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Полная версия: EMM286
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EMM286 это эмулятор Expanded памяти для 286x машин


EMM286 is an Expanded Memory LIMulator for an AT-Class system, or
other 286 compatible. This program provides both an EMM driver and
command line functions in one executable file.

The resident portion of the driver uses less than 4k of conventional
memory, with defaults, plus a 64k EMS page frame. All functions of
the LIM EMS 4.0 specification dated October 1987 are supported, with
the following exceptions:

Alternate/DMA Register Sets (Function 28)
Data aliasing to multiple physical pages
Backfilling memory below 1 megabyte

(Software alone cannot provide these functions)

EMM286 should work with any application that is EMS aware. Every
effort has been made to comply fully with the EMS 4.0 specification.
Details for the majority of EMS functions are completely explained
in the specification. However, portions require a certain amount of
interpretation by developers, including this one. As a result, the
expected results from one application to another may be different.
These conflicts may occur only when the full range of advanced EMS
functions are utilized. For most applications, this is not the case.

EMM286 consists of the following files:

EMM286.EXE => EMM driver with command line support.
EMM286.TXT => This documentation file.

Notes for Release 1, Version 2:

1) The driver will not install if another expanded memory manager is
already present in the system.
2) Optional driver switches allow the override of defaults.
3) Command line switches allow the driver to be disabled, re-enabled
or to display the current status of any installed EMM driver.
4) Plain text status/error messages appear during installation and
with command line functions.
5) EMM286 requires an XMS driver, like HIMEM.SYS, for handling the
transfers to/from extended memory.

Command line functions use the following format:

[d:\][path\]EMM286 [/A | /D | /?]

/A = Activates the EMM286 expanded memory support. The XMS
memory previously released is reallocated, unless it
has been acquired by another program. If this situation
occurs, you must free up memory or re-boot the system.
Note: This option is valid only if EMM286 is resident.

/D = Disables the EMM286 expanded memory support. All extended
memory is returned to the XMS pool. The driver code and
the 64k page frame still remain in conventional memory.
If EMM services are being used, the disable request will
be denied. This prevents corruption of application data.
Note: This option is valid only if EMM286 is resident.

/? = Displays the status of any installed EMM driver. This
includes the version, available expanded memory, total
and free expanded memory pages, total and active expanded
memory handles, and the page frame segment.
Note: If the EMM driver supports EMS version 3.2, the
total handles information can not be provided.

If no switches are entered, or invalid ones are used, a
help screen will be displayed showing both command line
and installation options. The last line following the
help text is the current status of EMM286. If no EMM
driver is installed, the help screen will automatically
be invoked and a status message will appear.

To install EMM286, add the following line to the CONFIG.SYS file
and reboot the system:

DEVICE=[d:\][path\]EMM286.EXE [mem] [/H=hhh] [/S=sss]

mem = Amount of expanded memory to be created, in kilobytes.
Values can range from 64k up to the available extended
memory. The default is 256k.

hhh = Number of EMM handles to be made available. Values can
range from 64 to 255. The default is 64.
Note: Each additional handle will consume 9 bytes of
conventional memory. To save memory, use the default
value unless an application reports an error.

sss = Number of context save maps to be made available. Values
can range from 3 to 254. The default is 7.
Note: Each additional save map will consume 10 bytes of
conventional memory. To save memory, use the default
value, or less, unless an application reports an error.

If any optional parameter is out of range, or otherwise illegal, the
default value is used. Status messages will be displayed during the
boot process. Parameters may be entered in any order, and must be
separated by at least one space.

*** License Notice ***

EMM286 © 1993 is a program developed by Jjex Software, and is
released to the public domain as freeware. This license allows you
to freely use, copy and distribute this software for non-commercial
and non-profit use, subject to the following conditions:

No fee is charged for use, copying or distribution.

It is not modified in any way.

This document file must be included with the software.

Jjex Software disclaims all warranties relating to this
software, whether expressed or implied, and will not be
liable for any claim of damages arising from its use.

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