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> VAXstation 3100 2. Cпецификация, DEC VS3100 specifications
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DEC VS3100 specifications



The VAXstation 3100 is Digital's powerful, low-cost VAXstation for high-
performance graphics applications.  The VAXstation 3100 is a full member of the
standard-setting VAX family of computers that has sold over 200,000 systems
since the introduction of the VAX 11/780.  Based on the second generation of
VAX chipset technology, the VAXstation 3100 redefines low-end VAX computing by
delivering three times the performance of previous entry-level VAXstation

The VAXstation 3100 provides an integrated computing environment that offers
you a unique combination of desktop VAX computing, industry-standard personal
productivity tools, and transparent access to distributed applications and
resources.  Through DECwindows, Digital's new windowing interface, the
VAXstation 3100 enables both sophisticated and novice users to access all the
power of the network through their desktop applications.  And the VAXstation
3100 workstation is easy to buy, easy to install, and easy to use.

Featuring a versatile packaging design, the VAXstation 3100 can be configured
as a diskless network node, a standalone workstation, or a system that can
simultaneously be a workstation and a server for up to seven other VAXstation
3100 workstations.  The VAXstation 3100 can be configured for a broad range of
needs, running applications that provide solutions from the factory floor to
the executive offices.


o Entry-level VAXstation maintains full VAX family compatibility while adding
  new power and features.  Over 6,000 software applications immediately
  available (VAX terminal applications, VWS/UIS, X Window System, and
  DECwindows) plus access to industry-standard MS-DOS applications.
o Compact, three-piece desktop package minimizes desktop footprint.  Innovative
  packaging delivers full configuration flexibility - from diskless workstations
  up to 1.2 gigabytes of storage.
o High-performance system design uses CMOS-based Central Processor/Floating
  Point and a two-level cache.  Features large, internal memory expansion
  (8-32 Mbytes), Ethernet connectivity, and high-performance I/O subsystem.
o Choice of 32-bit operating systems - VMS or ULTRIX.
o Supports the VWS/UIS or DECwindows user interface, allowing for a natural
  migration as the DECwindows application base expands.
o Introduces Desktop-VMS Software, a full function VMS operating system
  environment that greatly simplifies installation and system management of
  standalone and clustered VAXstation 3100 workstations.  Interactive question
  and answer dialogue through DECwindows makes system management and
  installation easy.
o Optional MS-DOS software coprocessor runs unmodified PC applications at IBM
  PC/AT speed.  Cut and paste from MS-DOS applications into DECwindows
  applications is easy.
o Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) allows external expansion of industry-
  available SCSI peripherals.


The VAXstation 3100 delivers 2.6 to 4.2 times the CPU performance of previous
entry-level VAXstations by offering the same CMOS central processing unit found
in Digital's MicroVAX 3500/3600 systems and VAXstation 3200/3500 workstations.
The minimum configuration contains 8 Mbytes of memory and is expandable to 32
Mbytes.  Each VAXstation 3100 system contains a single plane of 1024 x 864
video resolution, with an 8-plane graphics coprocessor available as an option.
Both 15-inch and 19-inch monochrome and color monitors are available.

The VAXstation 3100 offers you a choice of Digital's powerful 32-bit operating
systems: VMS or ULTRIX.  VMS is Digital's general-purpose, virtual-memory
operating system that runs on all VAX systems, from the desktop to the
datacenter.  ULTRIX is Digital's native-mode UNIX operating system as well as
the first POSIX-compliant operating system in the industry.  In both
environments, the common VAX architecture enables you to easily integrate the
VAXstation 3100 with Digital's other workstations, MicroVAX systems, larger VAX
systems, and VAXclusters.

The VAXstation 3100 environment is further enhanced by Desktop-VMS Software.
Based on DECwindows and compact disc drive technology, Desktop-VMS Software
brings a new level of simplicity to the previously complicated tasks of
installing and managing standalone workstations or connected groups of
workstations.  As distributed computing reaches into new areas of your
organization, you face new system management requirements.  Desktop-VMS
Software enables individuals with minimal system management experience to
effectively manage their own systems or workgroups, so more experienced systems
personnel can focus on higher-level system management tasks.

