-DB    Q   11/53-PLUS CPU
M7554-02                    (J11 15MHz, 1.5-Mbyte RAM, 2 SLU, LTC)
M7554-02    Refs: EK-KDJ1D-UG

M7554-04    KDJ11-DD    Q   J11 CPU 18MHz, 1.5-Mbyte RAM, 2 SLUs (CSS)
M7554-04    Refs: EK-KDJ1D-UG

M7554-PA    KDJ11-SA    Q   J11 CPU 15MHz, 512-Kbyte RAM, 2 SLUs
M7554-PA                    with S-box handle
M7554-PA    Refs: EK-KDJ1D-UG

M7554-PB    KDJ11-SB    Q   J11 CPU 18MHz, 512-Kbyte RAM, 2 SLUs, LAT PROM,
M7554-PB                    with S-box handle
M7554-PB    Refs: EK-KDJ1D-UG

M7554-PC    CMR53-AA    Q   J11 CPU 18MHz, 512-Kbyte RAM, 2 SLUs
M7554-PC                    with S-box handle, CMR53 boot PROM
M7554-PC    Refs: EK-KDJ1D-UG

M7554-SA    KDJ11-SA    Q   J11 CPU 15MHz, 512-Kbyte RAM, 2 SLUs
M7554-SA                    with S-box handle (VE)
M7554-SA    Refs: EK-KDJ1D-UG

M7554-SC    KDJ11-SC    Q   J11 CPU 15MHz, 512-Kbyte RAM, 2 SLUs
M7554-SC                    with S-box handle (VE)
M7554-SC    Refs: EK-KDJ1D-UG

M7554-SD    KDJ11-SD    Q   J11 CPU 18MHz, 1.5-Mbyte RAM, LAT ROM
M7554-SD                    with S-box handle
M7554-SD    Refs: EK-KDJ1D-UG

M7554-SE    KDJ11-SE    Q   J11 CPU 18MHz, 1.5-Mbyte RAM, 2 SLUs, LTC,
M7554-SE                    with S-box handle
M7554-SE    Refs: EK-KDJ1D-UG

M7554-YA    KDJ11-SA    Q   J11 CPU 15MHz, 512-Kbyte RAM, 2 SLUs, LTC,
M7554-YA                    no handle
M7554-YA    Refs: EK-KDJ1D-UG

M7554-YB    KDJ11-SB    Q   J11 CPU 15MHz, 512-Kbyte RAM, 2 SLUs, LAT PROMs,
M7554-YB                    no handle
M7554-YB    Refs: EK-KDJ1D-UG

M7555       RQDX3       Q   MFM Winchester and floppy disk controller
M7555                       (RX50/RX33/RD50-54/RD31/RD32/RD33)
M7555        Refs: EK-RQDX3-UG, uNOTEs N#041, N#043

M7555-YA    RQDX3-SD    Q   Controller for RX33D 48TPI floppy disk drive

M7556                   U   Mininum load module +5V 1A -15V 375mA, 11/84

M7558       MSV11       Q   2-Mbyte 22-bit MOS memory

M7558-AA    MSV11-SA    Q   2-Mbyte 22-bit parity/CSR MOS RAM
M7558-AA                    (Also M7558-AC, -AE, -AF, -AL, -AP, -AR, -AU, -AV)

M7559       TQK70       Q   TMSCP controller for TK70

M7573       RQDX4       Q   Controller for RX35, RD50/1/2/3/4

M7602       VCB01, QVSS Q   Qbus Video Sub System module for Q22 systems
M7602                       (uVAX I, II)

M7602-YA    VCB01, QVSS Q   Qbus Video Sub System module, bitmap graphics
M7602-YA                    option. (uVAX I, II)

M7605       TQK25       Q   0.25" streaming tape drive controller (TK25)
M7605        Refs: uNOTE N#041

M7606-AA    KA630-AA    Q   MicroVAX II CPU w/1-Mbyte, floating point, time of
M7606-AA                    year clock, boot/diagnostic ROM, Q22
M7606-AA                    (Also M7606-AC, -AF, -AH, -AL, -AP, -AS
M7606-AA                     Also M7606-EC, -EE, -EF, -EP, -ES, -ET, -EU, -EV
M7606-AA                     Also M7606-ZC, -ZF, -ZP, -ZS)
M7606-AA    Refs: EK-KA630-UG, EK-KD32-OM, EK-KD32A-OM
M7606-AA    Refs: uNOTEs N#022, N#024, N#026

M7606-AB    KA630-AB    Q   MicroVAX II CPU, floating point.

M7607-AA    MS630-AA    Q   1-Mbyte RAM for MicroVAX II
M7607-AA                    (Also M7607-AC, -AE, -AH, -AL, -AP, -AR, -AS, -AT,
M7607-AA                               -AU, -AV, -ZC, -ZF, -ZS)

M7608-AA    MS630-BA    Q   2-Mbyte RAM for KA630 (MicroVAX II)
M7608-AA                    (Also M7608-AC, -AE, -AH, -AL, -AP, -AR, -AS, -AT,
M7608-AA                               -AU, -AV)

M7608-BA    MS630-BB    Q   4-Mbyte RAM for KA630 (MicroVAX II)
M7608-BA                    (Also M7608-BC, -BE, -BH, -BL, -BP, -BR, -BS, -BT,
M7608-BA                               -BU, -BV, -YC, -YF, -YS, -ZC, -ZF, -ZS)

M7609-AA    MS630-CA    Q   8-Mbyte parity 36-bit RAM for KA630 (MicroVAX II)
M7609-AA                    (Also M7609-AC, -AF, -AH, -AP, -AV) (Q22 via CD)

M7616       KXJ11-CA    Q   J11 CPU, 512-Kbyte RAM, 64-Kbyte PROM
M7616                       (Q22 peripheral processor)

M7620       KA650-AA/BA Q   MicroVAX III CPU (-AA full license, -BA
M7620                       workstation license), 90nS.
M7620        Refs: EK-KA650-UG

M7621       MS650-AA    Q   8-Mbyte RAM for KA650 (MicroVAX III)

M7622       MS650-BA    Q   16-Mbyte RAM for KA650 (MicroVAX III)

M7624       KA640-AA    Q   MicroVAX 3300/3400 CPU: CVAX chip, Ethernet,
M7624                       DSSI, 4 Mbyte memory (640QR)
***         640QR

M7625       KA655-BA    Q   MicroVAX III CPU (workstation license), 60nS

M7626       KA660       Q   VAX 4000 CPU, 57MHz, Q22, DSSI, ethernet

M7634-PA    IEQ11       Q   IEEE interface

M7635-AA    KN210       Q   DS5400, RISC 3000 CPU, Qbus interface

M7635-AB    KN210       Q   M7635-AA with LSI R3000, R3020 chips

M7635-AC    KN210       Q   M7635-AA with PERF R3000, R3020 chips

M7636                   Q   I/O Module, DSSI Interface, Ethernet

M7637       KN220       Q   DS5500 CPU Module, Memory Control, 64Kb
M7637                       I&D Caches

M7638                   Q   DS5500 I/O MOD @25MHZ W/QBUS,DSSI,SC

M7639       MS220       Q   DS 5500 64MB ECC MEM ARRAY

M7651       DRV11-WA    Q   18/22-bit DMA general purpose parallel interface
M7651        Refs: EK-DRVWA-UG, MP-01582, ZJ244-RZ, uNOTE N#041

M7651-PA    DRV1W-S     Q   General-Purpose DMA Interface
M7651-PA                    (for BA200 series)
M7651-PA    Refs: EK-DRVWA-UG, MP-01582, ZJ244-RZ, uNOTE N#041

M7651-YB    DRV11-WA    Q   M7651, revision C circuit
M7651-YB    Refs: EK-DRVWA-UG, MP-01582, ZJ244-RZ, uNOTE N#041

M7656       VSV21-AA    Q   Colour graphics module: M68K processor, HD63486
M7656                       video processor (512x512 or 512x256 resolution),
M7656                       Serial ports for mouse, trackball, console and
M7656                       LK201.

M7658       DRQ3B-A     Q   2 x 16 bit, High-Speed, bidirectional Parallel
M7658                       interface w/DMA and Block Mode
M7658        Refs: EK-O47AA-UG

M7658-PA    DRQ3B-S     Q   High-Speed, Parallel Interface
M7658-PA                    (for BA200 series)
M7658-PA    Refs: EK-O47AA-UG

M7676       KXT11-AB    Q   Single-board 16-bit CPU (dual height).
M7676                       16-Kbytes of static RAM
M7676                       64-Kbytes of direct addressing capability
M7676                       PDP-11 base level instruction set
M7676                       50, 60 or 800Hz realtime clock
M7676                       24-line parallel I/O
M7676                       Two async serial I/O ports
M7676                       Four 28-pin memory sockets for up to 16-Kbytes of
M7676                       additional RAM and 16-Kbytes of ROM, or an extra
M7676                       32-Kbytes of RAM or 32-Kbytes of ROM.
M7676                       (T11 processor) (FALCON-PLUS) (SBC-11/21-PLUS)
M7676        Refs: EK-SBC02-CG, EK-SBC02-UG, EK-SBCOP-IN, uNOTE N#015

M7677       MDM         U   11/84 monitor and distribution monitor

M7677-YA    MDM(?)      U   11/84-A monitor (fan, blower, I/O distribution)

M7679       ISDN        Q   ISDN basic rate access Qbus board

M7680       RK05            RK05

M7681       RK05            CYLINDER ADDRESS + TRACK DIFF

M7684       RK05            CONTROL SEQUENCER

M7685       ????????    ?   Data Sequencer for RM02/03, can be replaced
M7685                       by M8685

M7686       ????????    ?   RM02/03 Control Interface

M7687       ????????    ?   ???

M7690       VTV31-KA    Q?  RGB Bitmap 348Hx256V 50Hz

M7691       VTV31-KB    Q?  RGB Bitmap 348Hx240V 60Hz

M7693       VTV31-KD    Q?  RGB Bitmap 512Hx240V 60Hz

M7700       RK05            RK05 unit-sel/photoamp/sector-counter
M7700                       (Replaced by M7680)

M7701                       DEC PAK CONTROL & INTERLOCK

M7705       RK06            RK06 MODULE

M7706       RK06            RK06 MODULE

M7707       RK06            RK06 SERVO CONTROL,QUAD

M7708       RK06            RK06 TRACK POSITION DETECTOR

M7726       RX01        -   8" floppy disk controller (internal board)

M7727       RX01        -   8" floppy disk read/write (internal board)

M7728-YC                -   M7728 ETCH REV L AND LATER

M7729       RK06        -   RK06,SERVO ANALOG,(REPLACES M

M7730       RK06        -   RK06 DUCIL PORT LOGIC BOARD

M7736       LA36        -   LA36 HT VT TOF OPTION,DOUBLE

M7740       RQC25       Q   Qbus to LESI bus adapter used on disks with
M7740                       MSCP. RC25 controller. Replaces M8654.  Q22.
M7740                       (Also M7740-01, -PA) (Also called KLESI-QA and
M7740                        used as the controller for a TU81-Plus)
M7740        Refs: EK-ORC25-PS, EK-ORC25-UG, MP-01612, ZJ350-RZ
M7740        Refs: uNOTE N#041

M7744       RX02        -   8" floppy disk controller (internal board)
M7744        Refs: MP-00629

M7745       RX02        -   8" floppy disk read/write (internal board)
M7745        Refs: MP-00629

M7760       TU60        -   Cassette logic (internal board)

M7761       TU60        -   Cassette servo and read (internal board)

M7762       RL11        U   RL01/02 disk controller
M7762        Refs: MP-00153

M7769       KFQSA-A     Q   Storage Adapter (DSSI Disk Interface), BA23
M7769        Refs: EK-KFQSA-IN

M7769       KFQSA-B     Q   Storage Adapter (DSSI Disk Interface), BA123
M7769        Refs: EK-KFQSA-IN

M7769       KFQSA-S     Q   Storage Adapter (DSSI Disk Interface), BA200 series
M7769        Refs: EK-KFQSA-IN

M7773       RP04            ASYNCHRONOUS LOGIC

M7774       RP04            REGISTER LOGIC

M7776       RP04            ERROR CORRECTION LOGIC, 4

M7786       RP05/06         SEEK SEARCH CONT

M7787       RP05/06         INTERFACE CONTROL

M7788       RP05/06         MINIMUM DEVICE LEVEL I

M7789       RP05/06         INTERFACE RECEIVER

M7792       DEUNA       U   DEUNA port module, UNIBUS to ethernet
M7792                       microprocessor. (1 of 2)

M7793       DEUNA       U   DEUNA link module, M7792 to ethernet bus
M7793                       line unit. (2 of 2)

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M780        KL11        U   Teletype transmitter & receiver for KL11, 110 baud

M780-YB     KL11        U   150 baud M780

M780-YC     KL11        U   300 baud M780

M780-YD     KL11        U   600 baud M780

M780-YE     KL11        U   1200 baud send, 110 baud receive M780

M780-YF     KL11        U   2400 baud M780

M780-YH     KL11        U   Used in PMK02-C option

M780-YS     KL11        U   307-Kbaud M780 for KL11-S Tektronix 4010 series
M780-YS                     terminals.