Multiple networking protocols are supported by both VMS and ULTRIX, so you can
choose between TCP/IP and DECnet/OSI.  You can create workgroups by using
either VAXcluster software (VMS) or NFS (ULTRIX).  Your ability to operate
between the environments is further enhanced by the VMS-ULTRIX Connection
product set, which adds NFS Server functions and TCP/IP to the VMS environment.


With DECwindows running on your VAXstation 3100, you can enjoy the same
advanced user interface regardless of the underlying operating system.
Digital's DECwindows is a high-performance, network-transparent windowing
system.  It is a superset of the industry-standard X Window System Digital has
implemented for the ULTRIX, VMS, and MS-DOS operating systems.  Through
DECwindows you can view the output from any X application running on the
network, just as any X-compliant VAXstation 3100 application can be displayed
on other systems that conform to the X standard.

DECwindows uses Digital's X User Interface (XUI), ensuring a consistent look
and feel that is independent of hardware platform or operating system.
Standard applications delivered with DECwindows include mail and VT320
emulation (with ReGIS capability) as well as a number of other personal
productivity applications.  Digital also offers layered products (available
separately) for the DECwindows environment that support compound document
processing, graphics, and decision support.  Many popular third-party
applications are also available on the DECwindows platform.

Your investment in current VMS VAXstation applications is protected because the
VAXstation 3100 separately supports the VAX Workstation Software User Interface
System (VWS/UIS).   And investment protection continues with ULTRIX VAXstations
because current applications will run without modification.


The power and performance of the VAXstation 3100 are complemented by the wealth
of personal productivity applications available through VAXpc for VMS Software,
an MS-DOS software coprocessor under DECwindows.  VAXpc enables the VAXstation
3100 to emulate the instruction set of the Intel 80286 microprocessor.  As a
result, VAXpc windows on your workstation look and act exactly like they do on
a personal computer.  VAXpc gives you the ability to cut and paste from any
industry-standard PC application into the DECwindows environment.


The VAXstation 3100 is available in two compact desktop packages - the Model 30
and the Model 40.  Each system offers equal computing power, memory expansion,
and display capabilities, but differs in the amount of internal storage

The VAXstation 3100 Model 30 is a compact desktop system that can be configured
in three ways: (1) a complete starter system with disk and load/backup device;
(2) a satellite workstation either diskless or with paging/swapping disks; (3)
a network workstation with disks to permit use as a connected yet independent
system.  The Model 30 system unit supports either three 3.5-inch half-height
devices for a maximum of 208 Mbytes of internal disk storage and a 1.44-Mbyte
PS/2-compatible floppy or a combination of one 3.5-inch half-height device and
one 5.25-inch half-height device for a maximum of 104 Mbytes of internal disk
storage with a TZ30 95-Mbyte streaming tape.

The Model 40 features a slightly larger system enclosure (approximately two
inches taller) and can accommodate three 3.5-inch half-height disks and two
5.25-inch half-height load devices.  This results in a 312-Mbyte system that
has both a TZ30 95-Mbyte streaming tape and an RRD40 Compact Disc Drive
(providing 600 Mbytes of storage capacity) internal to the system box.  This
package, configured with 16 Mbytes of memory and dual SCSI channels enables the
Model 40 to become a "Serverstation", functioning as a server for up to seven
other diskless VAXstation 3100 workstations.  At the same time, the
Serverstation is also a fully-functional workstation for an individual user.
The Serverstation capability greatly reduces the entry-level cost of the
VAXstation 3100 Model 40 for a small workgroup.  A special version of the
VAXserver 3400 is available for larger workgroups.

The Model 30 and Model 40 packages allow for external storage and load
expansion such as 332-Mbyte full-height hard disks, 600-Mbyte compact disc
drives, and TK50 95-Mbyte streaming tapes via the SCSI port.  Both the Model 30
and Model 40 will use this external port to enable future expansion using a
variety of third-party peripherals.