M7800       DL11        U   Async transmitter & receiver, 110-2400 baud,
M7800                       no clock (Replaces KL11, which consisted of M780,
M7800                       M105, M782)
M7800        Refs: uNOTE N#033

M7800-YA    DL11        U   M7800 without EIA chips, current loop only
M7800-YA    Refs: uNOTE N#033

M7800-YB    DL11        U   M7800 with 24.6-Kbaud
M7800-YB    Refs: uNOTE N#033

M7800-YC    DL11        U   M7800 with filter on ring circuit for use with
M7800-YC                    EMI filter cable
M7800-YC    Refs: uNOTE N#033

M7801       MC11        U   Data word control for MC11 (-YA is for MC11-B)

M7802       MC11        U   Address control for MC11 (-YA is for MC11-B)

M7803       MC11        U   Arbitration control for MC11

M7803-YA    MC11        U   Arbitration control with parity for MC11

M7803-YB    MC11        U   High speed M7803-YA, will be replaced by M7869

M7807       DV11        U   Bus control and MUX for DV11
M7807                       (fits in DV11 backplane)

M7808       DV11        U   Modem control scan and MUX for DV11
M7808                       (fits in DV11 backplane)

M7809       AR11        U   16 Channel 10 bit A/D, 1 ch D/A

M781        PC11        U   PC11 control board for KA11
M781                        (Requires M105 and M782 or M7820 or M7821)

M7810       PC11        U   Paper tape reader/punch controller

M7812       DQ11-AA     U   Bus selectors, CSRs, shift registers

M7813       DQ11-AA     U   Character count, bus address, shift control

M7814       DZ11-C      U   8-line 20mA data MUX, 50 to 100-Kbaud
M7814                       (also DZ11-D, DZ11-F)
M7814        Refs: EK-DZ110-OP, MP-00253

M7815       DQ11-AA     U   Modem control (DQ11-BA)

M7816       DQ11-AB     U   Bus selectors and block check

M7817       DQ11-AB     U   Character detection and sequence control(DQ11-BB)

M7818       DQ11-AA     U   Hardwired char detection and NPR control

M7819       DZ11-A      U   8-line double-buffered async EIA
M7819                       with modem control (50 to 96-Kbaud, 64-byte silo)
M7819                       (also DZ11-B, DZ11-E)
M7819        Refs: EK-DZ110-OP, MP-00132

M782        KL11        U   Interrupt control, 6-bits, 1 per PDP11 peripheral

M7820       KW11        U   Interrupt control, 7-bits, 1 per PDP11 peripheral
M7820                       (Replaced by M7821)

M7821       KW11        U   Fast M7820

M7822       DU11        U   Synchronous serial line interface.  Max 9600
M7822                       baud.  Bell 200 series modems.  Optional
M7822                       DCF11-A clock available.

M7823       KW11-W      U   Watchdog timer module

M7824       CP11-UP     U   Punch interface, CP11-UP

M7826       DVS11       U   Serial line xmit/receiver, sync, async, isosync

M7828       DT03        U   Remote DT03 bus switch control

M783                    U   Bus transmitters 12 drivers, mixed logic

M7833       DV11        U   Line card, 4 async lines for DV11
M7833                       (fits in DV11 backplane)

M7835       DD11        U   Tone alert used in DD11

M7836       DV11        U   ALU and transfer bus for DV11
M7836                       (fits in DV11 backplane)

M7837       DV11        U   UNIBUS data and NPR control for DV11
M7837                       (fits in DV11 backplane)

M7838       DV11        U   ROM, RAM and branch for DV11
M7838                       (fits in DV11 backplane)

M7839       DV11        U   Line card, 4 async lines for DV11
M7839                       (fits in DV11 backplane)

M784                    U   Bus receiver (16 receivers), single in/single out

M784-YA                 U   M784, non-inverting

M7840       KE11-B      U   Extended Arithmetic Element, KE11-A Compatible

M7843       DR11-K      U   Digital I/O

M7843-YA    DR11-K      U   M7843 with fusible resistor replaced by diode

M7845                   U   Time out for boeing interface

M7846       RX11        U   RX01 floppy disk controller

M7847-AA    MS11-E      U   Either M7847-BA, -CA, -DA or -EA

M7847-AB    MS11-EP     U   Either M7847-BB, -CB, -DB or -EB

M7847-AD    MS11-FP     U   Either M7847-BD, -CD, -DD or -ED

M7847-AJ    MS11-JP     U   Either M7847-BJ, -CJ, -DJ or -EJ

M7847-BB    MS11-EP     U   4-Kword 18-bit RAM

M7847-BD    MS11-FP     U   8-Kword 18-bit RAM

M7847-BF    MS11-HP     U   12-Kword 18-bit RAM

M7847-BJ    MS11-JP     U   16-Kword 18-bit RAM

M7847-CB    MS11-EP     U   4-Kword 18-bit RAM

M7847-CD    MS11-FP     U   8-Kword 18-bit RAM

M7847-CJ    MS11-JP     U   16-Kword 18-bit RAM

M7847-DB    MS11-EP     U   4-Kword 18-bit RAM

M7847-DD    MS11-FP     U   8-Kword 18-bit RAM

M7847-DJ    MS11-JP     U   16-Kword 18-bit RAM

M7847-EB    MS11-EP     U   4-Kword 18-bit RAM

M7847-ED    MS11-FP     U   8-Kword 18-bit RAM

M7847-EE    MS11-H      U   12-Kword 16-bit RAM

M7847-EJ    MS11-JP     U   16-Kword 18-bit RAM

M7847-YA    MS11-E      U   4-Kword 16-bit RAM

M7847-YB    MS11-EP     U   4-Kword 18-bit RAM

M7847-YC    MS11-F      U   8-Kword 16-bit RAM

M7847-YD    MS11-FP     U   8-Kword 18-bit RAM

M7847-YE    MS11-H      U   12-Kword 16-bit RAM

M7847-YF    MS11-HP     U   12-Kword 18-bit RAM

M7847-YJ    MS11-JP     U   16-Kword 18-bit RAM

M785                    U   Bus transceiver, 8 drivers/8 receivers (8-bit)

M7850       MM11-BP/CP  U   Parity board for G651, MS11-EP/FP/HP/JP

M7855                   U   UNIBUS exercisor and tester

M7856       DL11-W      U   RS-232 SLU & realtime clock option
M7856        Refs: uNOTE N#033

M7856-YA    DL11-W      U   M7856 with 110 to 19.2-Kbaud option
M7856-YA    Refs: uNOTE N#033

M7857       DL11-L      U   SLU & realtime clock, option, with RS449 capability

M7859       KY11-LB     U   Console interface; programmer's console (11/34a)

M786                    U   Device Register Interface

M7860       DR11-C      U   M786+M105+M7821; general device interface to PDP11

M7864       DR11-L      U   DR11-L, 2 word unibus input interface

M7864-YA                U   M7864 modified for chrono-log clock interface

M7864-YB                U   M7864 modified for use with M5864 optical I/O

M7865       DR11-M      U   Two word unibus output interface

M7867       DUP11-DA    U   SDLC or DDCMP sync interface
M7867        Refs: EK-DUP11-MM, EP-DUP11-MM

M7869       MC11-B      U   Arbitration control (replaces M7803-YB)

M787        KW11-L      U   Line frequency clock

M7870       KU116       U   11/60 writable control store module

M7871       KD11-K      U   11/60 diagnostic control store module

M7871-YA    KD11-K      U   11/60 extended control store module

M7872       KD11-K      U   11/60 micro word module

M7873       KD11-K      U   11/60 decode module

M7874       KD11-K      U   11/60 data paths module

M7875       KD11-K      U   11/60 cache kit (memory & MMU)

M7876       KD11-K      U   11/60 timing module

M7877       KD11-K      U   11/60 status module

M7878       FP11-E      U   11/60 FNUA (Floating point Next micro Address)

M7879       FP11-E      U   11/60 exponent module

M788        MR11-A      U   Control logic module

M7880       FP11-E      U   11/60 FFP MULNET module

M7881       FP11-E      U   11/60 FALU module (Floating point Arithmetic
M7881                       Logic Unit)

M7883       CPI32       U   24 channel data mux, async

M7883-YA    CPI32       U   M7883 with async and sync

M7884       CPI32       U   Unibus interface card, async

M7884-YA    CPI32       U   Unibus interface card, async and sync

M7890       DT03        U   DT03 power sequence control

M7891-AH    MS11-LA     U   32-Kword 18-bit parity RAM (Also M7891-AL)

M7891-BA    MS11-LB     U   64-Kword 18-bit parity MOS memory
M7891-BA                    (Also M7891-BB, -BC, -BD, -BE, -BF, -BH, -BL)

M7891-CH    MS11-LC     U   96-Kword 18-bit parity RAM (Also M7891-CL)

M7891-DA    MS11-LD     U   128-Kword 18-bit parity MOS memory
M7891-DA                    (Also M7891-DB, -DC, -DD, -DE, -DF, -DH, -DL)

M7892                   U   M7292 with 8881 & 380 (TU60 interface)

M7893-YA    DRS11       U   48 TTL outputs

M7893-YB    DRS11       U   48 open collector outputs

M7893-YC    DRS11       U   M7893-YA with data strobe

M7894       DRS11       U   48 optical isolated outputs

M7895-YA    DSS11       U   48 5V optical isolated inputs

M7895-YB    DSS11       U   48 24V optical isolated inputs

M7895-YE    DSS11       U   DSS11-AB, 48 5V optical isolated inputs, fast

M7896-YA    DSS11       U   48 24V contact sense inputs

M7897       PMK05       U   Indicator board

M7899       DZ32        U   DZ32 80line async mux modem control

M7900       RK611       U   RK06/07 Unibus interface, hex

M7901       RK611       U   RK06/07 register module, hex

M7902       RK611       U   RK06/07 control module, hex

M7903       RK611       U   RK06/07 data module, hex

M7904       RK611       U   RK06/07 drive interface module, hex

M7906       RK07        U   RK07 servo control

M7907       RK07        U   RK07 servo analogue board

M7908       RK07        U   RK07 track position detector/PLO

M7909       DZ32        U   DZ32 attenuated loop back input tester

M791                    U   LA30 interface for PDP-11

M7910                   U   M791+M105+M7821, parallel interface between PDP-11
M7910                       and LA30P.

M7911     TMB11         U   TMB11 tape control 1

M7912     TMB11         U   TMB11 tape control 2

M7914     DPQ11-A       Q   Synchronious line interface

M7915     IEC11-B       U   IEC11-B (IEEE interface) control

M7917     PTV11-PA          PT02 Papertape reader interface

M792                    U   32-word, 16-bit ROM diode matrix, all diodes in
M792                        (used in DD11)

M792-YA                 U   Papertape bootstrap loader for Teletype or
M792-YA                     high-speed papertape reader (PC11)

M792-YB                 U   Disk/DECtape bootstrap loader

M792-YC                 U   Card Reader bootstrap loader (CR11)

M792-YD     MR11-DB     U   Bootstrap loader (11/45) (1 of 2)

M792-YE     MR11-DB     U   Bootstrap loader (11/45) (2 of 2)

M792-YF                 U   DS500 loader ROM

M792-YH                 U   TA11 bootstrap loader

M792-YJ     TM11        U   Bell special TM11 loader

M792-YK                 U   VT20 bootstrap

M792-YL                 U   RX11 floppy loader

M7920       PC11-F      U   SPC controller for facit reader/punch

M7921       MA11-F      U   MA11-F data multiplexer

M7922       MA11-F      U   MA11-F address multiplexer

M7923       MA11-F      U   MA11-F multiplexer control

M7924       MA11-F      U   MA11-F unibus interface

M7928       DZV11       Q   Sync serial line, with auto re-sync

M7929                   U   Milliken high speed data mirroring

M7930       LP11        U   M793+M105+M7821, interface to Data Products line
M7930                       printers

M7932       DRS11       U   48 channel output

M7933       DRS11-X     U   48 channel output with output conditioning

M7934       DSS11       U   48 channel input

M7935       DSS11-X     U   48 channel input with input conditioning

M7936       DV11        U   Ors 2 DV11 on a TTL level and drives EIA or MIL188

M7937       MA11-KA     U   Programmable port control for MA11-F, MA11-H

M7939       DZS11-C     U   8-line async mux, EIA I/O

M794        DC11-D      U   Modem interface & control card

M7940       DLV11       Q   Serial Line Unit (SLU, Async)
M7940        Refs: MP-00055, EB-20175-20, uNOTE N#033

M7940-YA    DLV11       Q   M7940 with extra wires to bring out clock &
M7940-YA                    110/300 speed change
M7940-YA    Refs: MP-00055, EB-20175-20, uNOTE N#033

M7940-YC    DLV11       Q   Modified M7940 for use in a tester, TTL in/out
M7940-YC    Refs: MP-00055, EB-20175-20, uNOTE N#033

M7940-YD    DLV11       Q   Modified M7940 for use in a tester, switchable
M7940-YD                    baud rate
M7940-YD    Refs: MP-00055, EB-20175-20, uNOTE N#033

M7940-YE    DLV11       Q   Modified M7940 for use in a tester, XON/XOFF
M7940-YE    Refs: MP-00055, EB-20175-20, uNOTE N#033

M7941       DRV11       Q   16-bit parallel line unit
M7941        Refs: EK-ADV11-OP, MP-00054, EB-20175-20, ZJ244-RZ
M7941        Refs: MP-00866 (unconfirmed)

M7942       MRV11-AA    Q   Space for 4K 16-bit PROM
M7942        Refs: MP-00066

M7942-YA    MRV11-VA    Q   VT71T bootstrap

M7942-YB    MRV11-AA    Q   M7942 with VT52 emulator, VT71 bootstrap

M7942-YC    MRV11-VC    Q   VT72 bootstrap/diagnostic module

M7942-YD    MRV11-AA    Q   M7942 with CSR11 bootstrap

M7944       MSV11-B     Q   4-Kword 16-bit MOS RAM (external refresh)

M7946       RXV11       Q   RX01 8" floppy disk controller
M7946        Refs: EK-RXV11-OP, MP-00024, EB-20175-20, ZF220-RZ

M7948       DRV11-P     Q   LSI-11 bus foundation module. Basic Qbus
M7948                       interface board with space for wire-wrapping.
M7948        Refs: EK-DR11-OP, MP-00119, EB-20175-20

M7949       LAV11       Q   LA180 line printer control module
M7949        Refs: EK-LAV11-OP, MP-00306

M795                    U   Word count and bus address module

M7950       DRV11-B     Q   16-bit parallel general purpose interface
M7950                       w/18bit DMA (quad)
M7950        Refs: EK-DRV1B-OP, MP-00160, EB-20175-20, ZJ244-RZ

M7951       DUV11-DA    Q   Sync interface, character protocol
M7951                       DU11-DA compatible
M7951        Refs: EK-DUV11-OP, EK-DUV11-TM, MP-00297, EB-20175-20
M7951        Refs: ZJ237-RZ

M7952       KWV11-A     Q   Programmable realtime clock
M7952                       Caution: uses BC1 for purposes other than BDAL18
M7952        Refs: EK-ADV11-OP, MP-00200, EB-20175-20, uNOTE O#108

M7953       MNCKW       ?   MINC programmable real time clock

M7954       IBV11       Q   IEC general purpose interface (IEEE 488/GPIB)
M7954        Refs: EK-IBV11-TM, IEEE Std. 488-1975, MP-00274, EB-20175-20

M7955-AD    MSV11-CD    Q   16-Kword 16-bit MOS RAM with on-board refresh,
M7955-AD                    18-bit addressing only.
M7955-AD                    (Also M7955-YD, -YJ, -BD, -BJ, -CD, -CJ, -DD)

M7955-YA    MSV11-CA    Q   4-Kword 16-bit MOS RAM with refresh

M7955-YB    MSV11-CB    Q   8-Kword 16-bit MOS RAM with refresh

M7955-YC    MSV11-CC    Q   12-Kword 16-bit MOS RAM with refresh

M7955-YD    MSV11-DC    Q   16-Kword 16-bit MOS RAM with refresh

M7957       DZV11-M     Q   4-line double-buffered async EIA MUX
M7957                       (With modem control, 50 to 10-Kbaud) (quad)
M7957        Refs: EK-DZV11-TM, MP-00462, EB-20175-20, EK-DZV11-UG
M7957        Refs: ZJ251-RZ

M7958       IP11        Q   Q-bus to I/O daisy chain bus control and interface

M7959       IP11        Q   Q-bus to D-bus cable (-PA for S-box, -YA for no
M7959                       handle)

M796                    U   Unibus master control, used with M782

M7966       DZS11-A     U   8-line async MUX, diff balanced long line I/O
M7966                       (To be replaced by M8715)

M7967       DZS11-B     U   8-line async MUX, TTL I/O
M7967                       used with M5926 for 20mA loop.

M7968       VW01-G      U   Writing tablet control

M7969       KW11-A      U   Watchdog timer

M797                    U   Register select module, used with M105

M7970       TMS11-W     U   Command and status register

M7971       TMS11-W     U   Data control and CRCC logic

M7972       TMS11-W     U   Tape motion control

M7973       VT30-C, -D  U   VT30 timing and CSR

M7974       VT30-C      U   VT30-C picture store

M7975       VT30-D      U   VT30-D picture store

M7976       VT30-C      U   VT30-C scratch pad and character store

M7977       VT30-D      U   VT30-D scratch pad and character store

M7978       VT30-C, -D  U   VT30-C, -D color control

M7979       VT30-C, -D  U   VT30-C, -D unibus decode

M798                    U   16 non-inverting UNIBUS drivers

M7980       DD11        U   AC/DC lo monitor, 8-pin mate-n-lock output

M7982       TS11        U   Serial tape control module

M7983       MF11        U   MF11-S through MF11-K control module

M7984-EA    MS11-KE     *   Either M7984-EB, -EC or -ED

M7984-EB    MS11-KE     *   16-Kword 39-bit MOS RAM array

M7984-EC    MS11-KE     *   16-Kword 39-bit MOS RAM array

M7984-ED    MS11-KE     *   16-Kword 39-bit MOS RAM array
M7984-ED                    (*Note: M7984-xx fit into the 11/70's MK11
M7984-ED                     memory box. MS11-KD is 32-Kword and MS11-KC
M7984-ED                     is 128-Kword.)

M7985       IEC11-A     U   IEC bus interface

M799        AA11        U   Display control for AA11

M7990       LAB11       U   LAB11 color control

M7991       PCL11-B     U   PCL11-B transmitter interface

M7992       PCL11-B     U   PCL11-B transmitter unibus control

M7993       PCL11-B     U   PCL11-B transmitter registers

M7994       PCL11-B     U   PCL11-B transmitter bus logic and drivers

M7995       PCL11-B     U   PCL11-B receiver registers

M7996       PCL11-B     U   PCL11-B receiver unibus control

M7997       PCL11-B     U   PCL11-B receiver interface

M7998       PCL11-A     U   differential transceiver (replaced by M8003)

M8003       PCL11-B     U   PCL11-B TDM differential bus transceiver

M8005       IDV11       Q   16-bit relay output (-PO for S-box handles)

M8006-PA                Q   72-bit opto-isolated output module

M8007-PA                Q   72-bit opto-isolated input module

M8010       PCV11           Papertape reader-punch

M8012       BDV11       Q   Bus terminator, bootstrap and diagnostic ROMs
M8012                       (CS revision E or earlier, 18 bits only)
M8012                       (CS Rev. E or later, ECO M8012-ML005 installed)
M8012        Refs: EK-BDV11-TM, MP-00489, EB-20175-20, uNOTEs N#003
M8012        Refs: N#015, N#035

M8012-YA    BDV11       Q   Bus terminator (120 ohm), bootstrap and
M8012-YA                    diagnostic ROMs, 18-bit only
M8012-YA        Refs: EK-BDV11-TM, MP-00489, EB-20175-20, uNOTEs N#003
M8012-YA        Refs: N#015, N#035

M8013       RLV11       Q   RL01 disk controller, 1 of 2
M8013                       18-bit DMA only
M8013                       Caution: uses BC1 and BD1 for purposes other
M8013                       than BDAL18 and BDAL19
M8013        Refs: EK-RLV11-TD, MP-00635, EB-20175-20

M8014       RLV11       Q   RL01 bus controller, 2 of 2
M8014                       18-bit DMA only
M8014                       Caution: uses BC1 and BD1 for purposes other
M8014                       than BDAL18 and BDAL19
M8014        Refs: EK-RLV11-TD, MP-00635, EB-20175-20

M8015       CSC11       Q   Q-bus CSC11-RA interface

M8016       KPV11-A     Q   Power fail, realtime clock, no termination
M8016        Refs: MP-00356, EB-20175-20

M8016-YB    KPV11-B     Q   M8016 with 120-ohm termination (18-bit only)
M8016-YB    Refs: MP-00356, EB-20175-20

M8016-YC    KPV11-C     Q   M8016 with 250-ohm termination (18-bit only)
M8016-YC    Refs: MP-00356, EB-20175-20

M8017-AA    DLV11-E/EC  Q   Single-line async control module
M8017-AA                    (Replaces M8017, M8017-YB)
M8017-AA                    Renamed DLVE1
M8017-AA    Refs: EK-DLV11-OP, MP-00460, EB-20175-20, ZJ243-RZ
M8017-AA    Refs: uNOTE N#033

M8017-PA    DLV11-E/EC  Q   Single-line async control module with S-box handle
M8017-PA    Refs: EK-DLV11-OP, MP-00460, EB-20175-20

M8018       KUV11-AA    Q   Writable control store module, for use with
M8018                       KD11-F (LSI-11/03) only.
M8018        Refs: EK-KUV11-TM, MP-00571

M8020       DPV11-M     Q   Single-line serial EIA sync interface
M8020        Refs: EK-DPV11-UG, MP-00919, EK-DPV11-CG, EK-DPV11-TM
M8020        Refs: EP-DPV11-TM, ZJ314-RZ

M8020-PA    DPV11-S     Q   Single-line serial sync interface
M8020-PA                    (for BA200 series enclosures)
M8020-PA    Refs: EK-DPV11-UG, MP-00919, EK-DPV11-CG, EK-DPV11-TM
M8020-PA    Refs: EP-DPV11-TM, ZJ314-RZ

M8021       MRV11-BA    Q   256-word RAM, space for 4-Kword UV PROM
M8021                       16-bit addressing only
M8021        Refs: EK-MRV11-YM, MP-00354

M8022       DRQ11-B     Q   DRQ11-A + Alt. buffering

M8024       CEV11-A     Q   CEV11-A Q-bus interface

M8025       CE11, CEV11 Q   CE11, CEV11-A control

M8026       NCV11-A     Q   DMA controller

M8027       LPV11       Q   Printer Interface Module (centronics)
M8027        Refs: EK-OLP11-TM, EK-LPV11-OP, MP-00467

M8027-P     LPV11-S     Q   Printer Interface Module (centronics)
M8027-P                     (for BA200 series enclosures)
M8027-P        Refs: EK-OLP11-TM, EK-LPV11-OP, MP-00467

M8028       DLV11-F     Q   Async interface EIA/20mA, error flags, break bit
M8028        Refs: EK-DLV11-OP, MP-00461, EB-20175-20, uNOTE N#033

M8029       RXV21       Q   RX02 floppy disk controller, 18-bit DMA only.
M8029        Refs: MP-00628, EB-20175-20

M8034-YC    DRL11-A     U   48 channel output module, TTL output

M8034-YD    DRL11-B     U   48 channel open collector TTL output

M8035-YC    DSL11-A     U   48 channel optocoupled input, TTL in

M8035-YD    DSL11-B     U   48 channel optocoupled input, 24VDC in

M8036       NCV11-A     Q   Q-bus control for NCV11-A

M8040       DRV11-C     Q   16-bit parallel line unit

M8041       VT30-H      Q   Q-bus control for VT30-H

M8043       DLVJ1-M     Q   4-Line Asynchronous Interface (formerly DLV11-J)
M8043                       (CS Rev. E or earlier incompatible with KDF11-A
M8043                        and KDF11-B)
M8043                       (CS Rev. E or later, ECO M8043-MR002 installed)
M8043        Refs: EK-DLV1J-UG, MP-00586, EB-20175-20, ZJ269-RZ
M8043        Refs: uNOTE N#033

M8044-AA    MSV11-DA    Q   4-Kword 16-bit MOS RAM
M8044-AA                    (Also M8044-AB, -AC, -AD)
M8044-AA    Refs: EK-MSVI1-OP, MP-00566

M8044-BA    MSV11-DB    Q   8-Kword 16-bit MOS RAM
M8044-BA                    (Also M8044-BB, -BC, -BD)
M8044-BA    Refs: EK-MSVI1-OP, MP-00566

M8044-CA    MSV11-DC    Q   16-Kword 16-bit MOS RAM
M8044-CA                    (Also M8044-CB, -CC, -CD, -CE, -CF, -CH, -CL, -CM)
M8044-CA    Refs: EK-MSVI1-OP, MP-00566

M8044-DA    MSV11-DD    Q   32-Kword 16-bit MOS RAM
M8044-DA                    (Also M8044-DB, -DC, -DD, -DE, -DF, -DH, -DL, -DM)
M8044-DA    Refs: EK-MSVI1-OP, MP-00566

M8045-AB    MSV11-EA    Q   4-Kword 18-bit MOS RAM
M8045-AB    Refs: EK-MSVI1-OP, MP-00567

M8045-BA    MSV11-EB    Q   8-Kword 18-bit MOS RAM

M8045-CH    MSV11-EC    Q   16-Kword 18-bit MOS RAM
M8045-CH                    (Also M8045-CJ, -CK, -CL)
M8045-CH    Refs: EK-MSVI1-OP, MP-00567

M8045-DA    MSV11-ED    Q   32-Kword 18-bit MOS RAM
M8045-DA                    (Also M8045-DB, -DC, -DD, -DH, -DJ, -DK, -DL)
M8045-DA    Refs: EK-MSVI1-OP, MP-00567

M8046       DLV11-L     Q   DLV11 with differential drive like M5946

M8047-AA    MXV11-AA    Q   4-Kword RAM, 2 async EIA SLU, sockets for 2
M8047-AA                    24-pin 5V ROMs (Also M8047-AB, -AC, -AD, -AE)
M8047-AA                    (18-bit addressing only on memory)
M8047-AA    Refs: MP-00730, uNOTEs N#003, N#004, N#015, N#020, N#033
M8047-AA    Refs: uNOTE O#106

M8047-CA    MXV11-AC    Q   16-Kword RAM, 2 async EIA SLU, sockets for 2
M8047-CA                    24-pin 5V ROMs
M8047-CA                    (Also M8047-CB, -CC, -CD, -CE, -CF, -CH, -CM)
M8047-CA    Refs: MP-00730, uNOTEs N#003, N#015, N#020, N#033
M8047-CA    Refs: uNOTE O#106

M8047-HA    MXV11-HA    Q   16-Kword RAM, 2 async EIA SLU (8 bits + parity),
M8047-HA                    sockets for 2 24-pin 5V ROMs, 1-K I/O address,
M8047-HA                    jumper to 2-K (Also M8047-HB, -HC, -HD, -HE, -HF)

M8048       MRV11-C     Q   Universal PROM/ROM module with sockets for 16
M8048                       24-pin ROMs, up to 32-Kword (18-bit addressing
M8048                       only)
M8048        Refs: MP-00871

M8049       DRV11-J     Q   Hi-density parallel line unit (4 lines x 16 bits)
M8049        Refs: EK-DRV1J-UG, MP-00866, EB-20175-20, ZJ244-RZ

M8049-AA    DRV1J-SA/SF Q   Modification of DRV11-J to DRV1J-SA/-SF
M8049-AA    Refs: EK-DRV1J-UG, MP-00866, EB-20175-20, ZJ244-RZ

M8049-PA    DRV1J-S     Q   M8049 for BA200 series
M8049-PA    Refs: EK-DRV1J-UG, MP-00866, EB-20175-20, ZJ244-RZ

M8053       DMV11       Q   Microprogrammed controller V.35, RS232/423, with
M8053                       space for ROM
M8053        Refs: EK-DMV11-UG, EK-DMVQM-TM, MP-00942, ZJ328-RZ
M8053        Refs: uNOTE N#041

M8053-AA    DMV11       Q   Microprogrammed controller (needs one of M5930-
M8053-AA                    M5931) (Also M8053-AB, -AC, -ETC)
M8053-AA    Refs: EK-DMV11-UG, EK-DMVQM-TM, MP-00942, ZJ328-RZ
M8053-AA    Refs: uNOTE N#041

M8053-MA    DMV11-A     Q   M8053 with DDCMP control ROM (point-to-point or
M8053-MA                    multidrop)
M8053-MA    Refs: EK-DMV11-UG, EK-DMVQM-TM, MP-00942, ZJ328-RZ
M8053-MA    Refs: uNOTE N#041

M8053-PA    DMV11       Q   M8053 with S-box handle
M8053-PA    Refs: EK-DMV11-UG, EK-DMVQM-TM, MP-00942, ZJ328-RZ
M8053-PA    Refs: uNOTE N#041