Power                                   Model 30              Model 40
               Line voltage            120 V/240 V           120 V/240 V
               Voltage tolerance-RMS   88-132 V/176-264 V    88-132 V/176-264 V
               Frequency-single phase  60 Hz/50 Hz           60 Hz/50 Hz
               Frequency tolerance     47-63 Hz              47-63 Hz
               Max. running current    2.8 A/1.5 A           4.5 A/2.3A
               Max. power consumption  190 W                 300 W
Operating      Temperature                10-40 C (50-104 F)
Environment    Relative humidity          20-80% noncondensing
               Max. operating altitude    2.4 km (8000 feet)
System         Model 30
Dimensions     Height                     10.33 cm (4.07 in)
               Width                      46.38 cm (18.26 in)
               Depth                      39.42 cm (15.52 in)
               Weight                     11.4 kg (25 lb)

               Model 40
               Height                     14.99 cm (5.9 in)
               Width                      46.38 cm (18.26 in)
               Depth                      40 cm (15.75 in)
               Weight                     20.5 kg (45 lb)

Monitors       VR290                      19-inch color
               Height                     47 cm (18.5 in)
               Width                      50.8 cm (20 in)
               Depth                      54.6 cm (21.5 in)
               Weight                     36.4 kg (80 lb)
               Line Voltage               120 V/240 V
               Max. power consumption     150 W
or             VR260                      19-inch monochrome
               Height                     39.1 cm (15.4 in)
               Width                      44.5 cm (17.5 in)
               Depth                      39.6 cm (15.6 in)
               Weight                     22.2 kg (49 lb)
               Line Voltage               120 V/240 V
               Max. power consumption     65 W
or             VR160                      15-inch color
               Height                     40.6 cm (16 in)
               Width                      38.1 cm (15 in)
               Depth                      45.7 cm (18 in)
               Weight                     20 kg (44 lb)
               Line Voltage               120 V/240 V
               Max. power consumption     150 W
or             VR150                      15-inch monochrome
               Height                     38.1 cm (15 in)
               Width                      38.1 cm (15 in)
               Depth                      36.8 cm (14.5 in)
               Weight                     18.2 kg (40 lb)
               Line Voltage               120 V/240 V
               Max. power consumption     70 W

               Orientation                Landscape (horizontal)
               Resolution                 1024 Horizontal x 864 Vertical
               DPI                        78 pixels (dots) per inch (19-inch)
                                          100 pixels (dots) per inch (15-inch)
               Refresh                    60 Hz noninterlaced
               Ergonomics                 Tilt/swivel base (optional VS10X-AA
                                          on VR260), nonglare screen
               Controls                   Brightness, contrast, DeGauss (color)

Keyboard       Layout                     105 sculptured keys, typewriter-style
                                          (QWERTY) main array; editing and
                                          numeric keypads, 20 special-fun. keys
               Profile                    30.9 mm (1.2 in) from palm rest to
                                          home row
               Height                     4 cm (1.6 in)
               Width                      53.2 cm (21 in)
               Depth                      17.8 cm (7.0 in)
               Cord length                1.8 m (6.0 ft)
               Weight                     1.8 kg (approximately 4 lb)

Mouse          Output                     200 pulses per inch (X and Y relative
               Function Buttons           3


The VAXstation 3100 can be configured using one of two system configuration
guides.  Both methods are easy to use and are designed so that you can
configure the best system to fit your needs.

Packaged Systems
The Packaged System concept simplifies ordering by offering many different
system designs in pre-packaged configurations.  Systems may be ordered as
diskless or disk-based, with a variety of load/backup devices.  Depending on
which part number is used, the system will also include either a 15- or 19-inch
color or monochrome monitor, a regular or WPS keyboard, and VMS or ULTRIX
software licensing.

There are four different configurations of the VAXstation 3100 Model 30
available.  Standard on all Model 30 packaged systems is:
   -  8 Mbytes of memory
   -  Mouse
   -  ThinWire/thick wire Ethernet port with a T-connector and two terminators
      (ThinWire) and an Ethernet loopback connector (thick wire)
   -  3 ft. Video Cable
   -  3 ft. Convenience Power Cord
   -  English Language User Documentation

Each Packaged System contains different amounts of mass storage, types of
load/backup devices, and operating system media.  The four pre-packaged Model
30 systems are:

VAXstation 3100 Model 30 Standalone Workstation
   -  Two 104-Mbyte Disk Drives (RZ23s)
   -  1.4-Mbyte IBM-Compatible Floppy Disk Drive (RX23)
   -  600-Mbyte Compact Disc Drive Expansion Box (RRD40)
   -  SCSI port
   -  Desktop-VMS and VMS Base License and Desktop-VMS Compact Disc, or
      ULTRIX Base License

VAXstation 3100 Model 30 Networked Workstation
   -  Two 104-Mbyte Disk Drives (RZ23s)
   -  1.4-Mbyte IBM-Compatible Floppy Disk Drive (RX23)
   -  SCSI Port
   -  VMS Base License or ULTRIX Base License
   -  Note: Requires network, tape expansion box, or compact disc expansion box
      to load software

VAXstation 3100 Model 30 Diskless Satellite Workstation
   -  Desktop-VMS and VMS Base Licenses or ULTRIX Base License

VAXstation 3100 Model 30 Satellite Workstation with disks for local disk
paging and swapping
   -  52-Mbyte Disk Drive (RZ22)
   -  1.4-Mbyte IBM-Compatible Floppy Disk Drive (RX23)
   -  SCSI Port
   -  Desktop-VMS and VMS Base License or ULTRIX Base License

The VAXstation 3100 Model 40 is also available as a Packaged System.  Included
with the Model 40 is:

VAXstation 3100 Model 40 Server/Workstation
   -  16-Mbyte Memory
   -  Three 104-Mbyte Disk Drives (RZ23s)
   -  95-Mbyte Streaming Tape Drive (TZ30)
   -  600-Mbyte Integral Compact Disc Drive (RRD40)
   -  SCSI Port
   -  Mouse
   -  ThinWire/thick wire Ethernet port with a T-connector and two terminators
      (ThinWire) and an Ethernet loopback connector (thick wire)
   -  3 ft. Video Cable
   -  3 ft. Convenience Power Cord
   -  English Language User Documentation
   -  Desktop-VMS and VMS Base License and Desktop-VMS Compact Disc, or
      ULTRIX Base License

Note: 120 V systems include English keyboard (LK201) and all required power
cables. If a 240 V system is selected, appropriate keyboard and power cords
must be ordered separately through the Custom Systems Menu.  Selected country
kits (see Step 14 of the Custom Systems Menu) are offered to simplify ordering
240 V systems; they include country specfic keyboard, power cords and local
language user documentation (where available). Base Licenses for each operating
system include:
   - Desktop-VMS (includes VMS with DECwindows, VAXcluster, DECnet VAX)
   - VMS (includes DECwindows, VAXcluster, DECnet VAX, VWS)
   - ULTRIX (includes DECwindows, NFS, TCP/IP, VAX C/ULTRIX, portable C compiler
     (pcc), PASCAL Compiliers, and Source Code Control System)
1.1 Packaged Systems