M8059-FA    MSV11-LF    Q   64-Kword MOS RAM, single voltage
M8059-FA                    (Also M8059-FC, -FF, -FH, -FJ, -FP, -FV)
M8059-FA    Refs: EK-MSV0L-UG, EK-MSV1L-CG, MP-01238, ZJ246-RZ

M8059-KA    MSV11-LK    Q   128-Kword MOS RAM, single voltage
M8059-KA                    (Also M8059-KC, -KF, -KH, -KJ, -KP, -KV)
M8059-KA    Refs: EK-MSV0L-UG, EK-MSV1L-CG, MP-01238, ZJ246-RZ

M8061       RLV12       Q   RL01/RL02 disk control
M8061        Refs: EK-RLV12-UG, EK-RLV12-TD, MP-01282, ZJ285-RZ
M8061        Refs: uNOTE N#041

M8063-AA    KXT11-AA    Q   FALCON (SBC-11/21) single-board CPU with 2 SLU,
M8063-AA                    1 parallel line unit, line frequency clock,
M8063-AA                    16-Kbyte RAM (T11 processor)
M8063-AA    Refs: EK-KXT11-UG, EK-SBC11-UG, uNOTEs N#007, N#015

M8063-BA    KXT11-BA    Q   FALCON (SBC-11/21) single-board CPU with 2 SLU,
M8063-BA                    1 parallel line unit, line frequency clock,
M8063-BA                    16-Kbyte RAM (T11 processor)
M8063-BA    Refs: EK-KXT11-UG, EK-SBC11-UG, uNOTEs N#007, N#015

M8064       DMV11       Q   Microprogrammed controller, integral modem, space
M8064                       for ROM (single-line sync)
M8064        Refs: EK-DMV11-UG, EK-DMVQM-TM, MP-00942, ZJ328-RZ
M8064        Refs: uNOTE N#041

M8064-MA    DMV11       Q   M8064 with DDCMP point-to-point or multidrop,
M8064-MA                    integral modem interface
M8064-MA    Refs: EK-DMV11-UG, EK-DMVQM-TM, MP-00942, ZJ328-RZ
M8064-MA    Refs: uNOTE N#041

M8067-FA    MSV11-PF    Q   128-Kbyte MOS memory with parity CSR
M8067-FA                    (Also M8067-FB, -FC)
M8067-FA    Refs: EK-MSV0P-UG, MP-01239, ZJ246-RZ

M8067-KA    MSV11-PK    Q   256-kbyte MOS memory with parity CSR
M8067-KA                    (Also M8067-KC, -KE, -KF, -KH, -KJ, -KP, -KV)
M8067-KA    Refs: EK-MSV0P-UG, MP-01239, ZJ246-RZ

M8067-LA    MSV11-PL    Q   512-Kbyte MOS memory with parity CSR
M8067-LA                    (Also M8067-LC, -LF, -LH, -LJ, -LP, -LV)
M8067-LA    Refs: EK-MSV0P-UG, MP-01239, ZJ246-RZ

M8080       ISV11-B     Q   DECdataway QBus Interface

M8081                   Q   Image processing frame buffer prototype

M8084       ISV11-B     Q   DECdataway Line Interface (Modem)

M8085       ISV11-B     Q   DECDataway serial line interface

M8086-YA    LPV11       Q   2-channel LPV11 printer control for S-box

M8087-PA                Q   Scanner/printer to Q-bus DMA interface

M8088-AA    ND50        Q   ND50 memory controller for demand printing solution

M8089-AA                Q   ND50 adapter ADLC to Q-bus data translation

M8090       ICS11       U   ICS11 master control

M8094       ICR11       U   ICR11 remote master control

M8096       ICR11       U   ICR11 remote slave control

M8098       ICR11       U   ICR11 remote modem control, 1 Megabaud

M8100                   U   11/45 data path module

M8101                   U   11/45 general register address module

M8102                   U   11/45 instruction register control module

M8103                   U   11/45 ROM address control module

M8104                   U   11/45 processor data and UNIBUS registers module

M8105                   U   11/45 timing and miscellaneous control module

M8106                   U   11/45 UNIBUS control module (Replaced by M8119)

M8107                   U   11/45 segmentation address paths module

M8108       KT11-C      U   11/45 segmentation status register module

M8108-YA    KT11-CD     U   11/45 segmentation status register module

M8109                   U   11/45 timing generator module

M8110                   U   11/45 memory control for MOS memory

M8111                   U   11/45 1-Kword 16-bit bipolar memory

M8111-YA                U   11/45 1-Kword 18-bit bipolar memory

M8112                   U   11/45 floating point ROM control module

M8113                   U   11/45 floating point exponent data paths module

M8114                   U   11/45 fraction high order data path module

M8115                   U   11/45 fraction low order data path module

M8116                   U   11/45 segmentation jumper board

M8119                   U   11/45 UNIBUS control for FP11-C compatibility
M8119                       (Replaces M8106)

M8120                   U   11/45 memory control for bipolar memory

M8121-YA    MS11-AP     U   4-Kword 18-bit bipolar memory

M8123       KB11-C      U   11/70 ROM & address control, FP11-C compatible

M8124       RH70-C      U   11/74 M8150 with expanded silo

M8125       RH70-C      U   11/74 M8153-YA new layout

M8126       FP11-C      U   11/70 fraction processor, high order

M8127       FP11-C      U   11/70 fraction processor, low order

M8128       FP11-C      U   11/70 floating point ROM control

M8129       FP11-C      U   11/70 fraction processor, exponent path

M8130       KB11-C      U   11/70 data paths module

M8131       KB11-C      U   11/70 general registers and ALU control

M8132       KB11-C      U   11/70 instruction register decode & condition
M8132                       codes

M8132-YA    KB11-C      U   11/74 instruction register decode & condition
M8132-YA                    codes modified to indicate full decode of ASRB

M8133       KB11-C      U   11/70 ROM & ROM control module

M8134       KB11-C      U   11/70 processor data & UNIBUS registers module

M8135       KB11-C      U   11/70 trap and miscellaneous control module

M8136       KB11-C      U   11/70 UNIBUS and console control module

M8137       KB11-C      U   11/70 system address path module

M8138       KB11-C      U   11/70 segmentation status register
M8138                       used with FP11-B

M8138-YA    KB11-C      U   11/70 segmentation status register,
M8138-YA                    used with FP11-C.

M8139       KB11-C      U   11/70 timing generator module

M8140       KB11-C      U   11/70 segmentation and console control module

M8141       KB11-C      U   11/70 mapping box

M8142       KB11-C      U   11/70 cache control board

M8143       KB11-C      U   11/70 cache address memory board

M8144       KB11-C      U   11/70 cache data memory

M8145       KB11-C      U   11/70 cache data path

M8147       MJ11-A/B    U   11/70 memory control and timing module
M8147                       (Replaces M8148)

M8148       MJ11-A      U   11/70 memory control and timing module
M8148                       (Replaced by M8147)

M8149       MJ11        U   11/70 memory transceiver card

M8150       RH70        U   11/70 MASSBUS data path module

M8151       RH70        U   11/70 MASSBUS control and status module

M8152       RH70        U   11/70 MASSBUS address and word count registers

M8153       RH70        U   11/70 MASSBUS UNIBUS control
M8153                       (M8150-M8153 is option RH55 in an 11/55)

M8153-YA    RH70        U   11/70 M8153 with independent NED timeout for
M8153-YA                    RH70-B (see M8125)

M8154       RH70        U   11/70 MES, massbus controller

M8156       RHS70-A     U   Data path module

M8157       RHS70-A     U   DMA control module

M8158       MK11        U   Address buffer module

M8159       MK11        U   Data buffer module

M8160       MK11        U   Control A module

M8161       MK11        U   Control B module

M8162       MK11        U   Port MUX A module

M8163       MK11        U   Port MUX B module

M8164       MK11/MKA11  U   Data buffer module (Replaces M8159)

M8165-YA    KE74-A      U   11/74 CCR, CISP control ROM logic card #1

M8165-YB    KE74-A      U   11/74 CCR, CISP control ROM logic card #2

M8166       KE74-A      U   11/74 CCS, CISP control store

M8167       KE74-A      U   11/74 CDI, CISP decimal integral

M8168       KE74-A      U   11/74 DSC, CISP descriptor unit

M8169                   U   11/74 maintenance display and control

M8177       KB11-CM     U   11/74 system address path

M8181       KB11-EM     U   11/74 mapping box

M8182       KB11-CM     U   11/74 cache control board

M8183       KB11-CM     U   11/74 cache address memory board

M8184       KB11-EM     U   11/74 cache data memory

M8185       KB11-EM     U   11/74 cache data path

M8185-YC    KDF11-AC    Q   11/23 CPU without options
M8185-YC    Refs: EK-KDF11-UG

M8186       KDF11-A     Q   11/23 CPU (Prior to etch rev. C, 18-bit
M8186                       addressing only.  Caution, uses BC1, BD1,
M8186                       BE1, BF1 for purposes other than BDAL18-21)
M8186        Refs: EB-18451-20, MP00734, EH-17898-20, EK-KDF11-UG
M8186        Refs: EK-KDFAA-CG, ED-2136-20, ED-18325-53, uNOTEs N#006
M8186        Refs: N#017

M8186-YA    KDF11-AA    Q   11/23 CPU with KTF11-AA (MMU) and sockets for
M8186-YA                    KEF11-AA (FP11)
M8186-YA    Refs: EB-18451-20, MP00734, EH-17898-20, EK-KDF11-UG
M8186-YA    Refs: EK-KDFAA-CG, ED-2136-20, ED-18325-53, uNOTEs N#006
M8186-YA    Refs: N#017

M8186-YB    KDF11-AB    Q   11/23 CPU with KTF11-AA (MMU) and KEF11-AA (FP11)
M8186-YB    Refs: EB-18451-20, MP00734, EH-17898-20, EK-KDF11-UG
M8186-YB    Refs: EK-KDFAA-CG, ED-2136-20, ED-18325-53, uNOTEs N#006
M8186-YB    Refs: N#017

M8186-YC    KDF11-AC    Q   11/23 CPU without options
M8186-YC    Refs: EB-18451-20, MP00734, EH-17898-20, EK-KDF11-UG
M8186-YC    Refs: EK-KDFAA-CG, ED-2136-20, ED-18325-53, uNOTEs N#006
M8186-YC    Refs: N#017

M8188       FPF11       Q   Floating point processor for PDP-11/23[+], (11/24?)
M8188        Refs: EK-FPF11-TM, MP-01285

M8189       KDF11-BA    Q   11/23-PLUS single-board CPU
M8189        Refs: EK-KDFEB-UG, MP-01236, uNOTE N#015

M8190       KDJ11-B     U   11/84 CPU: J11 CPU 15MHz with unusable socket for
M8190                       FPJ11 and 2 SLUs, boot & diagnostic ROMs, 3 ROM
M8190                       sockets, 8-Kbyte cache.
M8190        Refs: EK-KDJ1B-UG, uNOTE N#039

M8190-AB    KDJ11-BB    Q   J11 CPU 15MHz with 2 boot & diagnostic ROMs
M8190-AB                    FPJ11 compatibility (warm floating point, but
M8190-AB                    will accept FPA)
M8190-AB    Refs: EK-KDJ1B-UG, uNOTE N#039

M8190-AC    KDJ11-BD    Q   J11 CPU 15MHz with 2 boot & diagnostic ROMs,
M8190-AC                    FPJ11-AA
M8190-AC    Refs: EK-KDJ1B-UG, uNOTE N#039

M8190-AD    KDJ11-BA    Q   J11 CPU 18MHz with 2 boot & diagnostic ROMs
M8190-AD                    FPJ11 compatibility (warm floating point, but
M8190-AD                    will accept FPA)
M8190-AD    Refs: EK-KDJ1B-UG, uNOTE N#039

M8190-AE    KDJ11-BF   Q/U 11/83-84 CPU J11 CPU 18MHz with 2 boot &
M8190-AE                    diagnostic ROMs, FPJ11-AA.
M8190-AE    Refs: EK-KDJ1B-UG, uNOTE N#025, N#030, N#035, N#039

M8191       KTJ11-B     U   11/84 UNIBUS PMI controller (contains 4 optional
M8191                       boot ROM sockets (M9312 compatible)).

M8192       KDJ11-AA    Q   LSI-11/73 CPU, 8-Kbyte cache, not FPJ11-AA
M8192                       compatibile (but can be upgraded)
M8192        Refs: EK-KDJ1A-UG, uNOTEs N#006, N#008, N#009, N#011
M8192        Refs: N#025, N#039

M8192-YB    KDJ11-AB    Q   LSI-11/73 CPU, 8-Kbyte cache, FPJ11-AA compatible.
M8192-YB    Refs: EK-KDJ1A-UG, uNOTEs N#006, N#008, N#009, N#011, N#040

M8192-YC    KDJ11-AC    Q   LSI-11/73 CPU, 8-Kbyte cache, FPJ11-AA installed.
M8192-YC    Refs: EK-KDJ1A-UG, uNOTEs N#006, N#008, N#009, N#011, N#040

M8194       KDF11       Q   Data memory module

M8195       KDF11       Q   Cache data path module

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M820        KA11        U   11/20 data path control module

M8200       DMC11       U   1-line sync DDCMP DMA, microprocessor board
M8200                       (Space for 1K ROM)
M8200        Refs: EK-DMCMP-TM, EP-DMCMP-TM, MP-00076, EK-DMCLU-MM

M8200-YA    DMC11-R     U   1-line sync DDCMP microprocessor with 1K control
M8200-YA                    ROM (point-to-point, used with M8201).

M8200-YB    DMC11-AL    U   1-line sync DDCMP microprocessor with 1K control
M8200-YB                    ROM (point-to-point slave, used with M8202).

M8200-YC    DMC11       U   1-line sync DDCMP microprocessor with 1K control
M8200-YC                    ROM for LPA11.
M8201       DMC11       U   1-line sync DDCMP DMA, EIA & V35 line board
M8201        Refs: EK-DMCMP-TM, EP-DMCMP-TM, MP-00076, EK-DMCLU-MM

M8202       DMC11       U   1-line sync DDCMP DMA, coax line board
M8202        Refs: EK-DMCMP-TM, EP-DMCMP-TM, MP-00076, EK-DMCLU-MM

M8202-YA    DMC11-MA    U   1Mbps integral modem line unit

M8202-YB    DMC11       U   500-Kbaud integral modem line unit

M8202-YC    DMC11       U   250-Kbaud integral modem line unit

M8202-YD    DMC11-MD    U   56Kps integral modem line unit

M8202-YE    ISB11-A     U   Multi-drop 56-Kbaud integral modem line unit

M8203       DMP11       U   Line unit, RS-449, integral modem

M8204       KMC11-A     U   Microprocessor, DMC11 code, 1K RAM programme space

M8206       DMC11       U   Microprocessor, DMC11 code, 4K RAM programme space
M8206        Refs: EK-DMCMP-TM, EP-DMCMP-TM, MP-00076, EK-DMCLU-MM

M8207       DMC11       U   Microcontroller with space for ROM
M8207        Refs: EK-DMCMP-TM, EP-DMCMP-TM, MP-00076, EK-DMCLU-MM

M8207-RA    DMR11       U   Microprocessor based sync communication
M8207-RA                    controller, implements DDCMP protocol.
M8207-RA    Refs: EK-DMR11-TM, EP-DMR11-TM, MP-00911, EK-M8207-TM
M8207-RA    Refs: EK-M8203-TM

M8207-YA    DMP11       U   Microprocessor with DDCMP control ROM
M8207-YA                    (point-to-point or multidrop, used with M8203)
M8207-YA    Refs: EK-DMR11-TM, EP-DMR11-TM, MP-00911, EK-M8207-TM
M8207-YA    Refs: EK-M8203-TM

M8208       VT1X3-MM    Q   Maintenance Module for 11MDS system (VT103)
M8208                       (to be installed in specially-wired slot)

M821        KA11        U   11/20 register control module

M8217       DW11-A      U   UNIBUS to Qbus interface module

M822        KA11        U   11/20 flag control module

M823        KA11        U   11/20 codes data module

M8238       KU780-A         2K WCS

M824        KA11        U   11/20 priority module

M825        KA11        U   11/20 power failure and control module

M8254       DA11-KA     U   Interprocessor buffer

M8255       KY11-R,RC   U   Unibus serial console micro control

M8255-01    KY11-RE     U   Unibus serial european console micro control

M8256       RX211       U   RX02 floppy disk controller

M826                    U   75 to 250-ns clock with SR (8-phase clock)

M8264       KD11-D/E    U   11/34 No sack time-out (needed for KD11-D, KD11-E)

M8265       KD11-EA     U   11/34A data paths module (Replaces M7265)

M8266       KD11-EA     U   11/34A control module (Replaces M7266)

M8267       FP11-A      U   11/34A floating point processor

M8267-TA    FP11-A      U   Test module for M8267

M8268       KK11-A      U   11/34 cache module

M827        KE11-A      U   Clock and states

M829        CR-11       U   CR-11/CM-11 card reader controller
M829                        (Requires M105 and M782 or M7820 or M7821)

M8290       CR-11       U   CR-11/CM-11 card reader controller

M8290-YA    CR-11       U   CR-11/CM-11 card reader controller w/filter
M8290-YA                    on input strobe for use w/EMI cable

M8291       CR-11       U   CR-11/CM-11 card reader controller

M8293                   U   16 K UNIBUS timing

M8294       MM11-W/-WP  U   32K timing and UNIBUS interface

M8295       VT30-H      U   RGB graphics memory board

M8377       KXT11-CA    Q   T11 16-bit single-board computer.
M8377                       32-Kbytes of static RAM, two 28-pin
M8377                       sockets for up to 32-Kbytes of user ROM
M8377                       or static RAM. 20 lines of parallel I/O,
M8377                       three programmable SLUs - one async console line,
M8377                       and two sync/async (one with modem control)
M8377                       with rates up to 76.8-Kbaud.
M8377                       Two channels of DMA, three programmable
M8377                       interval timers. System line time clock and
M8377                       Onboard diagnostic with LED indicators.
M8377                       Can operate as either a single-line board
M8377                       computer, or as a peripheral processor.
M8377                       (As a peripheral processor, up to 14
M8377                       KXT11-CAs may be configured on a single
M8377                       Qbus with a host processor such as the
M8377                       KDJ11 or KDF11. This product is fully
M8377                       supported by MicroPower/Pascal and
M8377                       associated tool kits.)
M8377        Refs: EK-KXTCA-UG, EK-KXTCA-HR, AA-Y615A-TK, AA-AU63A-TC
M8377        Refs: AA-AU64A-TC, uNOTEs N#016, N#018, N#032, N#034

M8392-AA                Q   68020, 1-Mbyte, 2 x 8-channel UARTs

M8392-BA                Q   68020, 1-Mbyte, 2 x 8-channel UARTs
M8392-BA                    with S-box handle

M8396       DMF32       U   8 async lines, only lines 0 and 1 have
M8396                       split speed capability and full modem
M8396                       control. DMA or silo mode. 50 to 19.2K. 1
M8396                       sync line up to 19.2K, 1 line printer
M8396                       interface or 1 parallel interface.

M8398       DMZ32       U   24-line async interface, up to 19.2K.
M8398                       Optional remote communication panel. DMA mode.

M8578       MRV11-D     Q   PROM/ROM module with 16 sockets; 24/28-pin devices
M8578                       including 8K by 8 static RAMs, and 32K by 8 chips
M8578                       for a maximum of 512K-bytes of 22-bit addressing.
M8578                       Requires MXV11-B2 bootstrap ROM for bootstrapping
M8578                       capability.  Q22.
M8578        Refs: EK-MRV1D-UG, MP-01602, uNOTE N#003

M8586                   U   LP20 control

M8587                   U   LP20 data path

M8631-AA    MCV11-DA    Q   4-Kword 16-bit 2K x 8 static CMOS RAM with 96-hour
M8631-AA                    battery backup (Also M8631-AF, -AL).  Q22.
M8631-AA    Refs: EK-MCV1D-UG, EK-MCV1D-RC, MP-01309

M8631-CA    MCV11-DC    Q   16-Kword 16-bit 2k x 8 static CMOS RAM with 96-hour
M8631-CA                    battery backup (Also M8631-CF, -CL).  Q22.
M8631-CA    Refs: EK-MCV1D-UG, EK-MCV1D-RC, MP-01309

M8634       IEQ11-A     Q   DMA version of IEEE(GPIB) interface
M8634        Refs: EK-IEUQ1-UG, MP-01180, ZJ361-RZ, EY-1064E-PO

M8634-PA    IEQ11-S     Q   Communications Controller (IEC/IEEE)
M8634-PA                    (for BA200 series)
M8634-PA    Refs: EK-IEUQ1-UG

M8636       KWV11-W     Q   Watchdog Timer, 5 in, 2 out, optical isolation

M8637-BA    MSV11-JB    Q   1-Mbyte ECC PMI RAM with CSR.  Q22.
M8637-BA                    (Also M8637-BC, -BF, -BH, -BL, -BP)
M8637-BA    Refs: EK-MSV1J-UG, MP-02056, uNOTEs N#028, N#030

M8637-CA    MSV11-JC    Q   2-Mbyte ECC PMI RAM with CSR,  Q22.
M8637-CA                    (Also M8637-CC, -CF, -CH, -CL, -CP)
M8637-CA    Refs: EK-MSV1J-UG, MP-02056, uNOTEs N#028, N#030

M8637-DA    MSV11-JD    Q   1-Mbyte ECC RAM.
M8637-DA                    (Also M8637-DC, -DE, -DF, -DH, -DL, -DP, -DT, -DV)
M8637-DA    Refs: EK-MSV1J-UG, MP-02056, uNOTEs N#028, N#030

M8637-EA    MSV11-JE    Q   2-Mbyte ECC RAM.
M8637-EA                    (Also M8637-EC, -EE, -EF, -EH, -EL, -EP, -ET, -EV)
M8637-EA    Refs: EK-MSV1J-UG, MP-02056, uNOTEs N#028, N#030

M8638                   Q   HDLC DMA single channel sync MUX controller

M8639       RQDX1       Q   RD51/52 & RX50 MFM Disk control module
M8639                       (Needs microcode rev 9.0 code ROMs for RD52)
M8639                       (Must be final device in bus)
M8639        Refs: EK-RQDX1-UG, MP-01731, uNOTE N#043

M8639-YA    RQDX1       Q   RD51/52 & RX50 MFM Disk control module
M8639-YA                    (Must be final device in bus)
M8639-YA    Refs: EK-RQDX1-UG, MP-01731, uNOTE N#043

M8639-YB    RQDX2       Q   RD51/52 & RX50 MFM Disk control module, can
M8639-YB                    be expanded  (must be final DMA device in bus)
M8639-YB    Refs: EK-RQDX2-UG, MP-01731, uNOTE N#043

M8659                   Q   LSI-11 Bus Grant card (VT71 Grant Card)

M8687                   U   RM05 Drive interface

M8716       DR11-W      U   General purpose DMA parallel interface
M8716                       (DR11-B hex)

M8717                   U   Interprocessor interrupt and sanity timer

M8718                   U   Modem control, 16-lines (CTS & RTS)

M8719       IP112       D   UNIBUS to D-BUS cable (I/O daisy chain bus)
M8719                       control and interface

M8720-YA    MSS11-KA    U   4-Kword 18-bit MOS RAM

M8720-YB    MSS11-KB    U   8-Kword 18-bit MOS RAM

M8720-YC    MSS11-KC    U   12-Kword 18-bit MOS RAM

M8720-YD    MSS11-KD    U   16-Kword 18-bit MOS RAM

M8720-YE    MSS11-KE    U   4-Kword 18-bit static MOS RAM

M8720-YF    MSS11-KF    U   8-Kword 18-bit static MOS RAM

M8720-YH    MSS11-KH    U   12-Kword 18-bit static MOS RAM

M8720-YJ    MSS11-KJ    U   16-Kword 18-bit static MOS RAM

M8721-YA                U   UNIBUS repeater

M8721-YB    DT07        U   Isolated loopversion DT07 port module

M8721-YC    DT07        U   DT07 switched UNIBUS repeater

M8721-YD    DT07        U   Port terminated DT07 port module

M8722-AH    MS11-MA     U   128-Kbyte MOS ECC memory (11/44, 11/24)
M8722-AH                    (Also M8722-AN)

M8722-BA    MS11-MB     U   256-Kbyte MOS ECC memory (11/44, 11/24)
M8722-BA                    (Also M8722-BB, -BC, -BD, -BF, -BH, -BJ, -BK, -BL,
M8722-BA                               -BM, -BN)

M8728-AA    MK11        U   64-Kword 39-bit MOS memory array (11/70, 11/750)
M8728-AA                    (Also M8728-AB, -AC, -AD, -AE, -AF, -AH, -AK, -AM,
M8728-AA                               -AN)

M8728-CM    MK11        U   16-Kword 39-bit MOS memory array (11/70)
M8728-CM                    (Also M8728-CN)

M873                    U   UNIBUS restart with space for 4 ROMs (256 x 4)

M8730       KW11-C      U   Calendar and clock module

M8730-YA    KW11-C      U   Calendar and clock module with more features

M8739       KLESI-UA    U   LESI-to-UNIBUS interface for RC25, TU81

M8743-AA    MDECS-AA    U   512-Kbyte ECC RAM
M8743-AA                    (Also M8743-AB, -AC, -AD, -AE, -AF, -AH, -AJ, -AK,
M8743-AA                               -AL, -AM, -AN, -AP, -AV)

M8743-BA    MS11-PB     U   1-Mbyte ECC RAM
M8743-BA                    (Also M8743-BB, -BC, -BD, -BE, -BF, -BH, -BJ, -BK,
M8743-BA                               -BL, -BM, -BN, -BP, -BV)

M8750                   -   VAX-11/750 1Mbyte MOS memory assembly
M8750        Refs: MP-01398

M8901                   -   TU16 data synchronizer, replaced by M8901-YB

M8901-YA                -   TM02-FE data synchronizer for 75 IPS drive,
M8901-YA                    replaced by M8901-YC

M8901-YB                -   TU16 data synchronizer, replaces M8901

M8901-YC    TM02-FE     U   Data synchronizer for 75 IPS drive
M8901-YC                    (Replaces M8901-YA, -YC)

M8901-YD    TM03-AB     U   Data synchronizer for 125 IPS drive

M8902       TM02-FA     U   TM02 tape control, PE (also TM02-FB, -FC, -FD)

M8902-YA    TM02-FE     U   M8902 for 75 IPS drive (also TM02-FF, -FH, -FJ)

M8903       TM02-FA     U   TM02 tape control, common mode
M8903                       (also TM02-FB, -FC, -FD)

M8903-YA    TM02-FE     U   M8903 for 75 IPS drive (also TM02-FF, -FH, -FJ)

M8904       TM02-FA     U   TM02 tape control, NRZI (also TM02-FB, -FC, -FD)

M8904-YA    TM02-FE     U   TU45 M8904 (also TM02-FF, -FH, -FJ)

M8905       TM02-FA     U   TM02 maintenance register (also TM02-FB, -FC, -FD)

M8905-YA    TM02-FE     U   TM02-FE M8905 for 75 IPS drive

M8905-YB    TM03        U   TM03 M8905

M8906       TM02        U   TM02 16-bit fiddler

M8908-YA    TM03        U   TM03 MASSBUS interface (replaces M8908)

M8909       TM02        U   TM02 MASSBUS interface (replaced by M8909-YA)

M8909-YA    TM02/03     U   TM02/03 MASSBUS interface (replaces M8909)

M8911                   -   TU16 (TM02) slave clock, motion delay, replaced
M8911                       by M8931 on TE16

M8912                   -   TE16 slave test function generator

M8913       TM03        U   Data driver
M8913                       2 H854, 10 lines driven from board, 20 lines
M8913                       brought out, TU16 (from O/M list)

M8913-YA    TM03        U   Data driver
M8913-YA                    M8913 with terminator resistors, TU16
M8913-YA                    (from O/M list)

M8916       TU16-W      -   logic and write board

M8928       TM03        U   TU45 magtape adapter for Pertec 9000
M8928                       (replaces M8921, M8928)

M8931                   -   TU16 (TM02 & TM03) slave clock, motion delay
M8931                       replaces 8911

M8932       TM03    -   tape control

M8933       TM03        U   tape control common mode

M8934       TM03        U   tape control NRZI

M8937       TM03        -   TM03, control and write drivers

M8981-AA    KDJ11-EA   Q/U 11/93-94 CPU 18MHz, DCJ11, FPJ11, 2-Mbyte parity
M8981-AA                    RAM, 8 async SLUs, boot/diagnostic ROM
M8981-AA    Refs: EK-26921-00 (DCJ11), uNOTE N#040

M8981-BA    KDJ11-EB   Q/U 11/93-94 CPU 18MHz, DCJ11, FPJ11, 4-Mbyte parity
M8981-BA                    RAM, 8 async SLUs, boot/diagnostic ROM
M8981-BA    Refs: EK-26921-00 (DCJ11), uNOTE N#040

M9001                   -   Bus connector

M9001-YA    TE16        -   M9001 with 8 lines grounded

M9001-YB    TE16        -   M9001 terminated

M9001-YC    TE16        -   M9001-YA terminated

M9014                   U   UNIBUS to 3 H854s

M9015                   U   3 H854s to UNIBUS

M9031                   U   UNIBUS to 3 3M cables for 11/74

M9037                   Q   Grant continuity

M9039                   U   TE16 terminator
M9039                       (will replace M9001 series & M8913)

M9047                   Q   Grant continuity (also M9047-SA, -SF)

M9058                   Q   Distribution/adapter/buffer board for RQDX1/2/3
M9058                       to four drives and switch panels, fits BA23/124.