              Model 30 Standalone Workstation     Model 30 Networked Workstation
                Desktop-VMS/VMS     ULTRIX           VMS            ULTRIX
15-inch Mono *
  120 V            PV014-BA        PV014-JA
  120 V w/WPS      PV014-BE
  240 V            PV014-BB        PV014-JB
19-inch Mono *
  120 V            PV014-BC        PV014-JC        PV012-BC        PV012-JC
  120 V w/WPS      PV014-BF                        PV012-BF
  240 V            PV014-BD        PV014-JD        PV012-BD        PV012-JD
15-inch Color
  120 V            PV014-BT        PV014-JT        PV012-BT        PV012-JT
  120 V w/WPS      PV014-BG                        PV012-BG
  240 V            PV014-BU        PV014-JU        PV012-BU        PV012-JU
  240 V S.Hemi.    PV014-BV        PV014-JV        PV012-BV        PV012-JV
19-inch Color
  120 V            PV014-BW        PV014-JW        PV012-BW        PV012-JW
  120 V w/WPS      PV014-BH                        PV012-BH
  240 V            PV014-BY        PV014-JY        PV012-BY        PV012-JY
  240 V S.Hemi.    PV014-BZ        PV014-JZ        PV012-BZ        PV012-JZ
                Model 30 Diskless Satellite     Model 30 Satellite w/disk
                Desktop-VMS/VMS     ULTRIX     Desktop-VMS/VMS      ULTRIX
19-inch Mono *
  120 V            PV010-BC        PV010-JC        PV011-BC        PV011-JC
  120 V w/WPS      PV010-BF                        PV011-BF
  240 V            PV010-BD        PV010-JD        PV011-BD        PV011-JD
15-inch Color
  120 V            PV010-BT        PV010-JT        PV011-BT        PV011-JT
  120 V w/WPS      PV010-BG                        PV011-BG
  240 V            PV010-BU        PV010-JU        PV011-BU        PV011-JU
  240 V S.Hemi.    PV010-BV        PV010-JV        PV011-BV        PV011-JV
19-inch Color
  120 V            PV010-BW        PV010-JW        PV011-BW        PV011-JW
  120 V w/WPS      PV010-BH                        PV011-BH
  240 V            PV010-BY        PV010-JY        PV011-BY        PV011-JY
  240 V S.Hemi.    PV010-BZ        PV010-JZ        PV011-BZ        PV011-JZ
                Model 40 Server/Workstation
                Desktop-VMS/VMS     Ultrix
19-inch Mono *
  120 V            PV053-CC        PV053-KC
  120 V w/WPS      PV053-CF
  240 V            PV053-CD        PV053-KD
15-inch Color
  120 V            PV053-CT        PV053-KT
  120 V w/WPS      PV053-CG
  240 V            PV053-CU        PV053-KU
  240 V S.Hemi.    PV053-CV        PV053-KV
19-inch Color
  120 V            PV053-CW        PV053-KW
  120 V w/WPS      PV053-CH
  240 V            PV053-CY        PV053-KY
  240 V S.Hemi.    PV053-CZ        PV053-KZ
Note: * Single-plane monochrome system.


The Custom System concept allows you to configure a VAXstation 3100 Model 30 or
Model 40 to suit your individual or company needs. The Model 30 base systems
comes with a choice of 4 disk and load/backup device combinations and is
available as either a single-plane or 8-plane system with either VMS or ULTRIX
licenses and English language user documentation.  Each base kernal also
includes a 3 ft. video cable, a 3 ft. convenience power cord, mouse,
ThinWire/thick wire Ethernet port, and an Ethernet kit.  The type of monitor,
keyboard, power cords, and additional mass storage or options must be ordered

The Model 40 configurations start with a diskless base system that includes
either VMS or ULTRIX license, English language user documentation, 3 ft. video
cable, a 3 ft. convenience power cord, mouse, ThinWire/thick wire Ethernet
port, and an Ethernet kit. Monitors, keyboards, power cords, mass storage,
load/backup devices, and any options must be ordered separately.

To order a VAXstation 3100 Model 30 or Model 40 Custom System, simply follow
the following steps.
   -  Choose the model-type base system from Step 1.2
   -  Choose a monitor from Step 2
   -  Choose the appropriate power cord (Step 3) and keyboard (Step 4) or
      choose a Country Kit from Step 13
   -  For a Model 40, choose mass storage from Step 5
   -  For any additional storage, options, or upgrades, see Steps 6-14
   -  Choose software media from Step 15

Note: The VAXstation 3100 has a universal power supply.  Simply select the
power cords (Step 3) that match your country requirements. Base Licenses for
each operating system include:
   - VMS (includes DECwindows), VAXcluster, DECnet VAX, VWS
   - ULTRIX (includes DECwindows, NFS, TCP/IP, VAX C/ULTRIX, portable C compiler
     (pcc), PASCAL Compiliers, and Source Code Control System)
1.2 Custom System
                                         Model 30
  System          VMS              VMS            ULTRIX           ULTRIX
  Storage         8 Mbytes         8 Mbytes       8 Mbytes         8 Mbytes
                  Single-plane     8-plane        Single-plane     8-plane
  RZ23/TZ30        PV01A-BA        PV01A-BB        PV01A-JA        PV01A-JB
  2-RZ23 disks     PV01A-BC        PV01A-BD        PV01A-JC        PV01A-JD
  RZ23             PV01A-BE        PV01A-BF        PV01A-JE        PV01A-JF
  RZ23/RX23        PV01A-BG        PV01A-BH        PV01A-JG        PV01A-JH
                                         Model 40
  System          VMS              VMS            ULTRIX           ULTRIX
  Storage         16 Mbytes        16 Mbytes      16 Mbytes        16 Mbytes
                  Single-plane     8-plane        Single-plane     8-plane
  Diskless         PV05A-CA        PV05A-CB        PV05A-KA        PV05A-KB
2.0 Monitors