M9061-AA                U   11/84 AC/DC reboot sequencer

M920                    U   UNIBUS connector

M9202                   U   UNIBUS connector, inverted (M9192+M9292 assembled
M9202                       1" apart with 2' cable)

M930                    U   Terminator for PDP11 bus, 120-ohm to +3V, 1000pf
M930                        on BF1 & BF2

M9300                   U   UNIBUS B terminator (M930 with NPR logic)

M9301                   U   UNIBUS terminator with space for 512-word ROM
M9301                       bootstrap (slots A & B in hex SPC; addresses:
M9301                       765000, 773000)
M9301        Refs: EK-M9301-TM

M9301-SA                U   M9301 with Western Electric bootstrap
M9301-SA    Refs: EK-M9301-TM

M9301-SB                U   M9301 with Chase bootstrap (M9301-YA + 2nd RP04)
M9301-SB    Refs: EK-M9301-TM

M9301-SC                U   M9301 with Chase bootstrap (M9301-YC + 2nd RK11)
M9301-SC    Refs: EK-M9301-TM

M9301-SD                U   M9301 with SEDM bootstrap for WECO
M9301-SD    Refs: EK-M9301-TM

M9301-SE                U   M9301 with Canada Post Office bootstrap
M9301-SE    Refs: EK-M9301-TM

M9301-SF                U   M9301 with DA11 bootstrap
M9301-SF    Refs: EK-M9301-TM

M9301-SH                U   M9301-YC modified for RX11
M9301-SH    Refs: EK-M9301-TM

M9301-SJ                U   M9301-YA + RF11 boot (WECO)
M9301-SJ    Refs: EK-M9301-TM

M9301-SK                U   Boot for DMC11, RX01, TU10, DL11, PTR, ASCII,
M9301-SK                    diagnostics
M9301-SK    Refs: EK-M9301-TM

M9301-SL                U   M9301-SE with no remote switch panel
M9301-SL    Refs: EK-M9301-TM

M9301-SV                U   M9301 with DQ11-DA DECnet loader, RK, RX, TMA11
M9301-SV                    boots
M9301-SV    Refs: EK-M9301-TM

M9301-SW                U   M9301-SF updated with DA11 DECnet 2 bootstrap
M9301-SW    Refs: EK-M9301-TM

M9301-SX                U   M9301 with DA11 DECnet 2 loader
M9301-SX    Refs: EK-M9301-TM

M9301-SY                U   M9301 with DMC11 DECnet & TJE16 loader
M9301-SY    Refs: EK-M9301-TM

M9301-WA                U   M9301 with 765000 & 766000 addresses, DN87S SMP
M9301-WA                    boot (TOPS-10)
M9301-WA    Refs: EK-M9301-TM

M9301-WB                U   M9301-WA except DN20-CC, -CD SMP boot (TOPS-10)
M9301-WB    Refs: EK-M9301-TM

M9301-YC                U   M9301 with 11/70 bootstrap
M9301-YC    Refs: EK-M9301-TM

M9301-YD                U   M9301 with DDCMP bootstrap
M9301-YD    Refs: EK-M9301-TM

M9301-YE                U   M9301 with bootstrap for DECnet, DL11-E, DU11,
M9301-YE                    DUP11, low speed PTR, ASCII console
M9301-YE    Refs: EK-M9301-TM

M9301-YF                U   M9301 with boot for PC11, RP02-6, RS03-4, RK05-6,
M9301-YF                    RX01, TU10, TU16, TU56, TS03, TTY, ASCII console,
M9301-YF                    diagnostics
M9301-YF    Refs: EK-M9301-TM

M9301-YH                U   M9301 with 11/60 bootstrap (works with 11/70)
M9301-YH    Refs: EK-M9301-TM

M9301-YJ                U   M9301 with bootstrap for DECnet DMC11, RX01, TU10,
M9301-YJ                    ASCII console
M9301-YJ    Refs: EK-M9301-TM

M9301-YL                U   M9301 with Olivetti bootstrap
M9301-YL    Refs: EK-M9301-TM

M9302                   U   11/04 UNIBUS terminator, far end
M9302                       (Fits in any Standard UNIBUS slot, terminating all
M9302                        newer UNIBUS machines.)

M9302-YA                U   M9302 with different resistors for minimum UNIBUS
M9302-YA                    levels

M9302-YB                U   M9302 card used to mount an overtemperature relay

M9303                   U   M930 with individual +5V for each terminator (used
M9303                       with 2347 UNIBUS tester)

M9303-YA                U   M9303 + M9307 wired together with 1" spacers.
M9303-YA                    (used with 2347 UNIBUS tester)

M9304                   U   Long M930 for low margin testing

M9304-YA                U   Long M930 for high margin testing

M9305                   U   M981 for low margin testing

M9305                   U   M981 for high margin testing

M9306                   U   11/04 near end UNIBUS terminator, no boot

M9306-YB                U   M9306 with different resistors to give a minimum
M9306-YB                    UNIBUS level when put in parallel with another
M9306-YB                    terminator.

M9307                   U   M919 for 2 40-conductor 3M cable

M9308                   U   Single-ended margin head (UNIBUS terminator with
M9308                       sack turn-around logic)

M9309                   U   Long M930

M9311                   U   M9301 with 766000 and 763000 addresses and GT62
M9311                       comm boot loader.

M9312                   U   Bootstrap terminator with 5 empty ROM sockets; one
M9312                       for CPU diagnostics, 4 for peripheral boots
M9312        Refs: EK-M9312-TM

M9312-YA                U   M9312 revision C or later for 11/74
M9312-YA    Refs: EK-M9312-TM

M9313                   U   UNIBUS exercisor + terminator (UET)

M9400       REV11       Q   Terminator, DMA refresh, bootstrap (bootstrap for
M9400                       use with KD11-F and KD11-HA processors only.
M9400                       Termination for 18-bits only.
M9400                       DMA refresh may be used in any system.)

M9400-YA    REV11-A     Q   120-ohm terminators with refresh & floppy boot
M9400-YA    Refs: MP-00073, EB-20175-20, uNOTE N#035

M9400-YB    TEV11       Q   120-ohm terminators
M9400-YB    Refs: MP-00073, EB-20175-20, uNOTE N#035

M9400-YC    REV11-C     Q   Refresh and boot alone
M9400-YC    Refs: MP-00073, EB-20175-20, uNOTE N#035

M9400-YD    REV11-D     Q   Headers alone, no terminators, Cable
M9400-YD                    connector (18-bit bus only).
M9400-YD                    BCV1A-XX = M9400-YD + M9401 + 2 x BC05L-XX cable

M9400-YE    REV11-E     Q   Headers and 240-ohm terminators (18-bit bus only)
M9400-YE                    (can be used with M9401 as a Qbus extender)
M9400-YE                    BCV1B-XX = M9400-YE + M9401 + 2 x BC05L-XX cable
M9400-YE    Refs: uNOTE N#035

M9400-YF    REV11-F     Q   M9400-YA with boot sockets with no ROMs
M9400-YF    Refs: uNOTE N#035

M9400-YH    REV11-H     Q   LDP/COMM boot & floppy boot with terminators
M9400-YH    Refs: MP-00331, (MP-00074 ?), EB-20175-20, uNOTE N#035

M9400-YJ    REV11-J     Q   DMA refresh bootstrap, cable connector, 250-ohm
M9400-YJ                    terminator
M9400-YJ    Refs: uNOTE N#035

M9400-YK    REV11-K     Q   M9400-YH with no terminators

M9400-YL    REV11-L     Q   M9400-YH with cable connectors
M9400-YL    Refs: uNOTE N#035

M9400-YM    REV11-M     Q   Refresh with DECnet bootstrap

M9400-YN    REV11-N     Q   RX02 boot and refresh

M9401                   Q   Mirror-image connector used at other end of cable
M9401                       to M9400 to join 2 backplanes. 18-bit bus only,
M9401                       No terminators.
M9401                       BCV1A-XX = M9400-YD + M9401 + 2 x BC05L-XX cable
M9401                       BCV1B-XX = M9400-YE + M9401 + 2 x BC05L-XX cable

M9404[-00]              Q   1st Q22 bus cable connector, no terminators
M9404[-00]                  Used at end of cable nearest cpu.
M9404[-00]    Refs: uNOTE N#035

M9404-YA                Q   Cable connector for expansion box, with 240-Ohm
M9404-YA                    terminators.  Used at end of cable nearest to CPU.
M9404-YA                    BCV2C-XX = M9404-YA + M9405 + 2 x BC02D-XX cable
M9404-YA    Refs: uNOTE N#035

M9405                   Q   2nd Q22 bus cable connector, no terminators,
M9405                       mirror image.  Used at end of cable furthest from
M9405                       CPU.
M9405                       BCV2B-XX = M9404-00 + M9405-00 + 2 x BC02D-XX cable
M9405        Refs: uNOTE N#035

M9405-YA                Q   M9405 with 120-Ohm terminators.  Used at end of
M9405-YA                    cable furthest from CPU.
M9405-YA                    BCV2A-XX = M9404-00 + M9405-YA + 2 x BC02D-XX cable
M9405-YA    Refs: uNOTE N#035

M9405-YD                Q   M9405 with no terminators.  Used at end of cable
M9405-YD                    furthest from cpu
M9405-YD    Refs: uNOTE N#035

M9405-YE                Q   M9405 with 240-Ohm terminators.  Used at end of
M9405-YE                    cable furthest from cpu
M9405-YE    Refs: uNOTE N#035

M971                    -   H854 mounted on single card, accepts BC08R

M974                    -   Test Connector (DH11)

M9713-AA                U   11/94 +5V and -15V minimum load module for KDJ11-E

M9715                   ?   'paddle' board, connects to KA660

M992-YB                 U   Bootstrap diode matrix

M9970                   U   M997, H854 Facing Edge (11/05)

W9301                   U   Quad-height hi-density wire wrappable module
W9301                       Used for customer-designed and built boards.

W9302                   U   Hex-height hi-density wire wrappable module

W940                    U   Quad-height wire wrappable module,
W940                        space for 50 14/16-pin ICs

W941                    U   Dual-height wire wrappable module,
W941                        space for 25 14/16-pin ICs

W942                    U   W940 with IC sockets

W943                    U   W941 with IC sockets

W950                    U   Quad-height wire wrappable module,
W950                        space for 30 14/16-pin and 8 24-pin ICs

W951                    U   Dual-height wire wrappable module,
W951                        space for 15 14/16-pin and 4 24-pin ICs

W9511                   Q   Quad-height wire wrap module, no sockets

W9512                   Q   Dual-height wire wrap module, no sockets

W9513                   Q   W9511 with 58 pre-mounted DIP sockets

W9514                   Q   W9511 with 58 pre-mounted DIP sockets

W9515                   Q   W9512 with 25 pre-mounted DIP sockets

W952                    U   W950 with IC sockets

W953                    U   W951 with IC sockets

W960                    U   Single-height blank module with space for
W960                        2 14/16-pin ICs or 1 24-pin IC

W964                    U   Blank terminator board

W968                    U   Quad-height blank module with space for
W968                        72 14/16-pin ICs

W969                    U   Dual-height blank module with space for 36
W969                        14/16-pin ICs

W970                    U   Single-height blank module

W971                    U   Dual-height blank module

W972                    U   Single-height blank module, copper clad

W9720                   U   Single-height blank module, copper clad

W9721                   U   Dual-height blank module, copper clad

W9722                   U   Quad-height blank module, copper clad

W973                    U   Dual-height blank module, copper clad

W974                    U   Single-height blank module, perforated

W975                    U   Dual-height blank module, perforated

W979                    U   Dual-height blank module with space for
W979                        18 14/16-pin ICs

W982                    U   Single-height module extender

W984                    U   Dual-height module extender

W987                    U   Quad-height module extender

W990                    U   Single-height bare board, split lug terminals

W991                    U   Dual-height bare board, split lug terminals

W992                    U   Single-height blank module, copper clad

W993                    U   Dual-height blank module, copper clad

W998                    U   Single-height blank module, perforated

W999                    U   Dual-height blank module, perforated

BB11        BB11        U   4-slot blank mounting panel (backplane with UNIBUS
BB11                        and power lines only)

DD11-A      DD11-A      U   UNIBUS Backplane with 4 SPC slots

DD11-B      DD11-B      U   UNIBUS Backplane with 4 SPC and 2 DF11 slots

DD11-C      DD11-C      U   UNIBUS Backplane with 4 SPC slots

DD11-D      DD11-D      U   UNIBUS Backplane with 9 SPC slots

DD11-PK     DD11-PK     U   9-Slot backplane for 11/04,34,34a

DDV11-B     DDV11-B     Q   6 x 9 Qbus backplane, Q18

DLV11-K     DLV11-K     -   EIA to 20mA controller
DLV11-K                     (-KA, -KB)
DLV11-K        Refs: EK-DLVKA-IN, MP-00694, EB-20175-20, uNOTE N#033

KXT11-LP    KXT11-LP    -   Active Loopback connector (for use with KXT11-A)

RLV11       RLV11       Q   RL01/02 disk controller option, consists of
RLV11                       modules M8013 and M8014.  Q/CD-only option.
RLV11                       18-bit DMA only.  Caution: uses BC1 and BD1
RLV11                       for purposes other than BDAL18 and BDAL19
RLV11        Refs: EK-RLV11-TD, MP-00635, EB-20175-20

VSV11       VSV11       Q   Raster Graphics option, consists of modules
VSV11                       M7061, M7062 and M7064.  Q/CD-only option.
VSV11        Refs: EK-VSVFQ-UG, MP-01012, EK-VT101-TM


    T H I R D   P A R T Y   O P T I O N   L I S T

------      --------   ---  --------------------------------------------------
            306A        Q   Grant Technology clock/calendar

            307         Q   Grant Technology clock/calendar

            440         Q   Data Systems Design (DSD) disk controller.
                            Emulates RXV21.

            880         Q   Data Systems Design (DSD) disk controller.
                            Emulates Digital RLV12 and RXV21.  Has on-board
                            boot code.