VR150-AA/A3        15-inch monochrome monitor
VR260-AA/A3        19-inch monochrome monitor
VR160-DA/D3/D4     15-inch color monitor
VR290-DA/D3/D4     19-inch color monitor
* Note: VRxxx-xA is 120-V and includes a power cord.  VRxxx-x3/x4 is 240-V and
        does not include a power cord.  VRxxx-x4 is southern hemisphere.
        Single-plane system use a monochrome monitor only.
3.0 Power Cords

BN19P-1K           USA - 120 V
BN19A-2E           UK, Ireland - 240 V
BN19C-2E           Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Norway,
                   Portugal, Spain, Sweden - 220 V
BN19E-2E           Switzerland - 220 V
BN19H-2E           Australia/New Zealand - 240/230 V
BN19K-2E           Denmark - 220 V
BN19M-2E           Italy - 220 V
BN19S-2E           India, South Africa - 220 V
BN19U-2E           Israel - 240 V
4.0 Keyboards

LK201-RE/PE        English
LK201-LB/MB        Flemish
LK201-AC/FC        French/Canadian
LK201-RD/MD        Danish
LK201-NX/MF        Suomi (Finnish)
LK201-NG/PG        German/Austrian & German
LK201-NH/MH        Dutch
LK201-LI/MI        Italian
LK201-LK/MK        French/Swiss
LK201-LL/ML        German/Swiss
LK201-NM/MM        Swedish
LK201-RN/MN        Norwegian
LK201-LP/MP        French/Parisian
LK201-LS/MS        Spanish
LK201-LT/AT        Hebrew
LK201-LV/AV        Portuguese
* Note: - Country Kits which include keyboard, power cords, and in some cases
          local language user documentation can be selected from Step 14.
        - LK201-AC/Lx/Nx/Rx is a regular keyboard.  LK201-AT/AV/Fx/Mx/Px is a
          WPS style keyboard.
5.0 Internal Mass  Storage - Model 40 Only

RZ23-EG            104-Mbyte disk drive.  Maximum of 3 per system.
TZ30-EG            95-Mbyte streaming tape drive.  Maximum of 1 per system.
RRD40-EG           600-Mbyte Compact Disc Drive.  Maximum of 1 per system.
6.0 External Mass Storage

RRD40-FA/F3        600-Mbyte Compact Disc Drive in expansion box.
                   RRD40-FA = 120 V; RRD40-F3 = 240 V.
TK50Z-GA/G3        95-Mbyte streaming tape drive in expansion box
                   TK50Z-GA = 120 V; TK50Z-G3 = 240 V.
RZ55-FA/F3         332-Mbyte disk drive in expansion box
                   RZ55-FA = 120 V; RZ55-F3 = 240 V.
* Note: - 240 V storage devices do not include a power cord.  Order from Step 3.
        - Model 30 Diskless systems do not include a drive controller and
          therefore do not support external expansion boxes.
        - Maximum of 3 expansion disks per system.
        - Maximum of 1 tape device per system.
7.0 Model 30 Integral Drive Upgrades

VS42D-AA           One 52-Mbyte disk drive (RZ22) and a 1.4-Mbyte IBM-compatible
                   floppy disk drive (RX23)
VS42D-BA           One 104-Mbyte disk drive (RZ23)and a 95-Mbyte streaming tape
                   drive (TZ30)
VS42D-CA           Two 104-Mbyte disk drives (RZ23)
VS42D-DA           One 104-Mbyte disk drive (RZ23)
VS42D-EA           One 104-Mbyte disk drive (RZ23) and a 1.4-Mbyte
                   IBM-compatible floppy disk drive (RX23)
* Note: - Model 30 upgrades for diskless systems only (PV010-xx systems).
        - Requires field service installation.
        - Maximum of three disk drives or one tape/floppy and one disk drive.
8.0 Model 40 Integral Drive Upgrades