            ACT DH/DM   U   Able Comput Technology 16 async communication line
                            controller with modem control. All standard DH11
                            baud rates, plus 19.2-Kbaud. Emulates DEC

            ADC-01      U   Ampex controller for up to two SMD disks. Limited
                            to drives with low data rates and requires a
                            custom driver.

            B01076      Q   Baydel multi-function board

            B01079-4    Q   Baydel cartridge tage controller

            BRX-50      Q   Baydel 5.25" floppy disk controller

            Buslink/Uni U   Able Computer interprocessor communications
                            board, emulates DA11

            Buslink/Q   Q   Able Computer interprocessor communications
                            board, emulates DA11

            CQ1610      Q   Dilog 16-line RS-232 communications controller.
                            Emulates DH11

            CQ1620      Q   Dilog 8-line RS-232 communications controller.
                            Emulates DHV11

            CQ1622      Q   Dilog 8-line RS-422 communications controller

            CQ1640      Q   Dilog 16-line RS-232 communications controller

            CS01/H      Q   Emulex 16-64 line RS-422 communications controller.
                            Emulates 2-8 DHV11

            CS02/H      Q   Emulex 16-line RS-422 communications controller.
                            Emulates 1 DH11 or 2 DHV11

            CS04        Q   Emulex 16-64-line RS-232/422 communications
                            controller.  Emulates 2-8 DHV11s

            CS08        Q   Emulex 8-line RS-232 communications controller.
                            Emulates DHV11.

            CS09        Q   Emulex 16-line RS-232 communications controller.
                            Emulates 2 DH11

            CS11        U   Emulex 16-64 line RS-422 communications controller.
                            Emulates DH11, DMF32 or DV11

            CS11/F      U   Emulex communications controller, 8-line RS-422
                            + 1 synch + 1 parallel.  Emulates DMF32

            CS11/H      U   Emulex 16-64 line RS-232 communications
                            controller.  Emulates DH11?

            CS11/U      U   Emulex 32-line synchronous/asynchronous
                            communications controller.  Emulates DU11?

            CS11/V      U   Emulex 32-line synchronous/asynchronous
                            communications controller.  Emulates DV11

            CS21/H      U   Emulex 16-line RS-232 communications controller.
                            Emulates DH11

            CS21/U      U   Emulex 16-line RS-232 communications controller
                            Emulates DU11?

            CS21/Z      U   Emulex 16-line RS-232 communications controller.
                            Emulates DZ11-E

            CS23        U   Emulex 12-32-line RS-232 communications controller.
                            Emulates DHU11

            CS32/F      U   Emulex 16-128-line RS-232 communications controller.
                            Emulates DMF32

            CTS11       Q   Baydel QIC 2 .25" DC600A/DC300XL tape cartridge
                            drive controller.  Registers are similar, but
                            not identical, to TSV05

            CU1710      U   Dilog asynchronous communications controller.
                            16 Channels with modem control, emulates DHU11

            DC7711      Q   Fisher-Rosemount Provox process control system
                            Highway II interface (DHI)

706131      DCV51       -   Plessey disk controller for 1-4 MFM drives.
706131                      Supports ST251.

            DH6215-DH1  Q   Fisher-Rosemount Provox process control system
                            Data Highway interface

            DHU/HS      U   Able Computer 16-port async RS-232 communications
                            board. Emulates DHU-11

            Dual I/O    U   Able Computer general purpose parallel interface
                            Emulates 2 x DR11-C

            DV/16       U   Able Computer 16-port sync/async DMA communications
                            multiplexor with support for ADCCP, Bisync, DDCMP.
                            Emulates DV11

            DZ/16       U   Able Computer 16-port async multiplexor.
                            Emulates 2 x DZ11

            DM01        Q   Emulex ST506/ST412 disk controller.  Emulates
                            RQDXn, SA540 5.25" floppy disk interface
                            emulates RX50. 22-bit bus.

            DM02        Q   Emulex ESDI disk controller.  Emulates RQDXn,
                            SA540 5.25" floppy disk interface emulates RX50.
                            22-bit bus.

            DQ100       Q   Dilog disk controller emulating Digital RK05
                            (supports Diablo 31)

            DQ120       Q   Dilog DU120 tape controller

            DQ130       Q   Dilog DU120 tape controller.  Emulates TM11.
                            4 Drives.  Pertec I/O

            DQ132       Q   TS-11 emulation for Pertec formatted tape, up to
                            4 drives. Q22. Dilog.  Replaced by DQ142.

            DQ142       Q   Dilog .5" reel-to-reel tape drive controller for
                            TU80 and CDC 92185.  Emulates TS11.  Replaced
                            (with restrictions) by DQ152

            DQ152       Q   Dilog .5" reel-to-reel tape drive controller
                            Pertec I/O

            DQ153       Q   TMSCP emulation for Pertec formatted tape, up to
                            4 drives, LSI-11 boot, LSI-11 & VAX config
                            programme & diagnostics in ROM, NVRAM config
                            settings. Q22. Dilog.

            DQ200       Q   Dilog disk controller.  Emulates extended
                            RK11/RK05 (supports CDC 9448-96)

            DQ202A      Q   Dilog disk controller.  Emulates RP11/RP02/03
                            (Supports CDC 9715-160 and Fujitsu 2284)

            DQ215       Q   Dilog disk controller.  Emulates RK711/RK07
                            (Supports CDC 9715-160)

            DQ235       Q   Dilog disk controller.  Emulates RK611/RK06
                            (supports SSM 096)

            DQ236       Q   Dilog 4 x SMD 20Mhz disk controller.
                            Replaced by DQ256.

            DQ246       Q   Dilog 4 x SMD/ESMD disk controller.  Emulates
                            MSCP.  (Supports Fujitsu 2333).  Replaced by

            DQ256       Q   Dilog 24 Mhz SMD disk controller, Emulates MSCP,
                            4 drives. Replaces DQ246

            DQ302       Q   Dilog QIC-02 .25" cartridge tape drive interface
                            Emulates TM11.

            DQ322       Q   Dilog QIC-02 .25" cartridge tape controller,
                            Emulates TM11

            DQ3256      Q   Dilog 24 MHz SMD disk controller. Emulates MSCP.

            DQ330       Q   Dilog Kennedy 6450 cartridge tape controller

            DQ3686      Q   Dilog 20 MHz ESDI & SA450 disk controller.
                            Emulates MSCP. BA4000. Replaced by MQ3686

            DQ409       Q   Dilog 8" DSDD floppy disk controller

            DQ419       Q   Dilog floppy disk controller, SA850,
                            Emulates RX01/RX02

            DQ606       Q   Dilog floppy disk controller, SA450,
                            Emulates RX33/50

            DQ614       Q   Dilog ST-506/412 emulation of four RL01/02

            DQ616       Q   Dilog 4 x ST506/ST412 (MFM) disk controller for uVAX
                            Emulates MSCP.  Replaced by MQ606.

            DQ619       Q   Dilog floppy disk drive controller.  Emulates
                            RXV21/RX02.  Shugart SA450 compatible, DSD or
                            Dilog media compatible, supports two drives.
                            22-bit addresssing capability

            DQ686       Q   Dilog 4 x ESDI disk controller.  Emulates
                            MSCP.  Replaced (with restrictions) by DQ696.

            DQ696       Q   Dilog 2 x ESDI disk controller.  Emulates MSCP.
                            (supports Fujitsu 2333)

            DR-216      Q   Dataram 256kb/512kb/1Mb/2Mb memory

            DR-224      Q   Dataram 8Mb memory for uVAX

            DR-244      Q   Dataram 1Mb memory for uVAX

            DR-275      ?   Dataram 1Mb memory for VAX 11/750

            DR-278      ?   Dataram 1-4Mb memory for VAX 11/780

            DR-283      Q   Dataram 1/2/4Mb memory for uPDP-11

            DR-286      ?   Dataram 4-16Mb memory for VX8600/8650

        DSC-RQD11-SCH   Q   Sigma disk controller (supports CDC XMD850)

        DSC-RQD11A/C    Q   Sigma MFM disk controller.  Emulates RQDX2
                            (supports Seagate 251-4)

            DT2752      ?   Data Translation A/D board. Newer version of DT2782
                            with burst/increment mode problems fixed

            DT2762      ?   Data Translation A/D board

            DT2764      ?   Data Translation A/D board

            DT2782      ?   Data Translation A/D board

            DT2784      ?   Data Translation A/D board

            DU132       U   Dilog .5" magtape interface.  Emulates TM11.
                            4 drives.  Pertec formatted I/O.  Replaced
                            by DU142.

            DU142       U   Dilog .5" magtape interface.  Emulates TM11.
                            4 drives.  Pertec formatted I/O

            DU236       U   Dilog SMD disk controller.  Emulates MSCP.
                            Replaced by DU256.

            DU256       U   Dilog 24 Mhz SMD disk controller, Emulates MSCP,
                            4 drives.

            DU312       U   Dilog .5" magtape interface

            DU686       U   Dilog 4 x ESDI disk controller.  Emulates MSCP.

            ESDC        Q   Andromeda ESDI disk controller.  Emulates MSCP.
                            (Supports CDC 94196-766, Fujitsu M2263E,
                             Hitachi DK515-78, and Seagate 442)

            FP105       Q   Able Computer 128-port async RS-232 communications
                            board. Emulates 16 x DHV11 or 16 x CXY08

            FP106       Q   Able Computer 128-port async RS-232 communications
                            board. Emulates 8 x CXA16

          Interlink/Uni U   Able Computer general purpose DMA interface
                            Replaces DR11-B

          Interlink/Q   Q   Able Computer general purpose DMA interface
                            Replaces DR11-B

            MLSI-TM11   Q   MDB 800/1600 BPI Pertec unformatted magtape
                            (3-cable) formatter/controller.  Emulates TM11

            MLV11       Q   General Robotics multifunction module,
                            128k RAM + 2 serial RS232 I/O

            MQ100       Q   Dilog multifunction board

            MQ3686      Q   Dilog 20 Mhz ESDI & SA450 disk controller,
                            Emulates MSCP, BA4000, Replaces DQ3686

            MQ686       Q   Dilog disk controller. Emulates MSCP & RX33/50.
                            4 x ESDI drives + 2 x floppy drives

            MQ696       Q   Dilog disk controller. Emulates MSCP & RX33/50.
                            2 x ESDI drives + 2 x SA450 floppy drives

            MQ759       Q   Dilog disk/tape adapter. Emulates MSCP & TMSCP.
                            SA450 port, RX33/50 compatible, 7 x SCSI devices
                            + 2 SA450 floppy drives

            MSV11-Q     Q   General Robotics 1Mb 22-bit memory for uPDP-11

            MSV11-R     Q   General Robotics 4Mb 22-bit memory, MSV11-P

            MWV11-A     Q   Baydel ST506/MFM disk controller.
                            Caution: backplane must not use BC1-BE1 for
                            purposes other than BDAL18-21

            NS23S       Q   National Semiconductor 4k or 4Mb x 18-bit memory

            PM-CCV11A   Q   Plessey .25" tape cartridge (CDV11A) interface

            PM-DCV11A   Q   Plessey disk controller emulating Digital RK05
                            (supports Diablo 30)

            PM-DRV11    Q   Plessey parallel interface

            PM-FCV21B   Q   Plessey SASI interface, controlling MFM disk(s)
                            emulates 4 x RL02 via a formatter

            PM-MFV11A   Q   Plessey multifunction module: 1 RS-232 (console)
                            port, front panel control, bootstrap ROMs,
                            programmable line time clock, Qbus terminator

            PM-SV128A   Q   Plessey 128k memory for uPDP-11

            PM-WSV31    Q   Plessey 8" DSDD floppy disk controller, RX02 compat.

            Q984        Q   AEG (Modicon) Modbus Plus programmable controller

            QD01/D      Q   Emulex ST506 disk controller.  Emulates KDA50.
                            22-bit bus.

            QD21        Q   Emulex ESDI disk controller.  Emulates MSCP.
                            Has LSI-11 boot, LSI-11 & VAX config and
                            diagnostic programmes in ROM, NVRAM config
                            settings. Q22.

            QD24        Q   Emulex ESDI disk controller.  Emulates MSCP.
                            For VAX 3500/3600.

            QD25        Q   Emulex ESDI disk controller.  Emulates MSCP.
                            (Supports CDC 766)

            QD32        Q   Emulex SMD-E disk controller. Emulates MSCP.
                            Diagnostic and setup programmes in ROM.  NVRAM
                            config settings. Q22.

            QD33        Q   Emulex SMD controller for up to two SMD disks.
                            Supports SMD-0 and SMD-E, with data rates up to
                            24MHz for SMD-E. MSCP emulation.  DMA (uses
                            adaptive techniques and block mode, supports
                            scatter-write and gather-read on the uVAX-I).