RZ23-EF            104-Mbyte disk drive.  Maximum of 3 per system.
TZ30-EF            95-Mbyte streaming tape drive.  Maximum of 1 per system.
RRD40-EF           600-Mbyte Compact Disc drive.  Maximum of 1 per system.
* Note: Requires field service installation.
9.0 Pointing Device (Optional)

VSXXX-AB           Tablet
10.0 Expansion Box Cable

BC56H-03           3-ft expansion box data cable required for connecting a
                   TK50Z-FA/F3 (VAXstation 2000 tape expansion box) to a
                   VAXstation 3100.
* Note: A TK50Z-FA/F3 will require a field service installed ROM upgrade to
        work correctly with a VAXstation 3100.
11.0 Video Cable

BC18P-10           VAXstation 3100 10-ft monochrome video cable
BC19S-10           VAXstation 3100 10-ft color video cable
* Note: All VAXstation 3100 systems include a 3-ft video cable.  This cable
        allows positioning the monitor remotely from the system.
12.0 Graphics Upgrade

VS40X-PA           8-plane graphics accelerator for single-plane systems.
                   Allows 8-plane grayscale or color.  Requires field service
                   installation.  Included in color systems.
13.0 Country Kits

PV01K-AB           Belgium.  Includes both Dutch and French user documentation.
PV01K-AD           Denmark.  Includes local language hardware-only user doc.
PV01K-AE           England/Ireland.
PV01K-AF           Finland.
PV01K-AG           Germany.  Includes local language hardware-only user doc.
PV01K-AH           Holland.  Includes local language hardware-only user doc.
PV01K-AI           Italy.
PV01K-AK           Swiss/French.
PV01K-AL           Swiss/German.
PV01K-AM           Sweden.
PV01K-AN           Norway.
PV01K-AP           France.  Includes local language hardware-only user doc.
PV01K-AS           Spain.  Includes local language hardware-only user doc.
PV01K-AT           Israel.
PV01K-AV           Portugal.
* Note: Country Kit includes keyboard and power cord.
14.0 VAXstation 3100 User Documentation

EK-VS310-IL        VS3100 Model 40 Customer Information Kit - English
EK-260AA-OM        Managing Your VS3100 Model 30 Standalone - English
EK-259AA-UG        Using Your VS3100 Model 30 Satellite - English
EK-265AA-OM        VS3100 Model 30 Hardware Information - English
EK-266AA-OM        VS3100 Model 40 Hardware Information - English
EK-265PA-OM        VS3100 Model 30 Hardware Information - French
EK-266PA-OM        VS3100 Model 40 Hardware Information - French
EK-265GA-OM        VS3100 Model 30 Hardware Information - German
EK-266GA-OM        VS3100 Model 40 Hardware Information - German
EK-265SA-OM        VS3100 Model 30 Hardware Information - Spanish
EK-266SA-OM        VS3100 Model 40 Hardware Information - Spanish
EK-265HA-OM        VS3100 Model 30 Hardware Information - Dutch
EK-266HA-OM        VS3100 Model 40 Hardware Information - Dutch
EK-265IA-OM        VS3100 Model 30 Hardware Information - Italian
EK-266IA-OM        VS3100 Model 40 Hardware Information - Italian
EK-265DA-OM        VS3100 Model 30 Hardware Information - Danish
EK-266DA-OM        VS3100 Model 40 Hardware Information - Danish
* Note: Appropriate English language user documentation is included with each
        packaged system and custom system kernal.  Selected local language user
        documentation is included with each country kit.
15.0 VAXstation 3100 Software Media

QA-VVTAA-H8        ULTRIX-32 Single-User Kit and DECwindows Software on CD
QA-VVTAA-H5        ULTRIX-32 Single-User Kit and DECwindows Software on TK50
QA-09SAB-H8        VMS Single-User Kit and DECwindows on Compact Disc Drive
QA-09SAB-H5        VMS Single-User Kit and DECwindows on TK50
QA-VV8AA-H8        DESKTOP-VMS Single-User Kit and DECwindows on Compact Disc
QA-A96AA-H5        VMS Workstation Software (VWS) on TK50

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