            QD34        Q   Emulex SMD-E disk controller.  Emulates MSCP.
                            For VAX 3500/3600.

            QD35        Q   Emulex disk controller.  Emulates MSCP
                            (Supports Fujitsi M2333)

            Q/DHU       Q   Able Computer 8/16-port async RS-232 communications
                            board. Emulates DH11 and DM11, speeds to 38.4kb

            QHV         Q   Able Computer 8-port async RS-232 communications
                            board. Emulates DHV11

            QHV+        Q   Able Computer 16-port async RS-232 communications
                            board. Emulates DHV11, data only

            QS09        Q   Emulex 16-line RS-232 communications controller
                            for VAX 3500/3600.  Emulates 2 x CXY08.

            QT13        Q   Emulex tape controller.  Emulates TSV05 or TMSCP.
                            0.5" tape at 800, 1600, 3200, or 6250bpi.

            QT14        Q   Emulex tape controller.  Emulates TSV05 or TMSCP.
                            0.5" tape at 800, 1600, 3200, or 6250bpi.
                            For VAX 3500/3600.

          QuadrAsync/B  U   Able Computer async RS-232 communications board
                            Emulates 4 x DL11-B

          QuadrAsync/C  U   Able Computer async 20mA communications board
                            Emulates 4 x DL11-C

          QuadrAsync/E  U   Able Computer async RS-232 communications board
                            with modem control.  Emulates 4 x DL11-E

        RDC-16      Q   See First Technology, MSCP Ram Disk, 16MB

        RDE-32      Q   See First Technology, 32MB extender for RDC-16

            RQD11       Q   Sigma disk controller (Supports Fujitsu 2246E)

            RQD11-ECP   Q   Sigma ESDI disk controller
                            (Supports CDC 94196-766 and Hitachi DK515-78)

            RQD11/EC    Q   Sigma ESDI disk controller (= Webster WQESD/4)
                            (Supports 760Mb Maxtor XT8760E)

            RQD11/SCH   Q   Sigma disk controller (Supports CDC XMD850)

            Rebus       U   Able Computer Unibus repeater, replaces DB11-A/H

            SBCM70      Q   LSI-11 with 4 RS-232 lines, DLV11-J compatible,
                           and 512kb-2Mb memory

            SBCM71      Q   LSI-11 with 4 RS-232 lines, DLV11-J compatible,
                           and 256kb-2Mb memory

            SC01        Q   Emulex disk controller

            SC02/A      Q   Emulex SMD disk controller.  Emulates Digital
                            RP11/RP02/RP03.  Includes BDV11-compatible
                            line-time clock.

            SC02/B      Q   Emulex SMD disk controller.  Emulates Digital

            SC02/C      Q   Emulex SMD disk controller.  Emulates Digital
                            RK611/RK06/RK07.  22-bit. Supports Fujitsu 2322.
                            Includes BDV11-compatible line-time clock.

            SC02/L      Q   Emulex SMD disk controller.  Emulates Digital
                            RLV11/RL01/RL02.  22-bit. Includes BDV11-compatible
                            line-time clock.

            SC02/M      Q   Emulex SMD disk controller.  Emulates ???
                            Includes BDV11-compatible line-time clock.

            SC03        Q   Emulex SMD disk controller.  Emulates RM11/RM03
                            Includes BDV11-compatible line-time clock.

            SC03/BX     Q   Emulex SMD disk controller.  Emulates
                            Includes BDV11-compatible line-time clock.

            SC11        U   Emulex disk controller

            SC12/A      U   Emulex SMD disk controller.  Emulates

            SC12/C      U   Emulex SMD disk controller.  Emulates RK611/RK06.
                            Supports CDC 9730-80 & 9448-96, and Priam 3350.

            SC12/L      U   Emulex SMD disk controller.  Emulates ????

            SC12/M      U   Emulex SMD disk controller.  Emulates MSCP

            SC12/V      U   Emulex SMD disk controller for VAX.  Emulates
                            RK711/RK07.  Supports CDC 9730-80 & 9448-96,
                            and Priam 3350.

            SC21/B      U   Emulex SMD disk controller.  Emulates RH11/RM02

            SC21/BM     U   Emulex SMD disk controller.  Emulates RJM02/RJM05

            SC21/B2     U   Emulex SMD disk controller.  Emulates RJP06

            SC21/BE     U   Emulex SMD disk controller.  Emulates RJM02/RJM05

            SC21/BX     U   Emulex disk controller

            SC21/C      U   Emulex SMD disk controller.  Emulates RK611/RK06

            SC21/V      U   Emulex SMD disk controller for vax.  Emulates
                            RM03/RM05.  Needs Emulex VAX/UM software.

            SC31/BX     U   Emulex SMD disk controller.  Emulates
                            RH11/RM02/RM03/RM05/RP06.  Needs Emulex VAX/UM
                            software to use on VAX. Supports Fujitsu Eagle.

            SC72/BX     U   Emulex SMD/MMD disk controller for PDP-11/70 only.
                            Emulates RH70/RM02/RM03/RM05/RP06/RM80.

            SC750/B1    S   Emulex 1-4 SMD disk controller for VAX-11/750 only.
                            Emulates RH750/RP06.

            SC750/B2    S   Emulex 1-4 SMD disk controller for VAX-11/750 only.
                            Emulates RH750/RP06. Supports Fujitsu Eagle, and
                            Memorex 677.

            SC750/B3    S   Emulex 1-4 SMD disk controller for VAX-11/750 only.
                            Emulates RM03. Supports CDC 9762, 9730-80, DM 980,
                            (730-160, and Fujitsu 2248

            SC758/B1    C   Emulex 1-8 SMD disk controller for VAX-11/750 only.
                            Emulating RM03 and RM05.

            SC7000/B1   C   Emulex 1-4 SMD disk controller for VAX-11/750 and
                            11/780 (requires V-MASTER).  Emulates
                            RM03/RM05/RM80.  Supports CDC (762, (710,
                            9715-160, 9766, 9715-340, 9715-500, 9771, 9775,
                            & 9730-160, CDS T302RM, DF 9330, and Fujitsu 2284,
                            2294, 2312, 2351A.

            SC7003      C   Emulex 1-4 SMD/SMD-E disk controller for VAX-11/750
                            and 11/780 (requires V-MASTER).
                            Emulates RM02/RM03/RM05/RM80.

            SC780       S   Emulex disk controller for VAX-11/780.
                            Emulates RM03/RM05/RM80/RP06

            SC788/B1    S   Emulex SMD disk controller for VAX-11/780.
                            Emulates RM03/RM05/RM80/RP06

            SCAT/45     U   Able Computer 256k static MOS memory
                            Replaces MS11-A/-B/-C

            SCDC-11     Q   Andromeda SCSI controller.  Emulates MSCP.

            SDC-DLV11J  Q   Sigma clone of DLV11-J. 4-line SLU.

            SDC-RLV12   Q   Sigma Disk controller.  Emulates RLV12/RL02
                            (Supports Rodime R204)

            SDC-RQD11   Q   Sigma MSCP/ESDI Winchester disk controller

            SDC-RXV31   Q   Sigma floppy disk controller.  Emulates RXV21/RX02.
                            (Supports Mitsubishi M2696-63)

            SDC-DLV11J  Q   Sigma clone of DLV11-J. 4-line SLU.

            SM696       Q   Dilog disk/tape controller. Emulates MSCP &
                            RX33/50 + 2 x ESDI drives + 2 x SA450 drives

            SMDC        Q   Andromeda disk controller.  Emulates MSCP.
                            (Includes Fujitsu 2312 and CDC Elite & Sabre)

            SPE44       -   Emulex port expander.  Interfaces multiple VAXes
                            to a single bank of SMD-compatible drives.

            SQ3153      Q   Dilog tape coupler 1/2" Pertec formatted I/O.
                            Emulates TMSCP, 4 drives, BA4000

            SQ3703A     Q   Dilog SCSI tape adapter. Emulates TMSCP. BA4000.
                            Replaced by SQ3709

            SQ3706A     Q   Dilog SCSI disk adapter. Emulates MSCP. BA4000.
                            Replaced by SQ3709

            SQ3709      Q   Dilog SCSI disk/tape adapter. Emulates MSCP
                            and TMSCP.  7 x SCSI devices, BA4000. Replaces
                            SQ3703A & SQ3706A

            SQ3723A     Q   Dilog SCSI differential tape adapter. BA4000.
                            Emulates TMSCP. BA4000

            SQ3726A     Q   Dilog SCSI differential disk adapter.
                            Emulates MSCP.

            SQ703A      Q   Dilog SCSI tape adapter. Emulates TMSCP
                            Replaced by SQ739

            SQ706A      Q   Dilog SCSI disk adapter. Emulates MSCP.
                            Replaced by SQ739

            SQ713A      Q   Dilog SCSI differential tape adapter.
                            Emulates TMSCP

            SQ706       Q   Dilog SCSI disk controller for Ramstor 5150

            SQ739       Q   Dilog disk/tape adapter. Emulates MSCP & TMSCP.
                            7 x SCSI devices. Replaces SQ703A and SQ706A

            SQ85        Q   AEG (Modicon) Modbus Plus communications card

            STBC        Q   Baydel multi-function module.  22-bit
                            terminator/bootstrap/line clock/powerfail/control

            SU723A      U   Dilog SCSI tape adapter. Emulates TMSCP. 7 drives

            SU726A      U   Dilog SCSI disk adapter. Emulates MSCP. 7 drives

            TC-130      U   Western Peripherals tape controller and formatter.
                            4 UNIBUS modules in a system unit. Interfaces with
                            industry standard non-formatted drives and
                            emulates a TU10.

            TC01        Q   Emulex .5" reel-to-reel tape controller.
                            Emulates TU10

            TC01/N      Q   Emulex .5" reel-to-reel tape controller,

            TC01/P      Q   Emulex .5" reel-to-reel tape controller,

            TC02        Q   Emulex Pertec-interface tape drive controller.
                            Emulates TS11. Early revisions incompatible
                            with VMS.

            TC02        Q   Emulex Pertec-interface tape drive controller.
                            Emulates TS11. Early revisions incompatible
                            with VMS. Supports 1-4 Cipher F880, CDC 92181,
                            Kennedy 6809, and Pertec F1000.

            TC02/FS     Q   Emulex .5" reel-to-reel tape controller,

            TC05        Q   Emulex CDC Sentinel .25" cartridge tape controller.
                            Emulates TS11. Supports CDC 92192 Sentinel.

            TC05/SX     Q   Emulex .5" reel-to-reel tape controller.

            TC11/N      U   Emulex .5" reel-to-reel tape controller.
                            Emulating TM11/TU10.

            TC11/P      U   Emulex .5" reel-to-reel tape controller.
                            Emulating TM11/TU10.

            TC11/V      U   Emulex .5" reel-to-reel tape controller.
                            Emulates MT11/TU10. Needs Emulex VAX/UT software.

            TC12        U   Emulex .5" reel-to-reel tape controller.
                            Emulates TS11. 22-bit. Supports 1-4 Cipher F880,
                            CDC 92181, Kennedy 6809, and Pertec F1000.

            TC12/FS     U   Emulex .5" reel-to-reel tape controller,

            TC13        Q   Emulex Pertec-interface tape drive controller.
                            Switchable TU81 TMSCP or TS11 emulation.

            TC13        U   Emulex Pertec-interface tape drive controller.
                            Switchable TU81 TMSCP or TS11 emulation. Supports
                            1-4 Cipher F880, CDC 92181, Kennedy 6809, and
                            Pertec F1000.

            TC15        U   Emulex CDC Sentinel .25" cartridge tape controller.
                            Emulating Digital TS11. Supports CDC 92192 Sentinel.

            TC15/SX     U   Emulex CDC Sentinel .25" cartridge tape controller,

            TC-130      U   Western Peripherals tape controller and formatter.
                            4 UNIBUS modules in a system unit. Interfaces with
                            industry standard non-formatted drives and emulates
                            a TU10.

            TC7000      C   Emulex .5" reel-to-reel tape controller for
                            VAX-11/750 & 11/780 (with V-MASTER).
                            Emulates TGU77/TEU77. 1-8 Pertec interface drives
                            or 1-4 STC interface drives.

            TS0100      Q   PICO-bus interface for Kennedy 6455 .25"
                            tape cartridge (DC300/DC600)

            UC01/LX     Q   Emulex SCSI bus adaptor.  Emulates 1-4 RL01/RL02.
                            22-bit.  Includes BDV11-compatible line-time clock
                            and sockets for bootstrap ROMs and bus terminators.

            UC02        Q   Emulex SCSI bus (ANSI X3T9.2) adaptor.
                            Emulates MSCP controller for 1-4 disks.  22-bit.

            UC03        Q   Emulex SCSI bus adaptor.  Emulates MSCP controller

            UC04        Q   Emulex SCSI bus adaptor.  Emulates MSCP controller

            UC06D       Q   Emulex SCSI bus adaptor.

            UC07D       Q   Emulex single SCSI bus adaptor.

            UC08-2      Q   Emulex dual SCSI bus adaptor.

            UC12        U   Emulex SCSI bus adaptor.  Emulates MSCP controller

            UC13        U   Emulex SCSI bus adaptor.  Emulates MSCP controller

            UC14        U   Emulex SCSI bus adaptor.  Emulates MSCP controller

            UD23        U   Emulex ESDI disk controller.  Emulates UDA50.

            UD33        U   Emulex SMD-E disk controller.  Emulating UDA50.

            V-MASTER    S   Emulex interface enabling use of SC7000/B1,
                            SC7003, and TC7000 on VAX-11/780.

            VMZ/32      U   Able Computer 16-port async RS-232 communications
                            board. Emulates async ports (only) of DMF32

            WDC-11      Q   Andromeda controller for Seagate ST251-1
                            (emulates 2 x RL02)

            WQESD/4     Q   Webster ESDI disk controller (= Sigma RQD11/EC)
                            (Supports 760Mb Maxtor XT8760E)

            XCV21/31    Q   Plessey QumeTrak 8" floppy disk controller

            QTO         Q   TD Systems SCSI TMSCP tape controller, LSI-11 &
                            VAX config and diagnostic programmes in ROM,
                            NVRAM config settings. Q22.

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